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CD Review: Tramp’s White Lion

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This is a 16-track live testament to the dead horse (or should that be lion) that Mike Tramp is flogging around the US. Four musicians accompany Tramp on this trek and while they play competently, they do not shine. With none of the original members, but himself, this is a live record of why White Lion were strictly second-division in the heady 80s.

This could so easily have been a single CD, but instead we are treated to Tramp, whose voice has not aged well, butchering ‘Radar Love’ as a finale.

On here you get to witness just how excruciatingly bad ‘When the Children Cry’ was as a song.

There are a few highlights amoungst the dross including their best tunes ‘Wait’, ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Hungry’. The rest highlight the lacklustre collection of music that was White Lion.

Mike’s incoherent stage banter does not help matters either. If anything the tracks do not get better with age, but worse. If you were a fan of this lot, or rather a fan of Mike Tramp, then this might be for you…otherwise avoid. If you like the originals; stick to the albums.

Rating: 2/5

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