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CD Reviews: Seven Days, Cactus, Ra’s Dawn, Suns of the Tundra and a Bit of Reality

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As July rumbles on the disc influx gets a bit flaky as the record industry heads off on their summer holiday. However, I still have quite a few in the pipeline and they are a pretty decent lot of stuff to be fair. No live gigs this week in the post – WC recovery period; but it should be picking up soon.

CD Reviews

Seven Days: The Weight of the World

"Melodic epic metal" with a band full of Scandinavians; you rather know what you are in for in the end. The baby of Markus Sigfridson the music on here is large and full. Markus has recruited people to help him with pedigrees such as Candlemass, Brazen Abbot, Harmony, and Mind's Eye. There is a definite Nightwish vibe on here, especially on the song "Fall Again" with its female lead vocals. The album veers between metal, prog, and epic rock with great ease. And more importantly it resists the temptation to head to the pretentious heights of bands like Rhapsody. While it's not exactly cutting edge it hits all the right notes with class and talent. Not for everyone, but if you like your metal a bit epic then look no further.

Cactus: V

A fourteen song blues-rock workout with some of the giants of the scene (Carmine Appice, Tim Boggard, Jim McCarthy with ex Savoy Brown singer Jimmy Kunes) sorta suggests it will be pretty impressive, and it does not fail to please. A disc of class, it is a wonderful thing to behold. Sit back with a drink and soak in the talent oozing from this release.

This is their fifth album; their first release being in the early 70s; it has been 33 years since their previous effort. This lot influenced pretty much any heavy blues rocker you can think of; one of those highly influential bands you have never heard of. It's raw, heavy, and a bit raunchy but all good. If you like your blues-rock then this CD is essential for your collection.

Ra's Dawn: Scales of Judgment

Far more straight ahead metal than the rest of this lot; it none the less hits the right tone throughout. Then again one of their songs is called "The Masque of the Red Death" and another which is just as good is named "Exodus" with its Arabic influenced intro. The Fates Warning t-shirt being worn on the back of the CD is great clue what to expect. Thankfully the band keeps it short and we get eight songs of quality with no filler.

Lead singer's Olaf Reiman voice is not dissimilar to Kiss' Paul Stanley which makes for a least a chuckle on first listen. There is a nice little interlude half-way through with the acoustic instrumental "Scarlet Dawn." Overall this a good slab of epic metal that never gets dull and makes you hanker to see them live. Pretty much just what the doctor ordered.

Suns of the Tundra: Tunguska

There is a growing subset of prog called stoner prog. It takes in the late 60s psychedelia and layers it in with the uber-musicianship of progressive music. The band hails from the tundra known as Camden, London. There elements of Tool in there as well as Kings X with a taste of old Pink Floyd (RIP Syd). Heavy bass with loads of swirly guitar is the order of the day today. It makes for some odd if intriguing listening even if one is not on certain illegal substances.

At times the band sounds a bit like Oasis if they had gone all prog. I am sure Homer would love the tune "Monkey Dance." I really rather like "Now the Flood has Come" with its catchy as hell guitar line. This is great stuff on all levels and you know damn well it will be cracking live.

On the GoD front we have succumbed to prodding by friends and fans of the band by releasing a physical example of the EP. CD Baby did a cracking job at getting the CDs listed as soon as we got them to Seattle, Washington, US. Well anything would be faster than the time it has taken to get our tracks up on digital services worldwide.

We have also discovered many people still want a physical manifestation of the music they buy. And not be out done, we have found a site that lets you design and sell your own merchandise with no outlay. The quality of the stuff looks rather good but various people are ordering stuff to see what it's like. My betrothed is rather amused by the GoD knickers.

Well that is my lot for another week. Have a good and safe week; please go check out some live music in the next seven days. Keep live music alive wherever and whatever it might be.

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