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Celebrity Central Website Review: Elayne Boosler – Tails Of Joy

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Tails of Joy was founded by comedian Elayne Boosler. It's a non-profit organization that helps the smallest and neediest rescues across the country, as well as individual pet owners in need. When on tour, Elayne will donate all after-show proceeds to the area's neediest rescue group. At the foundation's website, you can make a donation or order something from the store; all money goes to the foundation. The store has something for everyone, from jewelry, videos, art work, candy, and more.

Elayne has loved animals since she was a little girl. She grew up with a boxer, Carbide. Her love of boxers followed her into adulthood. She started with boxer rescue, which lead to helping all animals in need. She currently has two dogs of her own, a black lab named Wiley and a rescued boxer, Shnuffy. Shnuffy's story can be found on the news page of her site.

I got to know Elayne through our mutual interest in animals. Recently she helped one of my rescued dogs. Harvey suddenly became ill early one morning. He was having full body seizures every hour. I couldn't get into the vet until that afternoon. The receptionist thought it was just epilepsy and that it wouldn't be life threatening. I told Elayne what was happening, and by the second seizure she knew Harvey was in danger. Following her advice to just go and wait in the vet's lobby, I was able to get him treated sooner. It turned out he isn't epileptic — he had encephalitis. He is still recovering but doing much better as I write this article.

Saving my dog's life isn't the end of the story. Elayne also took care of his medical bills and then some. Every week she writes checks to help animals across the country, many that wouldn't be able to get the treatment they need without her help. One of my favorite rescue stories involves a boxer named Buster. He was badly beaten and left for dead. With the help of Elayne and others, he is alive and happy in a new home.

Elayne's devotion to animals is part of her everyday life. She saved my dog Harvey, and will continue to save many more in the days and years to come. It's sad that there will always be a need but knowing there are people like Elayne with Tails Of Joy out there gives me hope.

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