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Celebrity Central Website Review: Rosie O’Donnell

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Rosie O’Donnell may not be on television every day, but she is online. Ro (as she likes to be called) has an online blog. She shares her thoughts on everything, tells stories of her family and shares videos, and has announced they are working on getting The Rosie O’Donnell Show on DVD.

I first found Rosie online at blogspot where she kept her journal. Now her site Rosie.com houses her blog and online store. Rosie has items for sale to benefit her “Rosie’s For All Kids Foundation” and “Rosie’s Broadway Kids.” The store has everything from clothing to toys.

My favorite section is “Ask Ro.” Fan can ask one question a day. Rosie says she reads all questions and picks several to answer. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a question answered.

When it comes to Ro’s blog entries, comments are turned off more than they are on. A handful of trolls hang out and stir up trouble, and as with any fan site fans feel compelled to defend her. Rosie’s outspoken political views create the biggest stir, but I personally applaud her courage to express what so many feel.
She is also changing the way people think about gays. Her recent HBO documentary opened viewer’s eyes about the lives of gay families. Whether on TV or the internet, Rosie O’Donnell is still reaching people and changing lives.

Even without a television show Rosie is still reaching out to others and giving away prizes. Several fans (me included) got a mouse pad from Rosie. She also held an essay contest and gave away tickets to her Broadway show, Fiddler on the Roof. While performing on Broadway her fans were given glimpses backstage with photos and her writings. Doing this show seemed to make Rosie happy. My guess she will be performing again. I think show business is in her blood and is required for her health.

Rosie is married to Kelli O’Donnell and they have four children. It was surprising to read that even though Rosie loved television as a child, her children never watch. She said it started because their school required they don’t watch TV nor play video games. Ro said it’s been great for the family. The kids are more creative and the family spends more time together. Ro and her family live in New York and spend as much time as possible in Miami.

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About Ruthie

I'm devoted to animal rescue. I also work in internet public relations for TV personalities. In my spare time I like to sit on the sofa on my front lawn and watch the grass grow.
  • I love Rosie(Ro) and have ever since 96,I really didn’t know about her till then and she is a great person though I have never met her though would love to some day.. any ways just wanted to say that…

  • steven

    I used to like her. Now I think that her behavior is childish, stubborn, selfish, and unprofessional. If she was of quality, she would laugh it off. All she is doing is making herself look stupid and Donald look triumphant.

    Shut up, please! You are supposed to be professional for Heavens sake!

    If I were you, this is the LAST thing I would want my fans to say. And from from what I have been hearing that is happening here. She is losing thousands of fans each day. Turn this around on him and apologize. That way you look more mature and might make a come back, because right now you and your fans are the losers.

  • Ruthie

    I have to disagree with you Steven…..I think Trump comes across as an abusive man. He just keeps throwing punches…he is very immature and abusive. I think NBC should fire him. I use to watch his show but never again. Any man who can speak the way he did about a woman is abusive.

  • Paul

    Sorry to see Rosie leave the view likt this. It looks like Elizabeth ran her off. Whats worse is Rosie called Eliabeth a coward. Now who looks like the coward? I thought Rosie was smarter then this…….

  • Ruthie

    Acutally I see it as character assasignation…I think Elizabeth has been leading up to this for awhile now. I loved Rosie on The View but it shows she has self respect not to go back to a place the benefited wildly from having her on there but did nothing to stop the attack on her character. This shows how The View isn’t any different from all the other rags on the air.

  • Airman Johnson

    I think she is a disgusting pig. I think she just likes to have the opposite opinion of everyone around her.

  • SonnyD

    I was going to comment on this article but why bother. After all if the author describes herself thus: “She spends her free time contemplating the meaning of life while watching the grass grow from her sofa on the front lawn.” Maybe she should spend less time reading Rosie’s blog and mow her sofa.

  • Ruthie

    SonnyD…obviously humor is lost on you. So I can’t imagine any post from you would offer any real insight into anything.

  • SonnyD

    Well, golly gee-whiz, Ruthie, that WAS my sense of humor. I was going to give my opinion of Rosie and you wouldn’t have liked it, believe me. But then I had second thoughts about doing that. This is the first piece of yours I have read and I didn’t know how you would react to a dissenting opinion. But, when I read that line about watching grass grow from her sofa, I had a mental picture of a sofa in the lawn with grass sprouting out of it in all directions. I thought it was funny. As a matter of fact, I have a pick-up truck with grass growing on it and I think that is funny, too. As a matter of fact, that poor old truck has a story of its own that it could tell.

    So, you took my remark as a personal jab at you when I only meant it as a little tickle. I may have a weird sense of humor, but I’m really not a mean person.

  • Heather

    I used to watch the view and it has been a really good show. I missed the arguement between O;Donneell and Hassellbeck but I have been reading about the comment O’Donnell made. I am so dissapponted that that even came out of anyone’s mouth that get’s to lay under a blanket of freedom and sleep at night. I don’t agree with alot of things but I do agree with the fact that those civilians who are dying, for some are innocent, but the others , well the women there bring their children up “to be just like Osama Bin Laden, their hero”. WHat about the lives of the soliders that died and are still dying to protect the rights of ours here,in America. And don’t forget about the families here that suffer because the lose a family or friend over there protecting us agianst those who think we have oppressed them.

  • Ruthie

    Heather that is the thing everyone isn’t getting. First Iraq NEVER attacked US…so how is killing THEM protecting US? Rosie has been supporting the troops since the war began..giving money and time to the injured soilders who aren’t getting the help they need from our government when they get home.
    Rosie was trying to make a point that we use the word terroist loosely..not defining who they are and what they are doing…she said if killing innocent people is what terrorists do…then what must the innocents in Iraq be thinking of us?
    We are the most unpopular country in the world.
    Even Bush slipped and said at a conference..”I’m having a hard time connecting this war on terror to Iraq”.

  • Penny Samuels

    Rosie has tried feverishly to be relevant.
    Iraq and human freedom are relevant. Bush and those who defend American and human freedom, rule of law, individual rights and so on, are relevant. Rosie calls Bush and American troops terrorists, but no one is allowed to call her a an islamic terrorist-sympathizer. She is such a sensitive soul.

    I think Rosie should go to Iraq, stand in Bagdad where the real heros stand and as she watches Iraqis torturing and decapitating each other, wave and tell them how right they are to oppose our troops and all America stands for.

    It could be that Americans are wrong to fight for Rosie’s freedom to say whatever she likes with no accountability, enjoying the greatest freedom of expression anywhere on the planet without having done a thing to achieve, deserve or defend it. But, then, only Rosie can insult people, she cannot be insulted. That would be fatism or stupidism or cowardism. A few of the isms people who abuse freedom and never defend it use to remain unaccountable.

  • Lynda Hart

    I’m a 62 yr. old woman who has been insulted by Rosie’s rhetoric since September. I’ve written to anyone that crossed my mind as possibly having some influence that could tame her tongue.
    When my brother served in Viet Nam and came home to people spitting on him and calling him a baby killer, I cried for him. I didn’t support that war by the way. When Jane Fonda used her notoriety to spread her venom, I cried for him.
    I never called her names, never suggested she couldn’t “string two concepts together at one time” and never suggested that when she got to be my age she’d have more understanding. Elizabeth has had to deal with all of those and more insults. I’m not a saint but I try not to be demeaning and unkind even to those that I disagree with.
    Rosie has displayed behavior that illustrates what may only be the result of having “no fetchin’ up” but the rudeness, unkindness and the lack of general civility was just more than is acceptable in most of our homes.
    I’m looking forward to hearing the Views of four women again instead of one. I also wish the best for Rosie but won’t be supporting a career choice that includes any of the above behavior.

  • Tiffany

    Lynda Hart your comments were eloquent and praiseworthy. Thank you from this reader for your thoughtful, perceptive comments which remind me of my pastor’s sermon this past Sunday about being filled with the spirit regardless of the conflict you are confronted with.

    And I fully agree … I, too, am looking forward to “the Views of four women again instead of one.” I think there is so much about Rosie that is tremendous. I just don’t think she has shown as much of that to the public since she has been on the View. As a strong woman, I have crossed the line myself a time or two, confusing strength with lack of civility.

    Trump does it all the time, in fact he appears to wear it as a badge of honor … The idea that business prowess is represented by unnecessary harshness and downright rudeness. But Rosie just seems angry now. And maybe she has a lot to be angry about. But as I heard on Oprah embracing that kind of hostility is like taking poison every day and hoping someone else will die. Even if Elizabeth Hasselbeck were guilty of everything Rosie said, surely there is a better way to reach out to people than to scream and through your toys.