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CD Single Review: Andréa Burns – “100 Stories”

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What have we learned from those horrible reality-show/talent-contest TV programmes like Pop Idol (or if you're American, American Idol) other than the British guy is always bad? How about — If they had real talent they wouldn't be on reality TV? Maybe we have also learned that the manufactured, wannabe-famous winners weren't already pop stars for a reason.

Andréa Burns is a real artist, a vocalist capable of conveying more real emotion in her voice than all the wannabe celebrities that Simon Cowell can throw at you. She is a veteran Broadway actress (Beauty and the Beast, The Full Monty) with an accomplished, sublimely beautiful voice. Her new single "100 Stories" – the first single from Femmes Fatales, a compilation album produced by her brother, Mike Burns – is utterly fabulous!

"100 Stories" is ethereal, throbbing, electronic dance-pop. Andréa's voice is a delectable feast of perfectly controlled power and flawlessly expressed emotion — anxious, ravenous, longing, and loss. The track itself ranges from bubbly, light organic pop to deep, booming, pulsating, electronic dance. It all depends on the mix, and the "100 Stories" CD single has nine mixes. They include the radio edit, three Josh Harris mixes (club edit, club mix, dub), two Noel Sanger mixes (edit, club mix) and the a cappella version – I'd like to see those Simon Cowellites sing a cappella like this – for mixing on your own (if you know how and are so inclined).

This single is a perfect addition to your workout playlist, when getting ready for a heavy night out on the dance floor or even a heavy night in on the couch.

"100 Stories" is available at iTunes.

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