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CD Reviews: Neurosonic, Edgewater, Merendine Atomiche, Body Count, Torku Romantic Movement and Neil Leyon

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A nice collection of music for you lot this week and overall it's pretty damn good to boot. So without further mutterings: the reviews.

CD Reviews

Neurosonic: Drama Queen

Another cracking release from BoDog, Neurosonic lets you know it's going to be good fun by starting out with a track all about the Saturday Night Live lip-sync fiasco with Ashley Simpson. Let's just say fans of live performance who hate manufactured pop will be nodding their heads in agreement. This is great stuff with "Are Solar" and its spoken word interlude.

This is modern heavy rock with a hefty dose of originality and a serious lack of pretentiousness. Think Green Day without their heads up their arses mixed with a dash of Marilyn Manson at their best. It catchy as hell and you won't want to stop listening to it. Now BoDog ain't perfect with their releases (no record company is) but they have had strong releases in the last few months. Jason Darr, the brains behind this band, is a talent you need to hear.

Edgewater: We're Not Robots

A bit modern and indie sounding, this lot would fit in quite well on UK radio at the moment. And therein lies the rub. It's hard to find what exactly this band does so many other bands are not doing at the moment. They do play rather well but seem to lack that special something to puts them over the top. There is nothing here to make me take up and notice. Saying that, it was not rubbish either.

It does not surprise me they found success with a song on the Punisher soundtrack, because to me the tracks scream TV show/movie soundtrack. I mean take one listen to "Digging for Sounds" and just imagine it on The OC. All I can say is it's a collection of average indie rock played with talent and passion. What would help is a couple of catchy tracks.

Merendine Atomiche: Raw

Now this is some cracking heavy metal from a band with an odd name. It's Raw metal at its best and most driving. It will remind you of old Metallica and some of the other Bay Area thrashers, well until you hit lovely acoustic intro to "Peace Means War." Lucas Zaderine has a John Bush of Anthrax/Armoured Saint tinge to his voice which is always a good thing.

Is this stuff original or bleeding edge? Well no, but that doesn't mean it will not put a goofy smile on the face of anyone who calls themselves a fan of metal and thrash. There is even a hint of Queensryche of old in the track "Zero Degree." These guys are definitely worth checking out and I look forward to their next release. Another good Italian metal band, which is always nice, I suspect they are rather good live as well.

Turku Romantic Movement: Animals

Part of a four track split CD and vinyl release, this lot of sleaze rockers just evoke feelings of being hammered. You feel almost guilty you are drinking listening to the title track "Animals." It's got a wonderful scandi-sleaze element peddled by Diamond Dogs, Backyard Badies et al.

It's great stuff one never gets tired of and is catchy on the first listen. "Generation Updated" is quite fun too.

Neil Leyton: Lie to Me

As with the other two above releases, this CD is a bit more of the mainstream poppy-indie rock featured so much on radio here in the UK. It's jangly, perky, and a bit goofy. Until Turku Romantic Movement, the two tracks from Neil Leyton are not instantly catchy and suffer from bleeding into the rest of this type of music. Still there is nothing wrong with either "Lie to Me" or "Fires." The latter is a far more shambolic song; but probably great fun live when pissed as a newt.

Body Count: Murder 4 Hire

A few weeks ago I reviewed the Body Count DVD Live in LA and now I have the new CD from Ice-T and the boys. As I have said before BC make all the other rap-metallers seem not quite true and genuine. Ice-T knows how to combine rap and metal because he knows both genre's so well.

He takes the bits of each genre and combines them into something truly stunning. It is intense and different. Quite frankly there is nothing like Body Count. Rap-metal has been so devalued by some of the rubbish released under the monicker they need a category of their own.

Almost 10 years since the latest release from the band (1997) and the loss of no less than three original members has not watered down the results. If you like a bit of rap in your metal and want to hear how it is really done then, this release is for you. Don't believe me? Just check out the title track.

Well there is your lot for this week; some cracking tunage from a diverse lot of bands. Now that the bloody World Cup is over; I look forward to rock gigs popping up in London a bit more often this month. 

As always stay safe and keep rocking…especially if it's at live gigs.

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  • Stacy

    I saw Neurosonic perform Saturday night at Vinyl in Atlanta, and they were great. They have so much energy, and really put on a good show! Jason and the band were great! I picked up one of their CD’s, and I love it! Can’t wait to hear more from them! Keep on Rock’n!!