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Celebrity Central Website Review: Mariska Hargitay

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Mariska Hargitay can currently be seen as Detective Olivia Benson on Law and Order: SVU. Her official website Mariska.Com has everything to make fans happy.

Mariska has the usual bio and photos, but also offers things like “Ask Mariska.” Fans can submit questions and Mariska answers them. She also has a blog, used to keep fans updated on what she is doing.

Mariska also talks about “The Joyful Heart Foundation,” established in 2002 by Mariska to help victims of sexual assault with dolphin therapy.

There is also a store on her site, you can view journals, a notebook, and a photo album with Mariska’s site logo. She provides links to the NBC store for SVU items and a site for “Joyful Heart Foundation” jewelry.

The site provides a self-esteem quiz and polls on topics of general interest. There are also screensavers any fan would love to have. I’m most impressed with her “Resources” section. It has links to sites that provide assistance to rape victims, those with eating disorders, and even some for sexual orientation.

I’m a fan of SVU and of Mariska’s. I was pleased to see that Mariska’s site makes it clear she takes her position as a role model very seriously. Her site is informative but also a safe place for fans. Mariska isn’t just a really good actress, she is a really good person. She appears to embrace her fan following a show like SVU brings forward. As the Public Service Announcement on her website and her foundation demonstrate, you can see Mariska cares!

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  • anon

    A large part of Mariska’s fan base is made up of lesbians; well it used to be before she pulled the ‘let’s take a strong, athletic, robust, competent, androgynous cop and change her into a weepy, femmey, self righteous, mother-figure who’s totally unrecognizable from previous seasons’ crapola. Where is the section to honor the lesbian demographic? Even though establishing her tax shelter.. er, foundation is admirable (I suppose), her apparent homophobia is not.

  • If you go to resources on her site…you’ll find not only links for rape support and eating disorder support but also links for gays and lesbians. I don’t believe its her fault what you are refering to, gays just assumed she was gay. It’s not wrong for her to correct that misinformation, it appeared to me that folks were thinking Olivia was Mariska. Mariska always seemed more sensative and feminine that Oliva…but assuming a character or actress is gay or straight isn’t their fault…it’s like the old saying goes..never assume or you’ll make an ass out of you and me.

  • Don’t forget those of us who are just watching her because we thought her mom was hot.


  • The Real Anon

    this is to the person who posted as Anon, the #1 comment. Stop hating on Mariska, and stop hating on Olivia. So what if shes not as androgynous as she use to be. If youre a TRUE fan, youre a fan of hers whether her character seems like a lesbian or not. People change as do characters. Maybe the character Olivia, felt like she had something to prove in the earlier years…she was new and she wanted to show a more hardcore side of her. The Police force is predominantly male, so maybe she put on that rough exterior so that people would take her more seriously as a cop. Ever thought of that?

    Ive seen Olivia weep in earlier episodes, but at those times she weeped in privacy. Maybe she didnt want to show her softer side to her coleagues..but now she has gotten to know them, and trust them more, so she let her guard down a little. Maybe young Olivia had a wall up. And older wiser Olivia has let her guard down some. She has seen some really disturbing things in her line of work. She has seen kids get hurt, and raped and kidnapped and all kinds of things. That can really break down the strongest person. Maybe she is more vulnerable.

    And as far as calling her organization a tax shelter…its not HER fault she can write it off on her taxes. How do you know she didnt sincerely open that organization from her heart? She has taken rape counseling courses and everything. Any non profit organization you open will make it easy on the taxes, but not everyone has alterior motives. Maybe you see it that way because you wouldnt be able to find it in YOUR heart to open such a helpful organization without alterior motives.


    I happen to know Mariska is a genuine person with a big heart. I cant say that for most.

    And no I dont work for her or have the need to kiss her azz…this is my own opinion and observation.

  • The Real Anon…you made some great points! Thanks for posting.

  • Devon

    hey butchy butch up there …the first comment.why dont you stop hating on Mariska and get a life. she is an honest woman trying to help people. i happen to know that mariska is a big supported of the gay community..item —she supports gaal and many other gay orginizations.

    and as for your wise crack on the Joyful Heart Foundation. she is a freakin rape crisis counselor. and you obviously have never been raped or have known someone who was or else i would image you wouldn’t take that subject matter so lightly.the site and the orginization help alot of people… and you might want to look up the words, NON PROPHIT in the dictionatry because none of the money made from the joyful heart goes to Mariska!

    she is a wonderful person who does wonderful things.. and just because she has grown out her hair and isnt so “lesbian looking” or robust as you so gracfully put it, doesnt not mean in any sense that she is a homophob.. you might want to look up that word too while your at it. not only that Mariska is NOT olivia. because Oliva has changed on the show doesnt mean Mariska changes in real life.

    intil you have met the woman how about you use some of that negative engery elsewhere, this is a place where people actually look up to mariska and what she does for the commuinty. hot for people who are pissed because Olivia isnt gay…

    get a life…i mean if a 17 year old has better ethics than you , you knwo you really need to take a crash course on self ricuosnous and gorw up!

  • belinda

    I am also a big fan of SVU and also of Mariska Hagitay. the orginization she has opened up is because she is a role model and an inspiration to everyone. so who cares if she has a site (in her resources) and who cares if gays think that she is ga… i sure know i don’t. but hey she is an all around nice woman with a heart of gold.. i will continue to watch the show and idolise her for many years to come… so good luck MARISKA HARGITAY

  • sam

    just want to offer condolences to mariska on the passing of her father.

  • randi

    Does ANYONE know what kind of watch Mariska wears on the show Law& Order???? It’s driving me batty.

  • B

    What type of watch do you wear on the show?
    A Breitling Chronomat automatic (www.bacario.com). It rocks!

    That’s off of Mariska web site.

  • she is a freakin’ Homophobic

  • Korie

    ummm, she is deffinetly not a homophobe…maybe instead of just making insults, she should luck up the friggen information first…i have seenmany personal interviews her and all of the times homosexuals were mentioned she never spoke negatively towards them as well as on her website mariska.com someone mentioned tht she was a kind of lesboian pin up and she said although she is not gay she is flattered to give gays the courage…does tht really sound like a friggen homophobe to you??? cuz trust me, if u wanna see how a REAL homophobe acts towards gays/lebians come see me and my mother fight becuase she is a homophobe

  • Bri

    i never thought she stopped being tough or was supposed to be lesbian-ish, and ive been watching the show for years… do i sometimes wish she and alex would have gotten together? for sure! and yes it would have had to have been alex, i have a thing for girls with glasses lol. but i more felt for olivia and elliot. im gay myself, but i hate it when gays try to make too many characters gay. well ok, there arent really enough gay characters, but just because shes tough doesnt mean she cant be straight. and since when is weepy? having emotions and not being strong are two completely different things. also im tired of ppl who attack her for “undercover” and get pissy about the fact that she was terrified and how the men dont seem to get that way and how its old. unfortunately, men in power who place women in a position like that – ie trying to rape or kill them – will and should terrify them. as a survivor myself, i think id be more offended if she hadnt been scared at all and she still fought for herself too

  • tyee.

    I love Mariska.. everything about her and what she stands for. so, if yu dont.. then i would LOVE to know why yu are all over her bio. MMH