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Celebrity Central Website Review: Wally Kurth

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Back in the late ’90s I met Wally Kurth while attending a General Hospital fan club gathering. I was walking to my room and went right passed him. It wasn’t the friendliest encounter. He was busy and didn’t seem to have the time for fans. He was short tempered and snapped at me when I asked for a photo. He later granted the photo but the encounter left me with a bad impression. I’m one of those people who feel when you are in show business, you have to deal with fans; it’s part of the job. Especially when the celebrity is walking around the hotel where the fan gathering is located.

His official home online is Wally Kurth The Official Website. The site is very easy to navigate but when I was visiting the photo galleries didn’t work. I’d say his site is a little bit like him, beautiful at first glance but in need of a little fine tuning.

I must admit I haven’t watched a soap opera in years, and I have read statements from his fans saying he is always welcoming. So my opinion on his personality is based on past experience.

Even after the bad encounter I must add I loved listening to his band practice. Kurth & Taylor have an amazing sound. Wally is one hell of a singer and looks great in tight jeans. The band performs across the country and dates and locations can be found on his website.

Fans who surf his official site will find video and audio clips, fan club information and a message board so they can interact with other fans. They also have copies of what appears to be every interview Wally has given. What must be a fan favorite is the section “In His Own Words,” personal messages from Wally to the fans.

I enjoyed my visit to wallykurth.net — the only disappointment was the photo galleries not working. Regardless of what I may feel about his personality, Wally is easy on the eyes. Photos are a big part of any website so I hope the webmaster fixes the photo glitches soon. I’ll visit again, if for no other reason than to listen to the music clips. This guy can sing!

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