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Celebrity Apprentice Gets A Third Season

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On Sunday, May 10, TV personality Joan Rivers duels against world famous poker champion Annie Duke for the title of Celebrity Apprentice. It’s been a hell of a season with polar personalities like country star Clint Black and NBA player Dennis Rodman. There have been many rivalries this season with the biggest being among the final two. Annie and Joan have had some verbal altercations including when Joan called Annie “Hitler.”

It’s going to a great season finale. Previous celebrities are scheduled to appear and the rivals plan VIP parties and private auctions. It’ll be three hours and there will be an appearance by last season’s runner up, country star Trace Adkins (“You’re Gonna Miss This”), CMT reports. Last year, Piers Morgan (America’s Got Talent) placed first and made multiple appearances this season.

In Celebrity Apprentice, 16 celebrities work for Donald Trump, raising money for a particular charity of their choice. They do various tasks like designing market plans for phones or selling cupcakes. Celebrities must use their brains and celebrity status to raise the most money for their team for charity. At the end of each episode, Donald Trump gives one celebrity the boot.

Celebrity Apprentice has finally been renewed for a third season. (There has only been one Celebrity Apprentice prior to this season. Before that, it was just regular people.) The new season — featuring new celebrities — will air on NBC in the spring of next year. “Its Emmy nominations and great success have translated into a wonderful experience. Working with Mark Burnett has been terrific and I am greatly honored that NBC has renewed us for yet another season, our ninth,” Trump commented.

Who should be on? If you had to pick, who would you sign on for another season? I’d like to see another country star, perhaps Toby Keith. If you know anything about Toby Keith, you’d realize that his attitude would make this show worth watching. I’d also like to see someone with a personality like Jesse James, who left last week, someone who is really calm and collected to balance out the crazy.

This season, the show had 8.6 million viewers. Not bad considering it’s Sunday nights from 9-11 ET/PT. Hopefully, next year’s will be just as successful.

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  • JoeG

    I dont know about having another celebrity similar to Jesse James. He was to put it nicely USELESS. He didnt seem to care that the entir point was to benefit charities, he was hell bent the entire show to prove he’s not Mr. Sandra Bullock. The icing on the cake was his crap attitude when Clint Black was the project manager for the magazine spread. What? You didnt take my idea and say yep that perfect and cut and past it as an already finished product? how dare you! Apparently the correct response to that is to pout and belittle the man for the rest of the show.

  • Diane D

    I thouroughly enjoy this show and would hope that Dolly Parton is asked to participate in this show. She is smart, vibrant and would i’m sure win in this event.

  • Steve

    Annie Duke won more tasks, won more as project manager, and raised more money than anyone – and not just “more” money, but orders of magnitude more – in the grand finale she blew away Rivers by raising over $400K to Rivers $100K. So how did Annie lose? Good question. Only one answer: Trump is turned biased (perhaps he always was), and this show has devolved into a colossal waste of time. I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. But I’m done with the show, and even done with Trump. I used to think he was great. He’s just a biased suck-up. Did you catch how Joan, in the grand finale boardroom show, bossed him around? “Let’s get one with it” – if any other candidate in any other season had said that, Trump would’ve fired them then and there. But instead of fell all over Joan. Does she have incriminating pictures of Trump or something? What a joke.

  • Well, it’s over! And I am thrilled Joan Rivers walks away with the crown. There’s a subliminal message here, folks, if you just paid attention. Annie Duke is a skillful poker player and as such deserves a lot of credit for her art. Joan is an established business woman, also skillful in what she does. Both are gamblers. Annie’s style of gambling is much like that of Wall Street in the last 30 years and we all saw where that went. Joan may be abrasive and at times out of line during the show. All that being said, she’s got chutzpah and overcome the odds many times in her life. At 75 years old, Joan Rivers once again reminds us that life does not end at 55 when the AARP membership card comes in. Quite the contrary. Imagine if more of us over the age of 50 had half the character and energy of Joan Rivers.

  • Maddy Pumilia

    It wasn’t supposed to be a snarky remark. I love Toby! I’m actually seeing him live August 15th. I just meant by the interviews I’ve read, I think he’d be entertaining!

  • Julie

    I don’t understand the snarky remark about Toby, however I’d love to see him on the show because he’s a talented superstar,he’s quite business savvy & he’s big on philanthropy, he’d actually be a huge audience draw for the show too!