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CD Reviews: NFD, Tommy Emmanuel, Dissection, Dirty Rig, and 3

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A nice pile has appeared on my desk of various CDs, DVDs, and PR announcements. The brain has recovered from the over-consumption at the NFD gig so its time for another column.

Live Review

Camden, UK

Last week saw a cracking performance from goth metallers NFD at the Barfly in Camden. Hot on the heels of their cracking new release Dead Pool Rising and some of the highlights of the disc were on show including the single “Light My Way.” It was heavy as hell and dreadlocked lead singer, Peter White, is impressive in his gruffness and stamina. As you would expect, the band played several tracks from their collective pasts including at least one Fields of Nephlim/Nephlim tune. On the strength of this gig I would encourage you to see this lot live, in addition to picking up their latest release. Quality goth all round. NB: If you live in London you can catch em’ at Fight Club at the Mean Fiddler on the 30th of this month.

DVD reviews

Tommy Emmanuel: Live at Her Majesty’s Theatre

Unlike his recent CD Mystery, this DVD is not an all-instrumental affair, thus is a bit more interesting to watch and listen to. As it’s a homecoming gig for him in Oz, he plays a few covers including “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and “Heartbreak Hotel.” More interesting is the fact that he sings quite a few tracks on here and shares the stage with his wonderfully voiced fiancée, Elizabeth Watkins. Her ethereal voice adds an extra layer to the music. They, of course, sing their cracking duet “Walls” to much approval. Emmanuel is a rather good guitar player, if not the most charismatic bloke in the world. Fans will eat this DVD up, as will those who are into their guitars. Not quite sure what it holds for those who have never heard of the man. At 1 hour and 20 minutes, the DVD is not that long by today’s standards.

Dissection: Rebirth of Dissection

Dissection is back and this is a live testament of the band’s triumphant return to form. This is black metal in all its glory. It is melodic, heavy, and tuneful but its still black and nasty. I love this stuff to, er, death and Dissection truly delivers the goods on this. This lot inspired so many and it’s obvious to see why. Fifteen tracks with names like “Elizabeth Bathory” and “A Land Forlorn” demonstrate the quality and denseness of this lot. This stuff is enough to make your fave happy-clappy go pale and will wind-up all but the most tolerant parent. Dissection is the real deal: no fake death metal (ala Cradel of Filth) and 100% Satanist. Fans of the band will enjoy an interview with Jon Nodtveidt (who just got out of prison, having served time for murder) and the music video for “Starless Aeon.” Despite the name of the DVD, this will be the band’s swansong as they called it a day upon release of their last album Rienkaos. A fitting end to one of the giants of the genre.

Dirty Rag: Rock Did It

Unsubtle sleaze rock/punk delivered with ‘tude and a bit of humour delivered very well indeed. “runk Again” and “Hot Porno Star” really rather set the tone for the whole thing and that is no good thing. The stuff on here just makes you want to see em’ live as soon as you bloody can. The irony, of course, is that this band is front by Kory Clarke former frontman of Warrior Soul, a band that I never quite saw what all the fuss was about. It’s a rougher version of some of the sleaze metal that you have been hearing of late. No subtlety and nothing held back; this is why you like this kind of rock. Slap the sucker in yer CD player then sit back and smirk. Kory has finally found the band to get him his due. If the Dogs d’Amour were American, they would sound like this.

3: Wake Pig

This is a re-release of 2004 Planet Noise with 2 new songs and a couple of remixes. Having never heard of the band before, my first impression was they sounded a bit like Rasmus with a bit more of a prog edge. Considering I like that lot, this is no bad thing. The band is setting off on a US tour to back up the re-release of this CD. There is quality on here; just check out the acoustic, Spanish guitar on “Bramfatura” or the rather amazing “Dregs,” a track that I really can’t get enough of. What really helps this CD along is the rather awesome vocal ability of Joey Eppard who has that softness-meets-power quality lacking so much in some of today’s frontmen. I enjoyed listening to it repeatedly. This is a very good album and you will be hard pressed to find something as good.

A brief word on the whole digital release saga for Growing Old Disgracefully. We have given in to obvious signs and requests from many people wanting our music. It seems they would like to hold a physical CD in their hands. This afternoon I am off to send five discs to CD Baby for our store. Our EP is said to have gone out to 34 music outlets so far. No one has reported finding it anywhere however. The irony, of course, is that my blog’s podcast Dodging Reality went up on iTunes the day it was released.

Another set of reviews done for your reading pleasure. I wish you all a safe and rocking week.

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