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Celebrity Apprentice: Recap, Opinions, and Predictions

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Fourteen celebrities signed up for Donald Trump's NBC show, Celebrity Apprentice in order to raise money for a charity they picked. Celebrities ranged from former governor Rod Blagojevich to singer Cyndi Lauper. At the beginning of last Sunday's episode, five remained. Mr. Trump fired three celebrities. The final two will battle each other and the winner will be announced in the finale.

The final five were Maria Kanellis (WWE star), Curtis Stone (Professional Chef), Sharon Osbourne ("Housewife Superstar"), Holly Robinson Peete (Actress/Singer) and Bret Michaels (Rock Star). The show began with the celebrities celebrating the fact that they made final five. All of them escaped elimination minutes before. They were split up into two teams: Maria, Curtis and Sharon vs. Holly, Bret and Cyndi Lauper. The task was to decorate a suite. Holly, Bret and Cyndi lost. Cyndi was fired.

Mr. Trump called the five back into the board room and said he'd fire one more person right then. He went around asking each contestant why they shouldn't be fired and who should be fired. Maria was the one to go after she said something about Curtis that Mr. Trump didn't like. Trump said the boardroom was "not a locker room" and for that she was fired. Maria was upset that she was fired for a comment rather than screwing up a task, but the damage was already done.

The final four were then interviewed by previous winners Joan Rivers (the second Celebrity Apprentice) and Bill Rancic (the first Apprentice). Joan and Bill grilled the four about why they deserved to be the next Celebrity Apprentice. Joan and Bill then reported back to Mr. Trump.

After hearing Joan and Bill's opinions, Trump decided to fire Curtis and Sharon. Meaning the final two would be Holly and Bret. Holly and Bret were given three days to perform their final task. They would be working for Snapple. They had to create a new drink, develop an advertising campaign and throw a party to present it. Bret had help from fired contestants Summer Sanders (Olympic Swimmer) and Darryl Strawberry (Baseball Player). Holly's team was Maria and Curtis. Some of the task was aired and the rest would air in the finale.

Bret's charity is American Diabetes Association. Bret's a diabetic and takes four insulin shots a day, so the charity is close to home. Holly's charity is HollyRod Foundation, which helps families dealing with autism. Her child is autistic, so autism affects her life every day. Before the finale, Holly had raised around $350,000 for her charity; Bret had raised $140,000 for his charity.

Bret's a very creative person. He's a stand-up guy, which works to his advantage. His main disadvantage is that he works on "rockstar time." He tends to be late and has problems with time management. However, with Summer on his team, he has a better chance of getting things done. Summer seems to be good at focusing Bret.

Holly is very determined. She's very organized. But the way she conducts herself rubs people the wrong way. Sometimes, she comes off as bossy and doesn't like listening to others' opinions, which aliens her.

As much as it pains me, I think Holly's got this. I would much rather see Bret win. He's much more likable. I respect Holly's cause. If I was on this show, my charity would have to do with autism as well. They're both passionate about their causes, which is great. But Holly's bossy attitude is a major turn-off. However, Holly's organizational skills will put her over the top.

Trump only has to say "You're Fired!" one more time this season. The winner will be announced next Sunday, May 23rd.

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    It is too bad for Brett. He seems more down to earth and more into his charity than most of the others. Brett appears to be loyal to his team always.