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CD Reviews: Basque

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Artist: Basque
CDs: “Basque” “Radiate” “Falling Forward” (Lacqua Records)
review by Jianda Johnson

Basque is your lunar spaceship of sound, taking off and landing in sonic swirls and afterthoughts, waves upon waves, notes upon notes. They’re kind of like Enigma without so much percussion, loops or heavy production. Elegant and stately, Maryasque (songstress) and Brandt (bass alchemist) create music that takes its own time leisurely, that’s as natural as breathing.

In their own words, “The aim of Basque is to give silence its place again in music. Create space and let people’s minds breathe.” Hence, I bestow upon you my heartfelt recommendation that you groove on all three of their wondrous, melodious CDs. “In a world filled with opinion and visual statements,” the band states, “we want to let the music speak for itself. To evoke emotion from the heart instead of the head. To create (dare we say it) something of beauty that inspires something in others.”

Not unlike Siouxsie Sioux or Liz Frazer, Maryasque enunciates every syllable of every word in a luxurious, glorious way. I hesitate to tell you much more, but just know that she speaks a language of her own, using her voice as an instrument while Brandt’s bass is like a subtly haunting vocalist. If you are into the Cocteau Twins, Dido or MP3.com’s Should, you will enjoy Basque. Extra-neato trax include: “swollen stranger” and “Orange Colored Sky,” but they’re all a beautifully glorious, literal trip.

visit Basque at: basquemusic.com.

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