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CD Review: Y & T – Mean Streak [Remastered]

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What’s the 4-1-1?
Reissue of the group’s 1983 album, plus one bonus track.

Melodic rock / hard rock / AOR / classic rock

The Good
There’s no mistaking that the opening riff to “Mean Streak” represent the rock music scene of the early eighties. Vocalist Dave Meniketti delivers his trademark melodic yet husky vocals, reminiscent of Sammy Hagar & Ronnie Montrose. It should come as no surprise that Dave has collaborated with Ronnie many times. There’s nothing flashy or fancy about “Straight Through the Heart,” but it’s still a killer rock track. More of that great Y & T vocal harmony returns for “Lonely Side of Town.”The group chronicles their first-ever trip to Japan on “Midnight in Tokyo.” Even though you’ll want to get caught up in the lyrics, it’s Meniketti’s & Joey Alves’ guitar work that really shine here.

“Hang ‘Em High” has Y & T crossing the line from AOR rockers, to heavy metal head bangers as they pump up the distortion, quicken up the riffs, and lay down some pounding drum beats. “Sentimental Fool” has a great pop-rock radio appeal to it, as the arrangement is not too complicated and the group gives it there all vocally. “Down and Dirty” is all about the power chord riffage. The bonus track “I’m Not Sorry” has a darker tone to it, but it still comes off melodic.

The Bad

Nothing notable

The Verdict
Mean Streak was a gateway album for Y & T. It helped the group finally get noticed by American audiences. It wasn’t long after this one that Y & T really started cranking out some hits. Although it’s not their strongest album, Mean Streak is still a great rock album by a great hard rock band. It’s a good representation of that music scene at the time as well.

Did You Know?
Yep, that’s producer Chris Tsangarides you hear farting at the conclusion of “Down and Dirty.” With the new remastered version, you can hear it clearly in all its glory.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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