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Celebrity Obsession and Terrorism

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Producer Judd Aptow wrote a pretty interesting piece/journal for Slate last week. If you don’t know who he is or why we should listen, keep in mind he was the producer/writer for Anchor Man, 40 Year Old Virgin and Heavy Weights.

I have opinions about all sorts of things I shouldn’t share. For instance, what is going on with Tom Cruise? Is he really in love, or was his relationship with Katie Holmes orchestrated to promote Batman Begins and War of the Worlds? Sometimes I think that if Tom Cruise is not in love with Katie Holmes, then he is doing all this because the celebrity media are out of control. If tabloids are going to hunt celebrities down and bother them 24 hours a day waiting for them to get laid, or do coke, or fall down in the mall, then why shouldn’t celebrities manipulate them to promote their movies? If tabloids can make millions taking pictures of celebrities dropping their kids off at preschool, then why not orchestrate a fascinating relationship that helps their film get seen by more people and keeps them in the news?

I think he’s absolutely right. Though its fairly obvious that Tom Cruise went insane, it wasn’t near the degree that the media made it out to be. The real reason that he got flogged on a nightly basis by television and newspapers is because he tried to cross them. He made a pretty blatant attempt to use the media to his advantage and they didn’t appreciate that.

Do you really think the media was always in strong support of pychaitry or its medication? NO! They only crucified him on the topic because they needed to get him on something, anything. The tabloids hadn’t covered Brooke Shields in months, but they made her his challenging nemises so they could put Tom back in his place. Sheilds filmed a movie in my neighborhood about two years ago and guess what kind of press that go? ONE LOCAL NEWSCAMERA. But when she had the ability to make Cruise look crazy? Then she was a start again.

The media is like the mob, they have a complete monoply on information and they don’t like being screwed with. Tom Cruise tried to use them to promote a movie without their prior consent and he got burned. They are so desperatly trying to maintain the very little credibilty they have that they will do anything. If Judith Miller had been a blogger, a competitor, that the media would still be covering that story? The old media is on its last legs and the destruction on Tom Cruise, it was one of their last muscle flexes.

I think 9/11 is the cause of all of this. People are more freaked out than they can say out loud. If we all talked about how scared we are that someone is going to nuke a city, or blow up the electric grid, or whatever nightmarish thing you can think of as you close your eyes before you go to sleep, then none of us would be able to leave the house to go to work. This celebrity obsession is a fantastic distraction from anthrax fears. I would rather read about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt than sit around wondering how bad the next attack will be in the United States. Maybe the terrorists feel the need to top their last atrocity and aren’t going to do anything until they can make that happen.

So, in fact George Bush has done nothing to make us safe—the terrorists are just in a planning stage—and because they are very patient, unlike us, they don’t mind waiting years between events. But let’s also remember that Brad and Jen were having a lot of problems even before Angelina Jolie came on the scene, so it is hard to blame her for all this, because a strong relationship can withstand a hot lady hitting on the man of the house.

I think I would agree.

History repeats itself right? During, and after every war this nation has ever faced, we have reacted in stranged but passionate ways.

  • World War One–We escaped the trenches and disillusionment with hyperactive energy and a focus on partying. You can’t stop to think about all the destruction if you never stop and think right? Well thats how it went, 10 years of pretending like nothing had happened until the Depression hit
  • World War Two- We left behind the atrociousness of human behavior with an intense focus on, or at least the semblence of morality. Everyone’s house had to look the same, everyone had to go to church, all mothers had to stay home because that reassured us against the fear of communism.
  • So forth and So forth…

The writers suprisingly insightful point, for someone who wrote likes like “San Diego, which in German translates into ‘a whales vagina’, is simply that the obession with celebrity is out escape from the terror of terrorism. No really feels that strongly about Paris Hilton, but most will admit she’s a bit less frightening that planes crashing into our homes or offices.

Shit, I’ve blogged again. I’ve babbled about issues I have no information about, other than what I read on the toilet when trying to get a break from my kids yelling at me. Should I be allowed to do that? Should anyone care what an aging comedy writer has to say?

Yes, I think he should. I’m not quite sure how the authors logic is working here. He first maligns the media for their idiotic coverage of trivial events and then wonders if he has the credibility to discuss things? Of course he does, who died and made Stone Phillips that offical voice of information in this country? They are no more qualified or able to give an opinion than anyone else in this country. That is the brilliance of the internet, it finally has allowed new perspectives to gain wide and small audiences and influence in the political process aside from casting a ballot.

And I believe that George Bush is a terrifying man who behaves like a deer caught in headlights when real disasters occur. Whether it is reading to children during 9/11 or complimenting Brownie on doing “a heck of a job” while people die, Bush is the real disaster.

All good things come to an end I guess. When you give someone a week to write whatever they want, its only natural to assume that at some point, they will say something completely retarded. Oh well, that doesn’t change the wisdom and the cutting insight provided by the rest of the journal.


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  • David Judge

    Really interesting article, and truly engaging, I must add. I’ve subscribed to your RSS so I can look forward to more good posts from you.

  • good stuff. how much?

  • Ryan – yes

  • WTF

    Great opinions, all.

    And the focal point of your bait and switch held on to the last. The REAL intent wasn’t about Tom Cruise, it was about Bush.

    Just as Tom Cruise tried to manipulate the press for PR.

    You just tried to manipulate the reader for YA (Your Agenda).


  • hey i bought something from amazon off a blog critic link a while ago… does blogcritics make money off tha1t?