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CD Review: Viva K – Viva K

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Sitar and punk guitar, electronic dance beats and retro synth and a little tabla make up the basis of Viva K’s self-titled debut album. I can guarantee you’ve never heard anything like this before.

Somewhere between hauntingly beautiful and exceptionally mind-expanding, Viva K delivers a rare and unusual sound that will have you feeling like you’re floating over an endless sea of atmospheric pleasure.

Ween Callas’ vocals range between sex-kitten purrs and punk girl roars that work perfectly on some tracks (“Splendor”, “Porch Raga” “Just One More” and “Ming”) while on others I can’t help but wish Callas was silent so we could hear the mesmerizing instrumental work in the background.

The Los Angeles band’s name is a reference to Vivekananda, the first philosopher from India to bring Eastern thought to the West, and was formed in the wake of the death of George Harrison. Harrison, much like Vivekananda, was able to successfully fuse Eastern influence into the west and in Harrison’s case, it was modern rock music.

Viva K has been compared to Siouxie and the Banshees, P.J. Harvey, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and others.

If you’re interested in hot, innovative and darkly unique music, make sure you pick up Viva K and let the music move you. Literally.
Band website: Viva K / VivaK.net

Complete track listing:
No Better Time
Does It Matter?
We Are Safe
Light Light Light
Who Are You
Porch Raga
Love Everybody
Just One More

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  • The Theory

    I got this album for review on another website and thought it was a pretty good album until the track “Light Light Light” which felt too much like a U2 rip-off (especially for a band that is at it’s best when being more spazztic) and right there the album lost all the momentum and energy it had been building up. The rest then, as a result, felt flat.

    This cd would have been great as a 5 track EP…