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CD Reviews: Deadstar Assembly, Kottak, Vaeda, and Blackmore’s Night

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No live gigs in this collection of reviews but that does not mean we don't have a nice diversity of music on show. Well any column with Blackmore's Night certainly is going to be eclectic and we have not even mentioned the actual CD yet. So without further nattering here is this week's selection of material.

CD Reviews

Deadstar Assembly: Unsaved

I can report the tracks on here are quite good industrialish metal. "Killing Myself Again" is quite a catchy tune that has that hook and pace you want to hear. I have a penchant for "Death Wish." I enjoyed this collection from the first listen. Rather reminded me of a more metallic Orgy; which is not a bad thing at all. "Dejected" is pure Manson-esque pop industrial. These guys have got the look, the attitude, and the chops to make it work. Good stuff.

Kottak: Therupy

Kingdom Come/Scorpions drummer James Kottak has done a punk album with Tommy Lee's sister on drums. A heavy Germanic rock singer doing a punk album… if that does not scare you it should. He even butchers (the original wasn't that great) the Scorpions song "Holiday."

He redeems himself a bit on the track "I miss you" but not much. Alas, the album does not work on any level really. It's just an exercise in ego and it sounds it. He even admits he sucks on guitar in the PR. Do yourself a favor and avoid this like the plague. Go back to your day job, mate. They are so much better than this.

Vaeda: State of Nature

PR goes on about their MySpace popularity but it doesn't mean they are any good. It's more indie whingeing bollocks from this trio, nothing terribly new. Even though it's played well and with some degree of passion, nothing on this disc does anything for me. It rather melds into the background and begins to sound like quite a bit of stuff that is already out there.

There does not seem to be much originality going on here. "Son of a Viper" is somewhat catchy and there are a few other glimpses of what could be. "All for You" is quite good but you just get the feeling you have heard it all before somewhere else. This lot have the chops to be good they just need to try to be a bit more original and separate themselves from the crowd.

Blackmore's Night: The Village Lantern

Love or hate this lot you can't argue with their success. Guitar purists loath the fact Richie has chased Candice Night off into the realms of faux Medieval music and Renaissance Fairs. But lets face it Candice Night is no Yoko Ono and given the chance most guitarists would go with her anywhere she wants. The fact she is not only a rather fetching damsel but has a lovely voice only helps matters.

You get 14 tracks of goodness and three bonus tracks including Rainbow's "Street of Dreams" with Candice and Joe Lynn Turner doing co-lead. It makes for an interesting duet and is far better than Candice's solo version on the disc proper. They could have left off the dance version of "All Because of You" but "Call it Love" is wedding fodder without a doubt.

BN is basically great music for hanging out getting pissed and relaxing. It's great fun, a bit daft, but all in good fun. Tunes like "Faerie Queen – Faerie Dance" and "Olde Mill Inn" just evoke a certain feeling of camaraderie in a proper pub, lots of booze and good mates, that is quite catchy. You can even see why some of their nuttier fans dress up to go to their gigs. Yes Ritchie was an awesome force in heavy rock but let the guy spend his retirement as he likes. Drop the smirk and have a listen you will be charmed.

Well that's it for me this week. I have a couple of CDs left to review before we hit the end of summer drought of review stuff. I think I might be tempted to prime the well with a few releases of bands I have always loved. I wonder if you lot can figure out who I could possibly mean.

Stay rocking and safe.

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