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CD Review: Tool – 10,000 Days

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Even though the album has leaked into every orifice of the Internet and even if you’ve downloaded it, please support Tool and buy this album when it comes out.

At 21 years of age, I thought I’d be too old to get excited over a new album, but my nights and days were spent constantly thinking about this particular album since the day Blair on Tool’s official website said that recording was complete. As I listened to 10,000 Days I realized that no, I wasn’t too old to get excited over a new album – especially since it’s been almost five years coming.

Opening with the first single, “Vicarious,” the album begins in an explosion of sound. It sounds like almost a mix of “Schism” and “Parabola” from their 2001 effort Lateralus. It speaks of our love for violence in the media and yet, when it comes to reality we struggle to deal with it. Vocalist Maynard James Keenan (herein to be known as MJK) sings “…I need to watch things die / from a good safe distance / vicariously I / live while the whole world dies / you all feel the same / so why can’t we just admit it?”.

Adam Jones comes through continuously throughout this album and on “Jambi”, he is truly amazing. “Jambi” is almost a continuation of “Vicarious” but here, instead of watching violence, we are almost creating it. The song illustrates falling to “the dark side” or succumbing to the bad thoughts in our mind — “…in love with the dark side/ I’d found / dabbling all the way down / up to my neck…” – and yet somehow pulling ourselves back before we get too deep.

What I am about to say will outrage Tool fans, but “Intension” reminds me of an A Perfect Circle song – if only for a moment. MJK could not have left A Perfect Circle without being influenced in some way by the song-writing. “Intension” is filled with quiet guitar sounds contributing to a beautiful 7+ minute track. It almost reminds me of “Disposition” or “Parabol”. Its light electronic programming gives it a hint of something slightly Nine Inch Nails circa The Fragile era, but the guitars are certainly signature Tool.

“Wings for Marie” and “10,000 Days” were originally supposed to be one song, but were split into two to make it more accessible. I believe the song would have been more effective as one, but then it would have been a little over 17 minutes. This will be a very popular song among fans, as it is the most haunting and most personal song on the album and most probably the most personal song that Maynard has ever written. Judith Marie Keenan who died many years ago has been written about before – in A.P.C’s “Judith”. However, this song is much deeper and personal.

MJK has been known to have his own thoughts on organized religion and here they are ready and open for us to read. However, MJK states that despite many people who call themselves religious and do not practice the religion, his mother was true to it until the very end of her life. “I have come home now! / Fetch me the spirit, the son, and the father / tell them their pillar of faith has ascended. / It’s time now! My time now! / …Give me my wings!” To say that his own mother was the very pillar of the holy trinity is such a powerful statement and yet almost heartbreaking at the same time.

I don’t know many bands that could simply carry a brilliant song with just a strong bass line and light drumming, but Tool certainly prove that point in “The Pot” thanks to Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor. The vocals are simply amazing in this song as MJK seems to open some vocal chords that I don’t think I’ve heard before. His voice is almost haunting as he sings — “who are you / to wave your finger? / You must have been out of your head / “and then sings “You must have been high”– illustrating MJK’s distaste for people who don’t care about others and how people treat each other when they simply “don’t give a fuck”. This is one of the other heavier tracks of the album and is well suited to the anger throughout.

“Lipan Conjuring” is almost an intermission-type song, only running for 1:13. It jumps straight into the slow and yet spine-tingling “Lost Keys”. Throughout the track there is continuous dialogue between a doctor and a nurse speaking of a patient who is in a catatonic state after a traumatic event.

“Rosetta Stoned” is the continuation of “Lost Keys” but is a little heavier. Now we are learning why the patient is in such a state in the first place. This song will be forever known as the “Shit the bed” song. “Rosetta Stoned” tells of the character being abducted by aliens and suffering traumatic events. However, some may take this as someone spinning out by doing all the wrong drugs… a total “don’t take the brown acid” moment. “Strapped down in my bed / Feet cold and eyes red / I’m out my head / Am I alive, am I dead? Can’t remember what they said / God damn, shit the bed.” Try listening to this song whilst falling asleep – quite an experience.

I love “Right In Two” so much and is probably my favourite song on the album. It is taken from the point of view of angels watching humans live their lives. However, in the song we are monkeys as the angels watch “…on the sidelines, puzzled and amused”. It talks about how God gave us free will and wisdom and reason and we should be banding together as one, however we break apart and hurt each other to achieve what we want. It is essentially a story about greed and hurt amongst humans. “Father bless them all with reason, and this is what they choose.” It’s a wistful song but aesthetically is awesome. It starts off slowly and ends brutally. I love this song so much because it begins so calm and ends so brutal, you would be stupid to listen to this on your iPod – this needs to be blasted LOUD. Annoy the neighbors. It will be worth it.

10,000 Days is essentially a tragic album as each song contains some form of tragedy whether it be a death, a state of mind, or the state of society. The main theme I drew from this album is death — the death of a loved one, speaking about death, being close to death, killing someone, watching someone being killed, going through the grief and pain caused by death. It constantly has references to death such as the mention of zombies in “Vicarious” or talking of raising the dead in “The Pot” and also referenced in “Rosetta Stoned”, “Lost Keys”, the obvious “Wings for Marie” and “10,000 Days” and other songs throughout. It’s also an album of love because we could not have felt grief if we did not love and we could not have felt remorse if we did not love. The album almost serves as a confessional – portraying human weaknesses – our greed and temptation and succumbing to “the dark side” or the Devil.

Aesthetically, each and every song on this album is constructed so beautifully and each song stands on its own. There is a mix of heavy and a mix of slow and calm and Tool fans will not be disappointed. However, this is not an album that you will love from a brief listen through. You really have to sit down with this album and go through each and every track. 10,000 Days is such a wonderful album and if you really listen to it, it will make you think about so many things – not only about yourself but about the society in which we live. Only a brilliant album does that to you and 10,000 Days certainly did that for me.

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  • Where should a Tool newbie start?

  • Angulimala

    I’d probably start with Aenima…If you like the more aggressive sounding Tool, check out Opiate and Undertow afterwards. If you find yourself favoring the more pensive (though still heavy) songs, check out Lateralus (and Undertow, as well, has some less-aggressive tracks). 10,000 Days, with the exception of Vicarious, may throw off someone trying to learn more about Tool. 10,000 Days is a demonstration of the changes they have undergone in perspective, and it is worth knowing how their view has changed before getting a dose of this one, IMO.

  • I don’t think you got this one right. However, the understatement will leave people pleasently surprised when they do hear the album.

  • Apollo

    This is perhaps the worst album review, i have ever read. “it doesn’t suck”…come on. Any long time tool fan will enjoy this album. Like first hearing Lateralus after growing accustomed to Aenima, the material on this album will give true and new fans alike, an experience unique and unfamiliar. Tool are not the type of band that release the same album twice – so don’t expect another Aenima or Lateralus. Like all Tool albums, this one will grow on you and will NOT dissapoint.

  • joe

    having waited five+ years since the last tool, one cant help but be excited about a new album…a perfect circle doesnt compare…so dont use it as one. why they have a prima doona pop chick reviewing tool is beyond me. the band is on a level few can comprehend..so enjoy this album, for it may be their last. and you MUST see them live to complete the experience of their music…dont be dumbed down by all of the crap on the radio, tool is far above and beyond this s@#&

  • Miss Kay seems to have forgotten to discuss what are probably the main themes of the album: transcendence, consequence, intent, and the imprints we leave upon each other.

    The centerpiece, 10,000 days (wings for marie part 2) and the song leading up to it -wings for marie part 1- are, without a doubt, the most masterful 17 minutes of emotional musical splendor that I have ever heard.

    I get chills just thinking about it; I nearly cried, and I’m not the “die hard, freaky-deek” who things Tool are gods. I certainly don’t think that.

    I do think that from ænima on that they broke the conventional mold of commercialized music. I think this CD is well worth the $10.50 asking price. I think that just about anyone could learn something from thier music.

    I say this from experience as I have learned many things from listening to Tool.



  • I’m sorry about your comments as the review was not yet completed and somehow uploaded. I’m not a “prima doona pop chick”, I think I got a valid point at least. Maybe you should all refer to my previous about Tool fans here . Please enjoy my finished review as I enjoyed writing it.

  • Shan

    This review is great. It has definitely convinced me to purchase the album when it is released!

  • Vanessa

    Well, whatever the review was when it wasn’t finished — who gives a fuck! This is a really nice review and I too downloaded the album but I am still really excited about purchasing it. Good job Jessa and screw all the other people who ripped on you!


  • dave

    arghhhhhhhhhhh tooltooltooltool!!!

  • opiate

    Lo guys I’m a 24 year old South African that loves TOOL. I have been a fan for almost ten years now and am probably a little obsessed with them. I got a horrible feeling in my stomach the first time I listened to the album, a fear that I might not fall in love with this album like the ones before. As I am typing this it is only the second time I’m listening to it! I got so paranoid that I frantically searched the web for other opinions in the album, but now I realize that it is a relationship that is at its beginning. The album needs to speak to ME. The only song that grabbed me from the start was Vicarious but I’m sure the rest will come in time like with laterals. Just want to say I am very disappointed with Lipan Conjuring, Lost Keys and Intension and see no likeable potential, things I have never said about any TOOL tracks. Even Viginti Tres has little appeal even if I’m high. Still I will give this album the chance it deserves.

  • GroupiesAreGay

    Nah man, you have to listen to this album a few times on loud I think. It’s a wicked album! Thanks for the review!

  • Apollo

    Your revised (…in fact completely different) review of the album is much more thoughtful and a far better reflection of how the album will impact a listener. Well composed, and good background.

  • Ominous

    Hmm Well as i play the new cd i am forced to Ask myself ……..WTF are you talking about.. Thank God its out, With all the crap they play now days. …….Tool is one of the very FEW the very very few great rock bands out today. The new cd is great.

  • Ominous`

    BTW dont even begin to try and understand the songs yet You have to feel it befor you can even try to understand it. I dont think you will ever feel their music Jessa !

  • me

    I’m fucking excited for this album but I’m going to hold off until it’s released. And [Edited] ominous, you can’t tell someone they don’t get anything or they won’t get anything. It’s someone’s interpretation of the album – doesn’t mean it’s right and doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I liked Jessa’s review and it made me more excited for the album.

  • Satan

    Hofmann is the man who formulated LSD as seen on toolband.com (April 7th)

  • I’m a huge TOOL fan. I will definitely make this part of my collection. Nice review.

  • zerotwilight

    Great review, im glad to hear such an intelligent description of the songs althought the “lyrical meanings” are all subjective to the listener.

  • stephan

    Why am I reading about people bitching that Tool has gone down hill? Has anyone heard the crap that has been coming out lately from other bands? Let’s compare all the other bands out there to Tool. The best music written by other bands compares closely to Tools worst written music. So think about all the great music that Tool has written it really is in a category of its own. So to sit there and bash the music that Tool makes is like saying that every album that comes out by any other bands suck. People that are bashing Tool probably listen to crap like HIM, and bands that have no talent playing live or the ability to make you feel the music. So please do your self a favor and shut up and enjoy possibly the best bend ever to play music, live or recorded.

  • This album SUCKS

    I hoped to god this album was a hoax. It’s soooo bad that I’m in shock. We go from “third eye” to “you musta been hiiiigggghhhhh.” Oh my god, shoot me now. This album is a complete and total disaster. I will never be able to rock out to “shit the bed” as lyrics, never. If this isn’t a hoax, then they’re done. It’s not a coincidence that ALL of the North American shows’ tickets go on sale before the album’s release.

  • Richmond, BC, Andrew

    1. Vicarious – AWESOME
    2. Jambi – AWESOME
    3. Wings For Marie – GOOD
    4. 10000 Days – BETTER
    5. Pot – Took a couple listens to, now it’s “ok”
    6. Lipan Conjuring – WTF IS THIS? SH*T, THAT’S WHAT
    7. Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann) – SEE #6 ABOVE
    8. Rosetta Stoned – took a couple listens to, now it’s a FANTASTIC SONG
    9. Intension – It’s ok, kinda repetitive
    10. Right In Two – I really like it, GOOD SONG
    11. Viginti Tres – OK, The third mantra on the CD that would be better filled by silence then whatever the f*ck this is..

    all and all after listening to it a couple times, Tools new CD has sounded better then it did when i first listened to it…but i still expected more after 5 years… Lateralus and Aenima were UNREAL… Undertow, Opiate, and now 10000 Days are all good, but not as good as the aformentioned albums, its almost as if theyve taken a step back with 10000 Days. Its still good, just not great. And they should has more then 11 songs…wtf is that.

    Ive heard rumors of a 2nd album to be released later on in the year…anyone?

  • simonorman

    Jessa… you are a sexy, sexay gal. Don’t listen to ’em. After 20 listens (or so now… non-stop really), yeah. THIS ALBUM IS BRILLIANT TOOL. you will be disapointed if you don’t allow yourself the opportunity to embrace it in full. I absolutely love the “Blame Hoffman” – “Rosetta Stoned” transition now. “‘Shit the Bed.’ I’ll never rock to lyrics like that, never” I read on a post. This is the band that made you “rock” to lyrics like “Fucked my Lazy-Boy” and “Green is your color now.” It’s brilliant.

  • spoog

    great album, but shame about the guitarist’s excessive palm muting in almost every heavy song. he can do so much better

  • alexman

    ok, I only want to say, without subjecting Tool’s artwork to more scrutiny that Right In Two, isn’t about “idiocy” or people, being sheep etc.. It’s about mankind, and its acension to where we are today. The history of Tool, in a few words. That’s whats its all about – the concept that we really are talking monkeys and that we’ve gone from, making blades out of stone, to clubbing our own brothers – in the end the only thing we claim to hold us together is religion, but in reality it is our eternal souls. Tool’s new album is revealing, insightful and dramatic. A true, concept album. I personally think that there is a possibility of a hoax, only for the one good reason. US. The people who download the CD before its out, who can’t wait for the surprise, and would rather discover on our own. Either way, those who are Tool fans understand, HOAX or not, GOOD or not…this CD is TOOL.

  • zach

    I love it and you know what. I couldnt possibly think they could put out a horrible album. I mean all the stuff they do is awesome. The pot fed my hunger of the angry kind. I couldnt find anything thats so much fullfilling this year. I have waited so long and not to be dissapointed. The crap we have had in the music scene is unbariable.

  • zach

    I want everyone to know you should here this all the way through one after another. DONT SKIP TRACKS TO FIND THE BEST ONE YOU HEAR. Some of the songs go from a slow beat to fast and erratic.

  • Amis wypierdalajcie!

  • avasj

    Good review. You know your Tool. Everyone buy it when it comes out!

    This album is epic. Forget everything else.

    I could destroy the world to this album. I could also save it.

  • Grant-In-Indianapolis

    I don’t know why people are acting like it’s some cardinal sin to say this album isn’t quite as good as the last two. The last two are damn-near masterpieces. I do appreciate Tool getting back to their roots, though…which this album does in abundance. 10,000 Days sounds more like Undertow than anything they’ve done since. It’s harder. More abrasive. More organic. I can’t wait to hear Vicarious, Right In Two, and the Wings songs in concert. They’re definitely on par with past classics.

  • gonzo marx

    for the record: the “Gonzo” above is NOT yours truly

    also..i have refrained form finding and downloading the album yet, very difficult to resist the temptation

    but i will wait until the 2nd…and comment then

    nuff said?


  • lemures

    Ok, my original impression of this album was extremely harsh. I hated it, partly because Meshuggah is just so dam bad ass, teched out, fresh, sci-fi, cutting edge, etc. I was just really hopeing that Tool would come out with an album that would rival Meshuggah. But after more listens, I think I am able to pinpoint what exactly I like and dislike about this album. I love Vicarious. I really like track 2 also. It sounds fresh, I love the groove, the only thing I don’t like is the guitar solo. I hope I’ll eventually change my mind because it ruins the rest of the song for me. Danny Carey in tracks three and four came up with really interesting phrasing on kit. On first listen, it sounded too jam-like for me, but once I gave it more chances, the parts are actually intricately moving with the Justin’s lines in totally set interweaving lines, it’s bad ass. Also, this might have Adam’s best guitar work on the whole album. Track 5…I still absolutely hate this song. Maynard still sounds like Sammy Hagar on this to me. I just don’t like the feel of the song(groove wise)at all. Also, I absolutely hate the “ya musta been Hhhhiiiggghhhh” lyric. This song has got to be the worst song Tool has ever written. Track 8 has a lot of interesting vocal parts, effects, phrasing. This song might have Maynard’s coolest vocal parts…this and track 4. I hate the “shit the bed” line though, it drives me nuts…especially because it rhymes with other lyric parts. I absolutely love Carey’s drum parts on this song. The overall song structure through me off on first listen with this song in particular, but again after more listens, it’s bad ass. I am still a little disappointed with the electronic drum sounds on this song. Track 9 finally has Carey using new electronic drum sounds. I like it, I just wish it was louder in the mix. Track 10 unfortunately has the second most annoying lyric in the album…”Monkey”, again it just drives me nuts. It just sounds soooo stupid to me, it ruins the song. I hope I can get over this because the song is cool besides this. Carey plays really cool mixed sticking patterns on the drum triggers. The overall song structure again is unusual and requires multiple listens…which definitely seems to be the big change overall with this album. I’m disappointed with the electronic drum sounds overall though. Carey really needs to focus on improving this. Overall, Justin’s bass sound and use of delay I love…it comes through the guitar mix in a moody, textural, bad ass way. I am convinced that live justin’s sound and effects will possibly make this material way darker than the way it comes across on the album. There is also a really interesting play of answering back and forth, not only between the bass and guitar, but with the drums as well, unusual. It seems that the bass lines carry more of the melody load than on previous Tool albums. I think Adam’s guitar lines play way more of a traditional bass line role than before, which led me at first to think the guitar lines were weak…untill I noticed how it was effecting the overall composition of songs with the other instruments. Also, I hope this isn’t the whole album because it seems very short.

  • Liam

    I agree with Dave – Tool Tool Tool!

  • V

    The album leak is a hoax!
    Hey everyone, I’ve just recently come across this information through various legitimate sources from the rumor mill, and rest assured this latest leak scare is a decoy album.

    No, it is not an album produced by earshot or Chevelle, but a cleverly devised ruse by the members of Tool themselves. After having listened to select tracks, it occured to me that many of them had blatant similarities to past tracks. One track, for instance, is reminiscent of Pushit Live, and one of the filler tracks will remind listeners from a certain filler track on AEnima.

    I can’t say much else except for the fact that this is all leftover material from past recordings and recent recordings that were never used on their past and upcoming releases. The real album, with the real single, and the REAL album title and cover art will be released on May 2nd, while the decoy, cleverly made as it was, will be placed right next to Ten Thousand Fists on store shelves.

    Don’t believe it’s fake? Maynard is particularly quiet on this decoy, barely making himself heard on many tracks, and with a talent like Maynard why wouldn’t you utilize him? Even the lyrics themselves seem to be a rather ingenius joke.

  • kris

    haha great review i cant fucking wait

  • jeff

    I couldn’t agree more, Andrew…I’m disappointed..I’ve been a tool fan a long time, and I simply expected more..I’m also a drummer..this is not Danny’s best performance..

  • puzzled?!?!?!

    Amazon has an import version of 10,000 days for sale May 16th for $26. Is this a double disc or something? What’s the differance?

  • Jeff

    Hey V…. I said to my brother yesterday that this sounded like a bunch of B sides from all their records….is their credibility to your sources??

  • dave

    I don’t know all the stuff about “is this the real album” and all that hoax stuff but either way, it’s still a wicked album.

  • s!

    hey there.. i really identified with what you said about waiting for this album, and many of my feelings about the songs on it are similar to yours.

    ‘Right In Two’ is by far my fave song too.. this was an excellent review, thank you!

  • k

    I am interested to know how credible your sources are “V”

  • First, totally agree with your review. It’s funny actually, cause my review of this album would be broken down by the number of times i listened to it:

    1st listen:
    Hmm… Jambi is amazing. powerful, emotional, angry, sad. just great. I’m not so sure about the rest of the album.

    2nd listen:
    Jambi still kicks ass. Skipped Vicarious this time. I like the buildup and release in Wings for Marie pt 1 and 2, i might start to like this song. Right in Two is kind of cool now that I’m not stuck on the fact that Maynard’s singing about Monkeys.

    3rd listen:
    Wow… really starting to like Wings pt 1 & 2, and what’s up with Rosetta Stoned? This song rocks. still don’t get The Pot.

    4th listen: (after reading some of the lyrics)
    Damn. Jambi, Wings pt 1 and 2 are the best Tool I have ever heard. The Pot breaks the mood up for a little bit, but then damn it comes right back for Lost Keys through the end of the cd.

    5th listen: I’m officially addicted to Jambi, Wings pt 1 & 2, skip The Pot, addicted to Lost Keys, Rosetta Stoned, Intension, Right In Two, and I even think Viginti Tres is cool in a weird way.

    6th: heh… so now I like The Pot too. Even started listening to Vicarious.

    So yeah, thought it was funny how my opinion of this album went from “What the hell is going on here?” to “This is one of the most amazing CD’s I’ve ever heard.”

  • k

    “This album SUCKS” (21):

    Tool does a handful of U.S. dates before they go overseas to kick-off the albums’ tour, then they come back to the U.S.. Think of it as a “pre-tour warm-up”. They do that before every record.

    As far as the record…. I’m only two times through and over half of it went right over my head. The half that has sunk-in thus far, god damn. I can already tell this is a motherfuck. Tool takes time to digest. Those who don’t know that, don’t know Tool.



  • 1. Vicarious – AWESOME
    2. Jambi – AWESOME
    3. Wings For Marie – GOOD
    4. 10000 Days – BETTER
    5. Pot – Took a couple listens to, now it’s “ok”
    6. Lipan Conjuring – WTF IS THIS? SH*T, THAT’S WHAT
    7. Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann) – SEE #6 ABOVE
    8. Rosetta Stoned – took a couple listens to, now it’s a FANTASTIC SONG
    9. Intension – It’s ok, kinda repetitive
    10. Right In Two – I really like it, GOOD SONG
    11. Viginti Tres – OK, The third mantra on the CD that would be better filled by silence then whatever the f*ck this is..

    that is the track list and all of you that think its a hoax are fucking idiots

  • I’m not sure if it’s a hoax or not – doesn’t bother me, because either I get stuck with this album (which is amazing) or I get a whole nother album along with it on the 2nd. I torrented it, yeah, but I’m buying it on May 2nd the moment I can.

    By the way, 10,000 Days takes a few listens.

  • forensic

    As a fan, I found this album to be their worst. I get the somberness and reference of 10,000 days (Vietnam) and the feel they were aiming for (the state of our society). Intension and Vicarious felt more like APC songs than TOOL. Personally, I think Rosetta Stoned is the diamond in the rough followed by a distant second by the single Vicarious. The instrumentals are simply not worth the time. I find the feeling I have now spot on to the emotions portrayed in the album. That could be comforting and uplifting to some, personally I find it a fall from grace. I think this is the “With Teeth” of Tool, a sense of disapperance and fading. I felt the execution was a repeat of eMOTIVe, quite disappointing. I see the positives others have posted as negative, which is legitimate to see both ways. Definitely a provoking album. Give it a listen.

  • well well well…

    after such a long wait…(not to mention slightly dissapointing work with APC) its great to hear tool again. Is the album great too? What follows is my humble opinion:

    Overal it seems very much a continuation of the album before lateralus…with a lot of lat. touches though (definitely feeling the “schism”)

    Most of the music is stunning, it certainly feels like tool…so i dont think the hoax bla bla is true. I think this song was a nightmare to produce, because there simply isnt anything like tool and expectations are laden. I think thats where maybe the price of success is hurting this album. It feels more clinical than organic in terms of how its recorded. Vocals seem thinner (eventhough they must have been filtered and compressed a million times).

    I think the real impression of 10,000 wil be when we get to see them live. Thats when the music breathes and lives more. Right the album feels more like a beautyful corpse. Beautyful but dead…

    Before all you toolheads get offended…i absolutely love tool. And im not dissapointed by the album, i just think it could have been better…and thats not what i can say about any other tool album

  • crossen

    This album is incredible. it is a culmination of all of their previous work, which is why so many of the tracks sound like their earlier stuff. as for the hoax nonsense, so fucking what. if it is old ass b-sides, theryre marvelous and that means more new tool on may 2. it more than likely isnt a hoax but, if it is that would be a good joke. back to the quality of the album. how can anyone really question its brilliance. one of the greatest things about tool is that they are always progressing and evolving, doing different things, never just sounding the same. they are our generation’s Pink Floyd.
    i can not stop listening to this. i dont want to stop. about the tour dates, god i hope this short US tour is just a warmup. ive never seen them live and i will do whatever is neccessary to do so. also, to anyone who bitches about A Perfect Circle being inferior to tool and a poor substitute, think of it like this as i heard in maynards own words: A Perfect Cirlce is the other half, the other side, the female side to tools more aggressive more masculine nature. they are two parts of one entity. but their music is however it speaks to you, in whatever way that it resonates with you. to each their own.
    The review, however was utterly magnificient. i have never in my life heard such a beautifully complete, well thought out, and more importantly heartfelt critique of any album. my utmost respect and kudos to jessa for thinking, feeling, and writing so well.

  • john smith

    please stop saying that its a reference to vietnam with the 10,000 days. it refers to maynards mother, the title track is about his mom, she was paralized for 27 years before she died, about the equivelent to 10,000 days… no more war/vietnam references please learn a thing or two before you ruin tools name i hate people that put meanings to their songs when they have no clue

  • nimrod

    One must simply spend a day without sleep and listen to this album while studying for an acient greek philosophy exam to be completly consumed… you will not believe the connections one will make. The one, being the one, mentioned at the end of Rosseta stoned at around 8:40 is perhaps the most articulate, lyrical motif that I have ever enjoyed. It coincides so well with notions of what the pagan god is its almost mind bogaling. The one, aristotles god or plato’s demiurge falls so well with that part of the song…. Tool, is so subliminally spiritual, yet people over look this…. Spiritual in a good way.. though wings for maria kinda takes one back.

  • johny b good

    opiate and undertow had me hooked instantly, aenima took some listens, lateralus took me a month to get it, 10,000 days takes even longer…. i have always said, the best music takes the longest to understand. Tool isnt about a first listen WHATSOEVER. if you listen to a song one or two times and like it you dont understand what tool does. tool does it for the art, you have to listen and try to understand, its almost more of a task at times than a pleasure, but once u get it, you are hooked, and it is beautiful. Tool have really hit it home with this one, no there is no decoy or double disc, thats all crap. If this album is a decoy what are they gonna do on tour play these songs for a little bit then add the supposed new ones? there is no double disc or other cd comming out, this is 77 minutes of the best tool ever and some people are just idiots and think it sucks and they have to make another record like aenima that isnt as creative and rocks their socks off. Tool isnt about rocking out, because they have rocked out pretty good before doesnt mean thats the idea of it. They do it for the art, they progress, they have progressed much further here than they did with lateralus, this might mean you dont get to bang your head as much, go listen to slayer than. Tool is art, to understand art you must know it as well. This cd takes more and more listens to get it and the more you listen the more you understand what the band is doing. I like lateralus the best of all tool cd’s, its too early to say how i like this one compared to others. But I can certainly say this is by far their most artistic. Like Maynard himself sais, “most people just dont get it.” people judged what the songs meant before they even heard them, and people now are saying 10,000 days is a reference to vietnam…. as said in the above post its about maynards mother, 10,000 days is easily one of the best tracks Tool has ever recorded, so strong in meaning you can feel the emotion. All you people that shot this album down think you understand Tool, they dont care what you think about them is the bottom line. They make art work, whether joe shmoe likes it or not does not matter to them. Go listen to Korn or Disturbed if you dont understand what im saying, you are probably to absent minded to get the concept. 10,000 days is an excellent album, no there is no extra disc comming out, if you weren’t satisfied with this one then dont listen to it. you still have other Tool records you can listen to. Tool is not making cd’s to please you, trust me, they dont even know who YOU are. Once you begin to understand Tool and what they practice, you will cherish this cd, along with the rest.

  • Josh

    The 10,000 days reference doesn’t refer to Vietnam. Maynard’s mother suffered a stroke early in life, and was left partially paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair for 27 years (or 10,000 days) until her death. This is the basis for the songs Wings for Marie/10,000 days (his mother’s name was Judith Marie, APC song Judith also deals with this theme). The song is, in part, a tribute to her and how her love saved his life. Amazing.

  • ToolFan060606

    yeah,,, people have been saying for months,,, 10,000 days isnt the real name I KNOW ILL BET MY LIFE ON IT!!! well, they were wrong obviously. these are people who are just dumb and think they know 4 guys theyve never met better than anyone else. Everything is hear for us, no hoax this time. no double disc no fake names no none of that. its time to take this album seriously. 10,000 days has alot of meaning, its about maynards mother, and the way he wrote the lyrics to that song is just incredible, almost like he has found religion, (did he ever not have it though? not sure) Im not even religious, and I love the song wings for marie-10,000 days, which i wouldnt say praises religion but certainly accepts it.

  • Flush It Down

    Ambient noise ridden, drawn-out, built-up, pretentious and tired. These are just a few of the many labels that could be given to 10,000 Days, the new release from Tool. Only a band that is known for their relentless ‘horror film’ tacks could get away with releasing a mess such as this. Though one may argue that Tool has never released two ‘like-albums’, they have always written good music. Maynard and company really dragged the waters to capture this cacophony. There is absolutely little to no musical solidarity or structured cohesion. Unlike earlier albums, 10,000 Days lacks fluidic movement as well as thought provoking transitions found in songs such as Ænima. While the band has never been known to write and release substandard music, perhaps they’re merely following in the footsteps of their peers. This doesn’t add up when taking into consideration that this is Tool, and not Metallica. An album should not have to grow on you like cancer, it should have that one track which grips you from the start and drives you to explore the rest of the album in its entirety. Unfortunately, this album has none. Released by any other band, 10,000 Days would serve to be an abstract experience. Released by Tool, it serves to invite disappointment. Be prepared for a sorry excuse of a tour, where you will most likely find yourself staring at an empty stage while loud noise is regurgitated through the stadium speakers.

    I am sorry for Tool, because whether you wish to believe it or not, this album is real, and not a hoax – though we wish it were.

  • ozz

    I saw NIN in LR and it was fucking amazing, cannot WAIT to see TOOL in KC!!!

  • brianS132


  • karl

    I downloaded this fake tool band called counterfist and I really thought it was Tool for a bit, with hesitation. Unfortunately I liked it but then found out it was fake, Its kinda weird liking what u think is tool but then finding out its not.

    I did hear the real one though and thought it was awesome for the first 5 songs ive heard so far.
    That would be kick ass news if there was a double disk, but I very highly doubt it.

    If this is the only single leaked CD tool should make the release date much sooner to save their album sales. Im still buying it anyways.

  • Chaos Aegent

    I think people who have said this is a disappointment have missed the point… to some extent the tool albums up to and including 10,000 days have contained a commentary on society and the way people interact with each other and the media. go through and find the link between the albums on this theme… give you a starter “vicarious” and “schism”…

    That said the music is nothing short of amazing and the lyrics are intense and well thought out… i havent ever come across a band that makes me want to sit down and actually think about what i am listening to… they definately have their work down to an art and anyone who doesnt see it really doesnt understand it.

    As for the people that were bagging out Lipan Conjuring and the other segue tracks here, go back and have a look on Lateralus and Aenima… they were on those albums too or are you listening to Tool for the first time with this album?

    In closing i would just like to give you new listeners a little advice… do not listen to it like you listen to everything else, you will miss everything, there is subtlety, there is some blatantly obvious stuff, but you need to be willing to open yourself up to see it.

    Art not Music

  • rae

    im half way between believing that 10,000 days is a decoy and accepting it for what it is. good reviews.i think that the whole cd has striking resmblence to lateralus, but it does grow on you. when i first heard the cd it was too overpowering to develop and idea of the point of the cd. maynard is makin it real hard to understand him, but i appreciate what he’s tryin to do.my friends and i have been talking of course- about why it cud be a decoy- tool has always been good at deception and keeping secrets ( not that we dont love them for it) but that is a huge (leak) for tool. also extremely short and has little difference in sound compared to the huge difference between each of the others. i just take what i need from it, i suggest you all do the same, it is of course tool. peace and love

  • lytic

    I agree completely with your synopsis Jessa.

  • Monster

    I’m 41 years old. I’ve been listening to “rock” since I was 4. I’ve been listening to Tool for over a decade. That doesn’t make my opinion right, just informed.

    10,000 Days is a masterpiece.

    I am praying for Keenan. I know he is wrestling with God. Thankfully his mother was a good example to him in a world full of misrepresentations.

    Please support Tool’s efforts by purchasing the CD if you have the means.


  • systoolsys

    Few more days and we’ll all know for shure… Anyway IMHO it may well be either a B-side or perhaps an earlier less developed version of the final album… unless that’s the “real deal”… and then I’m not shure I’ll buy it (as intended) at all. It’s not that it’s a bad album – it just lacks the GENIUS of Lateralus and Aenima… As somebody said, it sounds more “FEMININE”, like A Perfect Circle more than like Tool, not that A Perfect Circle are not a very good band, still – they are not Tool. They lack the “BALLS” and the GENIUS Tool have… Same with this album – Just listen to Maynard’s voice gamma in both Lateralus and Aenima or to Carrey’s drumming, and Justin and Adam’s guitars – they are AMAZING!!! and what about here? Very good, O.K. I agree, but far from brilliant… It reminds me of the first released hoax – that with Counterfist – hey, they were more than O.K – they are a good band indeed, but after listening, even for the first time I immediatelly felt they were not Tool. This second leak, although much more close and alike to the Tool we all love, is still far from the genius of Lateralus and Aenima… and I don’t think it’s a question of “it will grow on me” or not – I just feel the “spark” is not there, not like in Lateralus and Aenima… It sounds like Maynard’s voice, but without the huge gamma in the other albums, the passages between complete sofftness and gentle weeping and the roughness of some other passages… the same with the drumming and the guitars. I realy,realy hope that on May 2’nd I’ll return home with a copy of the new Tool album – a better one that this leaked version … The new TOOL album, after Lateralus and Aenima, should be a 10, not an 8 and a 1/2…

  • Josh

    I wish everybody would just accept this album and realize that its not a decoy. I agreed with many of you that it was a possibility at first, but once you get to know these songs you see the brilliance in them. And that is exactly how Lateralus was at the beginning too, and I guarantee if that had been leaked early people would have been thinking a lot of that was a “decoy” until they realized it wasn’t and grew to appreciate its genius. I think its just so hard for people to hear new Tool because there is five years of hype surrounding it, and we all know how talented they are, so I feel for the guys because it must be almost impossible to have so much expectation surrounding everything you do. We expect so much that anything we hear isn’t going to seem like enough right away, its going to take time to let it sink in to appreciate it. Props to them for not giving a shit what people think and making what they want to make. As for the spark not being there… in my opinion a spark could have been created in you without you even knowing it until it becomes a fire burning inside you, and I think most Tool fans they will be consumed by the new material in time. Wings for Marie/10,000 Days is one of the most touching pieces of music I’ve ever heard in my life. It is a poignant tribute to Maynard’s mother and how her love saved his life, and is the the most personal and moving thing Maynard has ever written. If you disagree, realize how he’s spilling his heart for us to hear and how soul searching it is and how much he loves and misses his mother. And this song is a lot more than that, it’s too deep to get into here and anything I’ve said barely begins to scratch the surface. Hearing through Maynard’s words his mother’s cries outside the gates of heaven that she has come home, that its time for her to get her wings and fly above the pain that she experienced in this life is mind shatteringly beautiful, I can’t listen to this song without crying. Think what you want about my opinion, but I’ve lost my mother to cancer and see a lot of parallels in his agony and its simply beautiful; if you realize the emotion behind the song you will see how its as brilliant and beautiful as anything Tool has ever done. Even more so in my opinion. Right in Two is my other personal favorite, written from the point of view of angels questioning how humans could be blessed with reason but still kill each other over such meaningless things. The rest of the album, mainly Vicarious, Jambi, The Pot, Rosetta Stoned, and Intention I have begun to fall in love with as well. I like some more than others, but that is the case with all music obviously. If it’s not what you expected, than fuck you buddy for not letting go of your expectations. Is it as good as Aenima or Lateralus? Irrelevant question… its different and its not meant to be compared, treasure it for what it is, find the beauty in it. I hope somebody will listen to this and find some truth in what I’m saying and echo it.

  • blubberst

    I got a copy from a friend and this is clearly not a hoax. No one would put this much effort in to the quality of a hoax. Though i have to agree with everyone who is dissapointed in this album. Sure, we can judge it from the message it contains, all the many theories that are out there, but if i wanted a “commentary on society” then i’ll read don delillo, or watch a documentary on PBS. I don’t buy CD’s to learn about my times, i buy CD’s to rock the fuck out in my car with the windows down. Let’s face it, a majority of tool fans are going to be hitting the NEXT TRACK button on their CD/MP3 players 4 or 5 times for this one.

    I read somewhere that Maynard purposefully decided to drown out his vocals with the other members, and all I can think of is why? His mother died from a stroke or something? Oh, okay, then that’s a logical choice. The reason TOOL is so great is due almost entirely to maynard’s voice. not only has he almost completely removed his voice, what does shine through is flacid and thin. The lyrical content is almost cartoonish.

    I originally felt that this album was Tool with a little APC aspects, now i’ve realized its more like APC with some Tool aspects. I mean, come on, if they had released this album 3 years ago, i’d accept it for what it is, but 5 years later and they give us a CD with 25 minutes of meandering ambience? No excuse. They basically produced 10 minutes of good music a year.

    And for all of you who will respond to people like us that say we aren’t true tool fans and that we don’t understand: STOP IT! You need to realize when something you like lets you down and there is no shame in saying they haven’t done their best. Tool could release an album of slowed down fart sounds and you’d defend its aesthetic meaning to your grave.

    Bottom line is after 5 years, we get basically half an album. they better release something a little sooner next time and maybe there won’t be so much expectation.

  • Tool Rool

    #5 The Pot – this was one of the first tracks i dug, even before Jambi (everyone seems to love jambi except me… i felt it could have been more!)

    The Pot has some really cool bass melodies, the guitar takes a backseat and lets the bass do the work its cool.

    Lateralus is still my favourite Tool album though…

  • ScrotumMcgee

    Blubberst, i agree with everything you have said, 10,000 Days is more half than whole. May 2nd, i expect some alterations in the new cd/cd’s? Josh, im glad you could emotionaly relate to Maynard’s personal experiences, having your mother die of cancer must have changed your life and after hearing that song has made me apreciate my own mom as well as should it to all. Patience will play a large role in the release of 10,000 days so i guess wel just have to wait a couple weeks and see what happens.

    Don’t these talking monkeys know that edens got enough to go around?

  • mayalo

    listen to it closely listen to the bass its not him at all listen for the message in the vocals and remember,THINK FOR YOURSELF

  • R Shah

    I too have downloaded the album (and intend to buy it upon release).

    A few comments firstly its certainly a grower, and there are some moments which sound like bog standard metal.

    Also you cant possibly compare it to Lateralus which is a masterpiece, this album is a classic example of a band experimenting after producing such an album e.g. Radiohead’s Ok Computer followed by Kid A.

    Thats not to say its a bad album, its very good (although I have to refrain from calling it a masterpiece for now,) but should be judged on its own merits not compared to previous albums, how could you possibly do that? each Tool album is unique and distinctive.

    If this album is a hoax, and I go ahead and pre order it what am I going to get? A Tool album with a different name and track listing? Or a copy of this ‘hoax’?

  • Deano

    fuck your veiws on this album are fuckin shit.. its the best album ive ever heard.. take drugs and listen.. maynards lyrics are soo encrypted.. nothing is what it seems with tool.. my meanings to the songs have no relation to any of the meanings i have read hear.. maynard is a supreme being.. this album is fuckin amazing its not a decoy and if it is the next album will be god himself singing , because nothing can top this albumm in anyway.. definatly goign to be my all time favourite..

    peace out..xoxo

  • R Shah

    I dont need to take drugs (and I pity anyone who has to take drugs to appreciate a Tool album) to appreciate a good album, I dont need to swear constantly to get my point across.

    ‘my meanings to the songs have no relation to any of the meanings i have read hear.. maynard is a supreme being’

    -I dont really care what your ‘meanings to the songs’ are, I’m sure MJK is the only person who knows the true meaning OF the lyrics and frankly what the rest of us think is irrelevant.

    The point I was making was that ‘Lateralus’ sounded like a masterpiece the first time I heard it, however with the new album you need to listen to it several times, it really does get better everytime I listen to it, but at this point in time I feel ‘Lateralus’ still has the edge although that may change.

  • UHM, 10k days sucks! How’s that?

  • rae

    I agree with josh. after sitting down and doing that thing that i hope all of you do when you get a new tool cd, i have found that there is actually more soul in it than i had previously thought.im getting more out of 10,000 days than i think i would out of a decoy.the genius is definately there, that sheet music must be fucking insane. anyway, my point is that if you havent taken the time to pry it open for yourself with 10,000 days, sit down and take it in.

  • rumblefish

    I find it a little ridiculous that some of you out there are so “sure” it’s a decoy. But also how some of you are so “sure” that it’s not. This is a good album at the very least, whether or not it’s real. Be patient – it comes out in less than a week for God’s sake. The lyrics do coincide with the official song titles, and considering those are the ones that Amazon and all the other companies have posted as the official record, it would seem more likely that it’s the real thing – I can’t see how such companies would post fake artwork and song titles, and then send out something different to the people who pre-ordered… But on the other hand, I don’t think any of us would be surprised if Tool incorporated the same titles/themes into the lyrics of a bunch of fake songs (well, the songs are real Tool clearly, but possibly just b-sides if you follow that thinking) and leaked those out to f*ck around with people. So ultimately, let’s all just be patient and wait till the 2nd to find out.

  • Sam

    hm…for those of you who posted negative comments about tool. i say you are not real tool fans, and do not fully fathom their artistic talent. I say this because i believe that you cannot simply like one album and not the other, there is something in every album for fans to take. You must dig deeper in the meaning of the songs, and you cant look them up on the internet, you must feel them.

  • Karl

    I respect everyones opinion completely except for those few people that think their getting “ripped off” for waiting 5 years for this CD. Its still one of the few bands that consistantly have songs that are over 5 mins long, they change their guitar riffs throughout the song and arent the same stupid chorus, like just about every other band alive. I think song #5 “the Pot” is the only song that sounds somewhat like APC and thats only cuz maynards voice. This is gonna be the best CD I can buy probably since Lateralus, cuz the rest of music is very repetative and lame. U dont need drugs to listen to it, but if you’ve had shrooms and try listening ,its simply amazing.
    I really cant believe some TOOL fans are disappointed with this. Why? I could understand u ranking it last compared to the others, especially this early, but how can it suck. To each his own. I’m so fuckin excited for the CD though, a Hoax CD simply wouldnt make sense at all, A double disk CD would be a nice surprise, but unlikely. TOOL is the most creative band I’ve ever heard, and I don’t need these reviews to tell me my opinion, Its interesting though. all thats important is that I heard the CD and I love it, its already one of my favorite, Aenima, Opiate and this one should be the only ones where I dont skip any songs. Lateralus unfortunately had a song or 2 I skip, and same for undertow, which still rocks.

  • DWI

    I love this album and haven’t stopped listening. So yeah there are a lot of “quiet” parts but how is that different than Lateralis that you all seem to love the most. I like all Tool albums almost the same…aenema is prolly got the edge. Tool is a band that will NEVER put out something they don’t feel. Everything on this album is exactly how they wanted you to hear it and if you are a true Tool fan than you couldn’t ever hate it. FYI I love Jambi and The Pot. Thanks for reading…kill bitches and smoke weed

  • R Shah

    On a separate note I hope the CD is mastered as a HDCD like Lateralus becuase it will sound amazing, just think of the clarity of sound on Lateralus. Also I hope they decide to remaster the back catalogue in the DVD audio format, imagine listening to that, amazing music made to sound even better!

  • Drexl

    Great review, Jessica! I’m 37 and have been extremly excited about this album 🙂 Tool never fails to impress me. Greatest band ever and an unbelievable album. Period!

  • SpiralOut

    Different than anything else, Yes. What did you want? Another Lateralus? Another Aenima? Tool continues to evolve with each album and always will. Listen to the album. LISTEN. Do Not Hear It. Listen to it. If you do not like it then, your expectations are unnrealistic. 5 years can make you build a HUGE expectation. This album is everything and more I thought it would be. The review was great although we all get something different from each lyric and a songs interpretation cannot be defined from one person alone. I feel any TOOL fan will surely love/grow to love this album with some time with it. Become friends and rock out with 10,000 days. Also, go buy the fucking album. Support Tool. I know I will.

    Spiral Out
    Keep Going

  • k dawg

    Amen SpiralOut! TOOL!

    and seriously, where are your peoples patience?! I thought you were all TOOL fans!?


  • Dude

    Where can this be downloaded? I finally heard Vicarious and am psyched to hear the rest. I’m buying it on the 2nd, but would love to hear the whole thing now.

  • tamtamDD

    10,000 days will turn some heads. I have been waiting two months for this CD. I cannot stress how much I need this CD. In Tool I trust.

  • TheSicilian

    Judith Maire Keenan did not die many years ago…she died in June 03’….other then that great review…the album is amazing!!!

  • Vicman

    go to this page:


    Here youll find photos of the album… someone allready has it!!

    i don’t want to believe the rest of the songs are not what we all espected. But if its so(hope not), 10,000 days will be the first album with an awesome first single and the rest of the songs…

    Lets hope for real tool stuff… may 2nd


  • hey, I’ll bet you by the time you read all of these damn posts, the album will be out! BUY, BUY, BUY!

  • Mark

    Tool hates it sooo much when people download their shit… so that would give them good reason to protect the album that is coming out.

    Think about it…they have had over 4 years to play and make good songs… I think the REAL cd is going to be all their great songs, while this cd is the songs that didn’t quite cut it.

    They allowed this Cd to get out so that know one will expect the real one when it comes out.

  • Dutchie

    When I heard Tool had finally brought out a new album I was stoked… got on the net and downloaded it right away – After listening to it a couple of time.. im disappointed.. definetly wont be buying this album.
    Flush summed it up pretty well. “Ambient noise ridden, drawn-out, built-up, pretentious and tired.”

    10k Days doesn’t compare to their other albums.. I hope that it is a hoax.

  • Finn

    For me 10,000 days is the greatest album of tool. Disapointed to see how other people judge it especialy for those 10 years fans. A deeper meaning is in this album each in every song all you have to do is just see it!not only listen to it but to see it. It will grow on to you much faster than the late albums. As we all now tool songs grow in to you…

  • Dr.Fever

    anynone who has listened to 10 000 Days very closely at least 20 times, will realize that this has once again far surpassed their previous endeavours. Every album has successively been superior to the previous. It’s an evolution and an ascension.

  • macg

    The only song I have listened to is Vicarious and is one of the most amazing songs I have ever listened too. The lyrics are some of the best I have ever heard. I do agree that Tool is the modern day Pink Floyd and their music is contagious. I can’t get enough of their music. 10,000 Days will be nothing short of spectacular. I pray for May 2nd to come.

  • Ozzy_SS

    Yes the album is real, yes it is different. And screw everyone who says you have to like this album to be a Tool fan. I love Metallica but St. Anger sucks. Im not saying 10,000 days Sucks, but people are entitled to their opinion. Personally I dont think this album is anywhere near a 5 year wait, or better than Opiate, AEnima, or LAteralus, or Saliva for that matter, serisouly find me a better song than No Quarter. But I cant wait till May 8th, seeing them in Dallas! Section F, Row J!

  • Kasper

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the song No Quarter a Led Zeppelin cover?

  • Trauma

    Well. i cant say that i had to listen to the album over and over again to love it. i heard the first song Viscarious and was indeed hooked. some have been saying that it doesnt sound like tool. i say thats a load of crap. they sound exactly like they should and always have sounded which is simply excellent. ive been listening to the album over and over again. not so i can learn to love it more but because i love it already. i will be going to see them in june too and i will definatley be buying the album. i cant wait till its released

  • Dianction

    Don’t download the album! how do u think you can judge an album on shite MP3 quality, and dont you think that 5 years in the making deserves some cash and a proper listen in better quality?


  • Personally, when the single came out on the radio, i felt a little bit alienated.. since i’ve been a lingering die-hard tool fan for the past 7 years. “Vicarious” is.. to say the least.. different. After a few times and getting the lyrics down i’ve grown to have chills every time it plays.

    Anyway, it’s been at LEAST 4 years since i’ve bought an album of any sort. Time to break that record..

  • k-dawg



  • azurescens

    ‘vicarious’ starts note for note the same as ‘the patient’ only harder. like… throw some overdrive on… the drums start at 11 seconds in both songs…

    this is a remix/remake album.

    hoax? lazy album to exploit fans?

    we’ll see.

  • Disgustipated

    When Alice In Chains came out with their follow-up albums to Facelift, were they too met with such abrasive reactions? When Pink Floyd released Animals, did they receive mixed reviews the likes of which 10,000 Days is receiving? Given that the internet was at its infancy when both aforementioned bands released their masterpieces—we have something here to evaluate. Has this band not delivered on every previous album? So allow me to explore something: “Album Evolution and Experimentation”

    Tool has chosen to explore different sounds, moods, transitional methods, life experiences, vocal experimentation etc. This was also done on eMotive. Bands like Radiohead, Dream Theater, Queensryche, Pearljam, Metallica, Fear Factory, Sevendust, and Anthrax, to name a few, have all made risky transitions. With every above example, they have lost substantial fan-base through poor experimentation, and failing to evolve. Most of your classic rock artists were pioneers of the techniques of album evolution and experimentation—thus largely explaining why they never failed to deliver. Unfortunately, Tool has failed to deliver, and their evolution is bordering extinction. Now, we can do one of two things:

    1. We can accept this album and force ourselves into liking it, just as we were forced to like disagreeable foods as children.
    2. Take the advice of Tool and think for yourself.

    I choose to think for myself, and plan to pass on buying this album.

  • Indorock


  • kojo

    i live in australia and bought the album at midnight last night at a special release party. the album is real, all the songs you have downloaded are included in it. the limited edition packaging is a digipack with little magnifiers to see closely into the artwork. This album far surpassed my thoughts of what it would be and is only rivalled by Aenima.

    go out and cop the album you wont regret it

  • Indorock

    thought I had to join to say something. The music is quite different frm previous albums, however, there is something that is new and this novelty in their music is quite explicit and possible be better than their older stuff. Rosetta stoned was created with some depth. There is no way this is a DECOY. I keep seeing that. You can not enjoy something until you experience it. Some things need to be able to connect cognitively before one’s dopamine is released. BE PATIENT…

  • Indorock

    see… my mate from australia agrees. Too bad it is not released in Indonesia so soon.

  • Hoping it

    “Now where was I?.. Oh yeah, TOOL!.. I’m not going to reveal my source, Mister Patience, but do you want to know the kind of things that have been going on while this record was being recorded? Okay, first there was the decoy record just to confound all those would-be bootleggers out there. This took, oh, about a year, just because the band members wanted it to sound pretty close to the real thing (so as to be believable), along with equally believable art design.”

    Quoted from here…

  • shizzle

    damn… thats gotta make you ponder.. FAKE OR NOT!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • R Shah

    Well this album is clearer a grower and you need to listen to it several times to appreciate all the detail, now that I have listen to it countless times I agree with some of you its on a par with the previous albums. Given time Im sure most people will learn to love it and rank it as amongst Tools best work.

  • figaconsumer

    i’m not listening to Lateralus, i’m not listening to Aenima anymore since i’ve bought this album….i don’t think it’s a bad reaction 🙂

  • Matt

    This album is amazing. It is the essence of Tool. You know it when you hear it. I haven’t even listened the whole way through yet (the album was just released here in Australia today), but I can already tell that it will by far exceed the other albums in complexity and intensity. For those of you who downloaded it, good on ya. Now do the right thing and go buy the album. Well worth the 30 bucks that they charged for the limited edition here. Hell, I would have paid 100 bucks for it if required. And to even say there are tinges of A Perfect Circle on the album is an understatement. Big Fu**ing deal?!? I think it makes it that much better. I can’t wait to see the new material performed live.

    Now get your A$$E$ out there and buy this album!

  • Tony

    I’ve never heard anything as pure and emotional as this album. Wings for Marie and 10,000 Days have some of the most powerful lyrics I’ve ever seen. I absolutely can’t wait until tuesday. It will be an honor to pay for this album, even though I’ve already heard it many many times.

  • Tony

    This is definitely an evolution of sound. As before, Tool has almost completely disregarded “Pop” elements such as song structure. The absence of such elements provides for a very unique sound. If you are used to hearing heavily distorted guitars, repetitive drum beats, and dragging vocals, then neither this album nor any of Tool’s past works will fully satisfy your habits. 10,000 Days is something new; it is idiotic to expect it be exactly as Tool’s past albums.

    After many hours spent listening to this album, I have decided that is my favorite Tool album. It is, by far, the most thought provoking and personal album they’ve ever produced. If you aren’t already an experienced Tool fan, this album may come as a shock to you simply because it is so much different than anything ever done before it.

    This album has influenced my outlook on life a great deal. It has an extremely positive theme and approaches many of society’s deepest problems. My advice is to embrace the band’s progression and your own. It isn’t often that something this epic comes around.

    Long live Tool.

  • willis

    I don’t believe for a second that this album is fake… howver if it turned out that Tool had pulled one over on us and they released a completly different album next week… I would be an extreamly happy tool fan. because I love the current songs that I’m digesting and that would just mean I’d have a double dose of Tool to hold me over for the next 5 years.

  • Has anyone really figured it out yet. Whatever you say “could be, or most likely isn’t true about the meanings of the songs. All the band wants you to do is to use the music to fit your life, and decide for yourself.EternalRevolvingIntelligentCreature.

  • fool

    I like it

  • lovegear

    ‘I have found some kind of temporary sanity in this shit, blood and cum on my hands’ is one of the heaviest line ever written in the history of rock and 13 years on from the angry young man that listened to undertow over and over I still get a real kick out of the album, long after I’ve pretty much given up on the likes of Slayer, Napalm Death, Meganerd, Anthrax, and bands of that ilk kicking round at the time. At the same time, I would feel strangely unsatisifed if Tool released an album like undertow again. My tastes have moved on and Tool is one of the few bands who keep it interesting enough for me to keep listening to their stuff. Ænima and Lateralus are always on the CD rack or the mp3 player, and 10,000 days will be no exception. Its a monster album you need to listen to and absorb….slowly. Track I like the most so far is Intension, least is probably Vicarious.

    Thanks Tool for keeping it interesting for us over 30 year olds, lol.

  • machineflesh

    Like any of my favourite albums, the first time I listened I wasn’t particularly blown away. But that’s not a bad thing. Tool never has, and never will be, about first impressions. This is the thinking mans metal outfit. Which is why I’ll still be listening to this album next month, next year, and for years to come, unlike most of the other trash that gets released these days.
    For those that don’t understand Tool, stay away. For those who’s idea of metal is a pop song with reverb, fuck off. For those who heard about this forthcoming release and decided to wait and hold off on terminating their sorry existances until hearing it – life is good. So good in fact, it’s probably worth hanging around another 5 or 6 years for the next one.

  • 25 minutes of ambience?

    About the supposed “horrible 25 minutes of ambience music” on the album… How long would you say an average CD is? 45 minutes sound about right? Well, there’s this thing called deleting music off of an mp3 player, and this thing called burning cd’s but leaving some tracks off. Even if you do that to this CD, it’s STILL longer than most CDs.

    I DL’d the album, but still plan to buy it the moment I get a chance… just trying to keep an open mind and let it grow on my like all other tool albums did. When I first got Undertow and Aenima, I hated Aenima but loved Undertow. After awhile, Aenima grew on me and I liked it as well. Then Lateralus came out and I got it, hated it; I thought all the tracks sounded the same instrumentally, but I liked The Grudge.. finally, Lateralus (the song) started to grow on me… then Schism… you get the idea. It really takes multiple listens to get used to anything released by Tool other than Undertow. As for the APC thing? Like Maynard and people here have said, Tool is his yin, APC is his yang. Tool is his masculine side, APC is his feminine side. Now that APC is done, the two have combined; he now has to let his yin and yang creativity out at once.

  • v3r7ig0

    HOORAY! I’m an Aussie and 10,000 days was released yesterday (29/04/06)over here. I loved it from the first listen although i am sure that further listening will give me a much deeper appreciation of all of the songs that Tool have to offer. As for will others like it? – i think that if u loved Lateralus (as i did) u will find a lot to like in this albumn too. Lateralus is by far my favourite album of all time so i was hoping for a lateralus-esque evolution (but can still hear touches of Undertow in there strangely enough) which i think is what they delivered here. It may also help that i have been getting into a lot of Meshuggah lately, and tool themselves admit their time listening to Meshuggah has probably had an influence on the record.

    Long story short: I bought the official album, am thoroughly enjoying it and would recommend it to any long-time Tool fan


  • Adam

    Please…this is no masterpiece, and Tool is not some mysterious band. They come out with an album every 5 years, and rarely do interviews. They aren’t mysterious…they’re just weird rich bastards, that get rich off of people who think that they’re mysterious musical geniuses. That’s how they create hype. Yeah, they’re good musicians, Lateralus, and Anima are amazing albums…Lateralus is my favorite. 10,000 Days, not so great. The only reason why there were so many rumors that what was leaked online was a decoy, was because there was so much hype about a new album coming out after 5 long years, that no one wanted to think that what they were hearing was what they had been waiting for. Listen to “The Pot”…”Who are you to wave your finger. You musta been out your head.” What, is MJK now into Ebonics? After 5 years this is a huge disappointment, but of coarse with all the die-hard Tool fans, they’ll turn a pathetic effort into a masterpiece.

  • roland

    absolutely, didnt you know he was a poor black raised with rich white tendencies. My god where have you been?

  • roland

    apologies for the overlooked cheers

    action over the appreciation…maybe

  • Hi,

    I have only had time to listen to it once, and my first impression was the guitars were drowning out much of the other music. I am listening it to a second time, have turned off all silly things like bass boost and lowered the some of the Hz and it is sounding a bit better. i am not sure if this was undertaken on tools part, or if they are experimenting. I am yet to make complete judgement, how can you after one listening, but eeven this second time i am hearing some of the nuances of this music, and yes it is beginning to grow on me.

  • As I reside in Australia, and purchased my copy of 10,000 DAYS on April 28, I can categorically tell you this album is no hoax. If it is then , its the most expensive cd hoak in music history. When you buy your personal copy, you will know what I mean. The cd package is nothing short of brilliant, let’s say its like having a truncated form of an abstract art gallery in your hands, and in something approaching 3D to boot! In comparison, other bands cd packages seem as worthy to keep as a greasy, used pizza box. So forget the bloody hoax theories, they’re simply perpetuated by petty minded geeks with single digit brain cells.
    The album itself is suffocating, complex, thought provoking and meant to piss people off I suspect. Its still 100% tool, though, only its 100% tool in 2006, not 1993, 96, or 2001. Tool create music for themselves not for ” fans “, and even their thinnest perceived material promotes more discussion than 99% of most other bands epics. Listen carefully, and don’t bloody judge too soon. Otherwise you just make yourself look like a fu&*%#g hypocrite,..savvy.

  • Mac D

    So much as been said about this album, and really, the only comments I’ve seen of true value are that of the originator, Jessa. The interpretations are nothing short of breathtaking — as not only have I taken about the same meanings from 10,000 Days, but a lot of them is what I think and feel, myself as a human being. MJK is an amazing songwriter and musician, in general, and just because he threw a few swear words (like in previous albums) and is speaking more in slang does not speak for the intelligence and complexity of his message.

    10,000 Days, to me, isn’t as “experimental” as people keep making it sound. To me, it sounds like… like TOOL! The signature tune and melody, the haunting and other-worldly aspects, the enigmatic progression, the lyrics so sincere and brilliant (Especially on the two “Wings” tracks) — they’re all constructed beautifully to make an epic, yet at times, down right strange experience. This is an effort that speaks to fans of their actual combined MUSIC, not just one aspect of it from a previous release in the 90’s.

    The only thing that spooked me was the opening vocals to “The Pot” — I didn’t “get” them at first, you could say, but I stuck with the song, and quickly, it and Jambi became my two favorites, when it comes to their overall playability.

    I do hear some influences from Meshuggah here (though idiots will repeatedly continue to lament about it not being “Meshuggah-like” enough). There are complex melody/rhythm patterns that are created by the instruments all catering to different pieces of a melody of polyrhythm and power. In this way, it is very much an effort INFLUENCED by Meshuggah, as stated to in previous interviews.

    There is also a slight aspect of A Perfect Circle (a band I am also quite fond of, with the exception of eMOTIVE), but only because Maynard sings somber and low in parts. Other than that, there are really no other aspects of it (contrary to what kids who hate APC will whine about).

    Just… all in all, it needs to be heard — like they’ve said — more than once. Go BUY it (as I intend to), and listen to it, completely before you just search a random blog site and trash Tool because it’s “kewl” to you.

    Oh yeah, and another thing, USE SPELL CHECK, PEOPLE!

  • 2 more days and you get it right.
    Who cares by the way. Fake not fake, il’s good music, it’s good Tool, and if it gets even better, I ‘ll buy it. Wake up, they’re still alive…

  • Alan Eddie

    The packaging is impressive, another extension of their well thought out art. I bought the album because their efforts at thought provoking aesthetics should be rewarded given that it is so easy to get stuff on the net. The album is hard to review over a few listens, like a lot of their work it takes a little while.

  • Adam

    The packaging is nothing short of brilliant? WHO CARES, IT’S A CD, NOT A PAINTING… I’m not going into a store to ask…”Do you have that new artwork that just came out?” TOOL hires some drugged out hippie that does their packaging and artwork for them. All they did was say… “Yeah, I like it.” It shows how great this new album is when so many are talking about the packaging and artwork. Something that TOOL did not create.

  • fool

    Adam, don’t buy it!!
    Adam is wrong
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  • Eh?

    Regarding the legitimacy of the 10,000 Days rip floating around online: there is both a legit copy and a bogus one (possibly a few from reading elsewhere). I happen to have both, and whoever originally posted the fake even went thru the trouble of editing the id3 tags to match the Tool tracklist. CHECK THE TRACK TIMES. The correct ones were posted with the tracklist on toolband.com a few weeks back; if they don’t match then what you have is NOT Tool. The one bogus I have is a band called Counterfist, and the CD title is Chiral. It’s not terrible, but it’s definitely not Tool…

    As for the genuine article, anyone who “gets” Tool and has been listening to their material will not be disappointed, tho’ as other posters have indicated, one listening won’t even scratch the surface…

  • I of the Mourning





  • Eh?

    Addendum: I notice the tracktimes listed on wikipedia are off by maybe a couple of seconds from what my player shows for the genuine Tool, but the bogus rip times are significantly different, sometimes by several minutes…

  • Disgustipated

    Adam, you’re right! The decoy reaction is a manifest function of the album’s five year interim, and its integrity. It is my belief that they expected much more than what was delivered. I would have waited 10,000 days for something that was worth listening. At least we still have Winger and Gentle Giant.

  • Too long

    I have read ALL of these comments…I’m very tired. Right in Two is similar to Third Eye in it’s length, raw power and experimentation.

  • Justin-H

    Brilliantly multi-layered soundscape from one of the most powerful bands of all time.

    Please, if you download this album (which I only think is slightly allowable to know if an album is worth buying…) and it is good enough to listen to, please purchase the album, with it’s amazing packaging and astonishing sounds, it is a must for serious music fans.

    Great review btw.

  • matt

    Well I was lucky enough (or commited enough) to be the first in line in Wellington, New Zealand when the album was released at midnight. I literally ran home (salivating profusely) in order to listen to this Album. Even during the wee small hours of the night I found myself laughing aloud and getting goosebumps when I listened to this album. It’s uncanny how TOOL can just step things up and constantly amaze me, and everyone else i’m sure.

    Funny aside: the tool release concided with the release of the new pearl jam album and in the store out of around 60 people not one had come at midnight to collect an album with pearl jam on the cover. This is a credit to tool, other bands need to learn some patience

  • I love Tool, but probably won’t buy this disc. The reason? Because the band totally lost me on Lateralus. Every song becomes this 20 sound art thing.

    I guess if I want to hear Maynard make rock and roll I have to stick with Perfect Circle. Tool’s new music just bores the shit out of me.

  • and another thing. I didn’t see Kabir’s site mentioned anywhere in here. Tool ‘official’ website is useless, just like the music… just weird art from the very cool mind of Adam Jones.

    Also, Adam Jones has some crazy cool stuff up on myspace too.

    Anyhow, if you want Tool news, music, tabs, anything pertaining to Tool, go to Kabir’s site. http://toolshed.down.net/

  • Jova

    Shit, it only took my one time to listen to each song, to think this album is the FUCKING SHIT. I’ve listened to Tool since Undertow, always loved ’em, always will. Buy this FUCKING CD!!!!!!!!

  • Adam

    “Fool,” I’m a fan of Tool, and I’m buying the album, why? Because I think it’s good. I’m disappointed because I expected A LOT more, and I get annoyed when die-hard fans give more credit to an album and band than what’s due. Everyone is obviously entitled to their opinion, and in my opinion, 10,000 Days cannot hold a candle…not even those tiny skinny little striped birthday candles, to Lateralus and Anima.

  • Jake

    For all the people claiming that this isn’t the real album, I am confused. Are you saying this because you aren’t satisfied?

    Anyway, 10,000 Days is an absolutely amazing album.

    Vicarious and The Pot (why do people not like this song!!!) where the two tracks that initially grabbed me. Since then, I have am totally amazed by Jambi, Rosetta Stoned and Right in Two.

    And that doesn’t even cover the absolutely AMAZING 17 minutes that is 10,000 days.

    Would I have liked more intense Tool similiar to Aenima? Of course. But 10,000 days is not Aenima. By the way, that doesn’t mean I think 10,000 days is soft, it is more like Lateralus in tone than Aenima.

    In time, 10,000 days will be adored like any other Tool album. Tool is the best band of this era and hopefully will continue to be so for a long time.

  • Willis

    Been listening to 10,000 Days now for, well about 3 days. I wasn’t going to download it early and “cheat” but after reading all of the mixed reviews I decided that I couldn’t wait. (of course I’ll be buying the cd on tues. and deleting the shoddy quality songs from my computer right away) I have to aggree that this is definatly a record that takes more than one listen to get into. There were a few “what the hell is this”? moments the first time through. The reason for this is that I was expecting something different… what it was I’m not sure since not of their previous albums have sounded alike. However after the initial shock I sat back and thought about the first time I listended to Lateralus and was set back a little. So I’ve been listening to the new record almost non stop in my office, car, home ect. and its not so much that it’s grown on me like I’ve heard so many people say, but it’s opened up to me… or maybe I’ve opened up to it is more fitting. Anyway you want to look at it.. songs that at first I wasn’t sure about simply because they sounded “different” like Rosetta Stoned, and The Pot have now become exciting to me the way Lateralus was the first week I owned it, and I hear new things in them everytime I listen to them. It’s definatly something you have to come into with an open mind, but I think if you give it a chance it will blow you away. This is another classic Tool record that I will be listening to for years.

  • Willis

    By the way, I’ll be seeing them for the first time since 02′ May 15th in Detroit and I can’t wait to see the new shit live!

  • TOM

    it’s real, im in austraya too, and it was released on 28th.

  • k-dawg

    just skimming through these posts….wow adam. sounds like someone’s bitter….and ignorant.

    -TOOL hires some drugged out hippie that does their packaging and artwork for them. All they did was say… “Yeah, I like it.”-

    anyone who didn’t catch that earlier, read it again and have a good laugh.


    if you did some research adam, you might find out that that “drugged out hippie” also did work on your favorite album. as with your favorite album, the art was contributing to the concept….which tool created. adam jones worked with alex grey on the visual concept. i seriously doubt that tool took a back seat on the concept art, considering they have fought so hard to keep their creative freedom(even in court) to deliver their concepts.

    there is one thing i do agree with though…

    -“The only reason why there were so many rumors that what was leaked online was a decoy, was because there was so much hype about a new album coming out after 5 long years, that no one wanted to think that what they were hearing was what they had been waiting for.”-

    …very true.

    you are entitled to your own opinion as you said.
    i’m not giving my opinion on this album, but it’s hardly a “pathetic effort” even if you don’t enjoy it. masterpiece, that’s for the listener to decide.
    i guess i’m just waiting for your masterpiece considering you are all-knowing, all-mighty adam.

    oh, and let me know when your band releases that masterpiece adam. hopefully the world will give it enough listens to dub it just that. then maybe you can reach the stature tool has worked for and earned for the last 15 years.

  • True artists create a piece of work with the intent of impressing only themselves. That is what TOOL has done again with this album and they have created another masterpiece. If you are a “true” TOOL fan you already know they don’t make albums for the fans, they make them with only the thought of pleasing themselves. They are not a “Sale Out” band that puts together an album a year and the album sounds like everything else they put out. Or a band that tries to sound like other bands that are popular at the time or imitate the sound that is popular at the time. TOOL makes albums with only the intent of satisfying themselves not you. You should appreciate that because these guys aren’t pretentious like other bands. Believe me they have enough money and don’t need yours so don’t by the album if you don’t like it, that’s just an extra copy for a true fan to pick up. Those of you bagging on this album need to listen to “Hooker with a Penis” because that song is about you. Here’s the lyrics:
    I met a boy wearing Vans, 501s, and a
    Dope Beastie t, nipple rings, and
    New tattoos that claimed that he
    Was OGT,
    From ’92,
    The first EP.

    And in between
    Sips of Coke
    He told me that
    He thought
    We were sellin’ out,
    Layin’ down,
    Suckin’ up
    To the man.

    Well now I’ve got some
    A-dvice for you, little buddy.
    Before you point the finger
    You should know that
    I’m the man,

    And if I’m the man,

    Then you’re the man, and
    He’s the man as well so you can
    Point that fuckin’ finger up your ass.

    All you know about me is what I’ve sold you,
    Dumb fuck.
    I sold out long before you ever heard my name.

    I sold my soul to make a record,
    Dip shit,
    And you bought one.

    So I’ve got some
    Advice for you, little buddy.
    Before you point your finger
    You should know that
    I’m the man,

    If I’m the fuckin’ man
    Then you’re the fuckin’ man as well
    So you can
    Point that fuckin’ finger up your ass.

    All you know about me is what I’ve sold you,
    Dumb fuck.
    I sold out long before you ever heard my name.

    I sold my soul to make a record,
    Dip shit,
    And you bought one.

    All you read and
    Wear or see and
    Hear on TV
    Is a product
    Begging for your
    Fatass dirty

    So…Shut up and

    Buy my new record
    Send more money
    Fuck you, buddy.

  • KiddJoey

    I’m not going to change anyone’s opinion because music, art and movies are such a personal thing.

    For me:
    This album really struck a chord. It did not take multiple listens to get me. The first listen got me and each song progressed and sent chills deep into my soul. Having now listened to this way too much over the last several days… it still hooks me and still brings out the goosebumps. Might add, I’m not easily moved like this.

    10,000 days offers the best most comprehensively brilliant arangements I’ve heard in sometime and would venture to suggest that we may be talking about this record for quite awhile.

  • Great record. Much deeper aspects to it as they have mentioned on the official website (numerology of solomon’s temple built by herod, sacred geometry, and others) that will make for a long long long interpretartion by us avid fans.

    Tool is progressive rock to its finest…every cd they have ever done is different than the previous ones while still keeping the same sound that made them unique in the first place. Lateralus took a completely different route than Aenima and 10,000 days goes even further and deeper. There is so much to this record that you really do have to listen to it all the way through (who wouldn’t want to anyhow?!!) and many times to really begin to see the portrait they’re painting here.

    Maynard hasn’t become religious and if you actually read the lyrics you will know that. Hes a spiritual agnostic who accepted his mothers religious devotion. He tormented her over the years in way with his stubbornness and prob outspokenness of his stance on religion but with these songs he is showing how much he appreicated and respected her beliefs. She stayed strong and kept her in his thoughts and prayers at all times and he is showing his mother love with these songs for that…

    TOOL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Some of you are mistaken concerning Wings for Marie parts 1 and 2. It’s not an acceptance of religion. I sincerely doubt we’ll see Maynard leaving the band to follow Jesus (or jesus). When I listen to it, it sounds like he’s begging there to be a heaven. His mother devoted her life to this idea that things will be easier when she dies. He’s just saying he hopes she’s right. She deserves it. “Never lived a lie/never took a life.” Time to bring her home. This can be looked upon as a general stance. People live their lives for the selfish reasons of elevating their chances to see eternal peace and glory. Well, even though I don’t believe in that shit, I hope (for you, at least) that it exists. Otherwise, your selfish intentions are just that and prove fruitless.

  • Mac D

    Josh just raised a very interesting point that a lot of the … let’s say, less informed listeners will obviously miss or overlook — the fact that there is absolutely a deep and metaphorical message to the lyrics, that cannot just be taken at face value here.

    I’m a Christian, myself, but a liberal and tolerant one, and I, in many ways, feel influenced by Keenan. His “stance” on religion isn’t what either side thinks it is, from what I can tell. He’s against fundamentalism — as am I. Fundamentalism is ruining the world, and the truly great message of love and unity that was once found in God. The song, “Right in Two” presents the argument that it is, indeed, man, who has failed this world, with its lust for violence and hate. “Vicarious” also reinforces this, saying we are a nation fixated with death.

    This is a subject I, myself, write about quite extensively, as it pertains to my religious beliefs, and future activism. I only wish that America was more intelligent, as a whole, to grasp these concepts. Unfortunately, we are too concerned with money, death, and dogma upon dogma upon dogma, losing sight of everything God truly is: love.

    To keep this on topic, one major problem, I’ve noticed, is that people are way too quick to judge, when they see something outside of their sheltered norm. Of all the people who could possibly exhibit a perfect example of this blatant ignorance, I thought actual Tool fans would be last in line. Turns out we’re all human, and we are all entitled to believe as we will… but it doesn’t mean we have to be babies about what we don’t like, now does it?

    (And my comment about the spell-check still stands, kids. It’s “YOU”, not “U”. You revoke your right to be taken seriously when you speak like a complete jackass.)

    10,000 Days is definitely worth checking out. Even if I didn’t like the music as much as I did, I’d still buy it just to support the concept… It is, perhaps, some semblance of sanity in the music world. Can someone explain to me how the FUCK Hawthorne Heights is selling records…?

  • Mac D

    Oh, and Learn2Swim, I only now just saw your comment, as well. One thing: the idea of believing in heaven (as I do) is not, in any way, “selfish”. We’re not put here to just waste our time being happy that things will be better in death. We’re here with the time we have to do what we can to make THIS world better, by rising above our petty hate and selfishness, and realize we can contribute… even as just a human.

    I believe Maynard’s mother was an incredibly strong woman for only becoming stronger in the wake of tragedy, and therefore, she is a true testament to not only the human spirit, but the power of human belief. Towards the end of the song, he says one very important line: “Set as I am in my ways, my arrogance / Burden of proof tossed upon non-believers, / You were my witness, my eyes, my evidence, / Judith Marie / Unconditional one” …

    I do believe that more or less says it all. She was, if anything, an example of true perseverance in a world were such a thing with faith seems to slowly be fading away, as people turn away from their conviction at the first sign of darkness. If more “Christians” knew how to be compassionate and loving, like was the way of Christ, this would be a much different world, indeed…

  • I didn’t write my response too well there were a couple of miswordings but ah well. I just needed to add these little snippets of my opinions…

    Christianity as a whole is not a bad thing, but they do tend to be one of many who don’t give a damn about the environment, at all. I remember recently when I was at my brothers basketball game and this guy was speaking about his trials and tribulations that made him stronger…Losing his job, then his house, being diagnosed with cancer. The man and his family perseveered through it all, the whole time asking for gods help…but what really got to me is how he summed it up.

    That god wants us to live lavishly and buy big houses, keep our bellies full, have many children, and drive cars. It really just disgusted me and almost feel anger to this man and the cheers that came along after him speaking. Not ALL christians or religious peoples feel or act that way, but the majority do. They use their religion for an excuse, or as a scapegoat…which is terribly wrong. Everyone can do such things but using a faith in the name of your own wrong doings is in my opinion one of the most lowly and sickening things anyone can do.

    That being said, yes, “wings for marie” parts one and two are referencing Maynard’s mothers strength and devotion, and constantly being a reminder to MJK that there is some good in religion although it still isn’t for him. Here are the lyrics for those two songs. You should always read the lyrics to Tool’s songs but these are in my opinion some of the most heartfelt, emotional lyrics MJK has ever written…

    03 – Wings for Marie

    you. you…
    you believed in moments not conceived
    you believed in me
    a patient in spirit
    without us in your heart
    a light in your eyes that ends all lies

    vacant, broken
    fell in pains all those moments that I wouldn’t see,
    it was you who prayed for me so,

    what have I done to be a son to an angel
    what have I done to be worthy

    daylight dims
    leaving cold flouresence
    difficult to see you in this light
    please forgive this selfish question but
    what am I to say to all these ghouls tonight
    she never told a lie, but might have told a lie
    but never lived one
    didn’t have a life, didn’t have a life
    but surely saved one
    so I’m alright, now it’s time for us to let you go

    04 – 10,000 Days

    listen to the tales and romanticise
    how we follow the path of the hero
    boast about the day when the rivers overrun
    how we rised to the height of our halo

    listen to the tales as we all rationalise
    our way into the arms of the savior
    fading all the trials and the tribulations
    none of us have actually been there
    not like you

    ignorant fibbers in the congregation
    gather around spewing sympathy
    spare me
    none of them can even hold a candle up to you
    blinded by choices hypocrites won’t see

    but nothing but the collective judas’
    who could deny you were the one who would have made it
    you’ll have a piece of the divine

    this little light of mine
    the gift you passed onto me
    i’m gonna let it shine
    to guide you safely on your way
    your way home…

    what are they going to do when the lights go down
    without you guide them home to zion
    what are they going to do when the river is overrun
    other than tremble incessantly

    high as a wave but i’ll rise on up on the ground
    you are a light, and a wave, that they will only read about
    i only pray, heaven knows when to lift you out
    ten thousand days in the fire is long enough
    you’re going home

    you’re the only one who can hold your head up high
    shake your fist at the gates saying:

    i’ve come home now
    fetch me the spirit
    the son, and the father
    tell them their pillar of faith has ascended
    it’s time now, my time now
    give me my, give me my, wings

    give me my
    give me my wings

    hey, oh, oh, oh

    you are a light, a wave
    that they will only read about

    set as i am in my ways and my arrogance
    burnin all through [something] believers
    you were my witness
    my eyes, my eminence
    judith marie, unconditional one

    daylight dims
    leaving cold flouresence
    difficult to see you in this light
    please forgive this bold suggestion
    should you see your maker’s face tonight
    look em in the eye
    look em in the eye, and tell them
    i never lived a lie, never took a life
    but surely saved one, hallelujah
    it’s time for you to bring me home

  • Matt

    Like many bloggers above, I agree with the utmost conviction that TOOL absolutely has to be digested in order to be fully appreciated. But you people who dissect everything the band writes need to get a hobby. I’ve admired Tool’s music for quite some time, but I know well enough to steer clear of delving too deep into the meanings of their songs, because it’s just too difficult. People try to penetrate Maynard’s writing in both APC and Tool. Just sit back, listen and take in the melodies, because in my opinion, this band produces some of the best. Nevermind Maynard’s lyrics; listen to what his voice does with the words. An 11 minute song can pass with ease if you really soak in the music.

  • Shannon

    Just a few corrections to Josh’s lyrics. May seem petty, but the few words change a lot.

    Wings for Marie

    You believed
    You believed in moments not conceived
    You believed in me

    A passionate spirit
    Without us in your heart
    A light in your eyes that
    Ends all lies

    Vacant, broken
    Fell at the hands of
    Those moments that I wouldn’t see
    Cause it was you who prayed for me so
    What have I done to be a son to an angel
    What have I done to be worthy

    Daylight dims leaving cold fluorescence
    Difficult to see you in this light
    Please forgive this selfish question, but
    What am I to say to all these ghouls tonight
    She never told a lie
    Well might of told a lie
    But never lived one
    Didn’t have a life
    Didn’t have a life
    But surely saved one
    Alright, now it’s time for us to let you go

    10,000 Days

    We listen to the tales and romanticize,
    How we follow the path of the hero

    Boast about the day when the rivers overrun,
    How we’ll rise to the height of our halo.

    Listen to the tales as we all rationalize
    Our way into the arms of the savior
    Failing (fading?) all the trials and the tribulations,

    None of us have actually been there,
    Not like you…

    The ignorant flippants (fibbers?) in the congregation
    Gather around spewing sympathy,
    Spare me…

    None of them can even hold a candle up to you
    Blinded by choices,
    hypocrites won’t see

    But enough about the collective Judas
    Who could deny you were the one who illuminated
    Your little piece of the divine

    This little light of mine
    The gift you passed on to me
    I’m gonna let it shine,
    to guide you safely on your way
    Your way home…

    What are they gonna do when the lights go down
    Without you to guide them all to Zion?
    What are they gonna do when the rivers overrun
    Other than tremble incessantly?

    High is our way
    but our eyes are upon the ground.
    You are the light and the way
    They’ll only read about
    I only pray heaven knows
    When to lift you out

    10,000 days in the fire is long enough.
    You’re going home…

    You’re the only one who can hold your head up high,
    Shake your fist at the gates saying,
    “I have come home now!

    Fetch me the spirit, the son and the father,
    Tell them their pillar of faith has ascended.

    It’s time now!
    My time now!
    Give me my
    Give me my wings!”…

    Give me my (x5)

    “Give me my wings”

    You are the light, the way that they will only read about

    Set as I am in my ways and my arrogance
    Burden of proof tossed upon non-believers.
    You were my witness, my eyes, my evidence,
    Judith Marie, unconditional one.

    Daylight dims leaving cool flourescence.
    Difficult to see you in this light.
    Please forgive this bold suggestion:
    Should you see your maker’s face tonight
    Look him in the eye
    Look him in the eye and tell him
    I never lived a lie, never took a life,
    But surely saved one
    It’s time for you to bring me home.

  • Bill

    Anyone who thinks this album sucks or that Tool has lost its edge, doesn’t know what Tool is all about.

    Tool is a band that changes and grows and you have to spend time with their music, you have to let it fill you without distraction and listen over and over until you can understand what is happening.

    I’m only 3 songs into doing that and I’m amazed once again at Tool’s talent and musicianship.

    The song 10,000 days is probably the most personal and meaningful songs I’ve ever heard in my life. I thought of my mother and became overwhelmed by this song.

    Tool doesn’t just create music, it is something much, much more, much deeper than any band that is out there today. It’s more than an experience, they bring out emotions that one just doesn’t commonly experience.

    I’m proud to say that they remain my top band of all time.


  • rumblefish

    First of all, Mean Marine, by definition, an artist can’t have “another” masterpiece. The masterpiece would be Tool’s greatest work. Unless you dare to hold 10,000 Days equal (exactly) to the bar set by Lateralus, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    For everyone else, let’s face it – I’m feeling the same way a lot of you are right now. I’m disappointed, but still happy with the sound of the new album. This may sound a little odd, but even the filler/intermission tracks are bad in comparison with Aenima and Lateralus… on those albums, the tracks at least put you in some kind of state of mind, whereas these simply seem to be thrown in to fill time. They may hold some significance for the band members, but as far as I’m concerned they serve absolutely no purpose in transitioning between songs (i.e. “Mantra”, “Message to Harry Manback”).

    When most Tool fans say that they consider Lateralus to be the Tool masterpiece (as do I), I am reminded of Metallica. It’s safe to say that most Metallica fans consider Master of Puppets to be their masterpiece. What happened to them? The following ablum, And Justice for All, was a great album, but didn’t quite live up to the standard that was set previously. Each album afterward had it’s “hit” tracks, but lacked the overall intensity one would expect from such talented artists, and the songs continued to decline in quality with time. I can only hope the members of Tool won’t follow the same path, especially when fans must wait 5 years between albums, and expect something beyond just “acceptable” music.

  • Just took my first listen and the thoughts off the top of my head…. I’ll spare you the wind. It’s going to take another listen or 2 for me to fully advise but….. I’m a Longer Tool fan than most of the children who post here (no offence), and this is a true Tool album. Yeah, it’s been 5 years, ya da ya da. Ask yourself when you first started to lend an ear to Tool, Why? When? Where? That’s where I’m at with 10000 days, with out a critical opinion. YES, it’s Tool, YES its MJK. YES I love Tool. YES, this album is a definite work of the band’s musical history and experience. If you really know tool, it will remind you when they were laying the roots of what we hear today. If you don’t know tool you need to buy a few older albums to see where 10000 days is coming from.

  • tony

    This album is decent at best. Compared with other tool albums its definately the worst. It has nothing new musically. Even you guys that say the songs are all “new and creative” they aren’t really. Different genres have been doing this shit for a while now, tool just combined them and made it easier for tools to get access to it. The album just sounds like extra cuts off of lateralus, except a few songs. I do enjoy wings for marie and 10,000 days, but the rest of the tunes are just average tool songs.

    It is a lot better than music that comes on the radio, but so the fuck what? The radio blows, stop listening to it. I think tool is testing the limits with what they can get through the media, and I for one am not gonna buy an album that isn’t good. I love lateralus, but this album doesn’t sound complete at all.

  • andy

    Your review definitely sounds as if it were written by someone that was in elementary school when undertow was released. Grow up and learn to write if you are going to post your thoughts where others can read.

  • James

    When I first heard this album, I thought it sucked but it’s something you have to listen to many times for it to sink in. When it does, this album is amazing! Can’t wait to see them live.
    Andy, you commented just to say the review sucked? Lame. Drop the snobbery.

  • 8ball

    ok……so im reading all your week ass reviews and more than most im seein…..lipan conjuring sucks…..what is this lipan conjuring…..shit thats what……well folks if any of you took the time to find out what the lipan are ule find that they are just as much a peice of the puzzle as any other tool track so y not do yourselves a favour……stop being so god dam ignorant of the things ur being shown and try to look deeper than what you think to be good or bad!!!

  • macg

    Lipan confurning is an interlude part of 10,000 days, Tool has done interlude parts in all their other albums too. Don’t take the track literally. 10,000 Days is a beautiful masterpeice. The first five songs are priceless. Nothing compares.

  • KiddJoey

    Safe to say the early release we’ve been listening to is not some hoax or B sides. Just picked up brand new CD and all the songs are the same and still very good.

    Can’t wait to see these guys live and hope they play alot of these songs.

    I find it interesting that so many are voicing displeasure with this new album? I’m quite sure Tool is very proud of these songs with the complex arrangements, musical stretching and soul searching.


  • Kay

    Your article almost made me cry. Probably because I have PMS. I’m sure the album will make me cry.

  • jdeal

    who gives a rat’s ass what people think of this album. everyone has their own opinions. my friends haven’t even heard of tool and I don’t care. when I first bought Lateralus, I listened once and put it on the shelf. 6 months later my brother was listening to it in his truck. that got me started on it again and now after I fully digested it, Lateralus is phenomenal. my sister-in-law doesn’t like it because they’re not catchy pop tunes. alot of people won’t listen to all of a tool album because they’re lazy and the songs are long. they want 3 1/2 minute songs. I don’t care if no one likes this album, I bought it and I have front row tickets to their show. I met Danny and Adam at a show in ’97. those guys are laid back artists who appreciate all of their fans and love to talk about anything. They kept thanking me for understanding their music. I’m glad alot of people don’t like this album because if they did, it would be all over the radio and I’d gt burned out.

  • Jax

    People are put off by tool because they’re not molded into a production philosophy. Their songs are not all in 4/4 time, you can’t listen to the lyrics without thinking, you can’t understand the true meaning of each song without analyzing it. Their songs are not written to entertain as they are to be transcendent. The lyrics aren’t supposed to be the focal point but time and time again maynards poetry becomes the focal point. Most people ARE too ignorant to honestly understand some of their songs, for instance 46 and 2. But some people don’t want to think and listen to music at the same time, that’s their choice and there’s no need to judge them for liking other music and disliking tool. 10k days is a work of art, and it should be appreciated as such. Some people will like it others won’t, but it is audible artwork and you don’t s*** on art so don’t s*** on the c.d.

  • Justin

    I have a lot to say…but I also have a lot of finals to study for. I’ll just say this:

    I felt upon first listen that the album was great from tracks 1-5 and additionally track 10, “Right In Two”. The rest, I could have lived without. After listening to this disk over and over for the last three days, I don’t feel nearly the same way. Every single track has grown on me (with the exception of Viginti Tres…which I havn’t listened to very much because after listening to “Right In Two” I get real excited and either go repeat it, or just start the album over. Poor Viginti Tres never gets a chance.)

    This album is complete, and it is incredible. I’d hope you buy it if you have not yet.

  • Schoolu

    There is nothing special about Maynard’s lyrics. They are not deep. There is no Truth to them. Does no one see the irony here? Those of you who dissect and worship every word Maynard utters as having meaning, and taking years to think up; the very same thing Maynard criticizes, you all are doing. Namely, idolizing the words/the man/the idea.

    Sure, you can spend some time deciphering his lyrics, and finding the intended meaning within, but all you’ll be doing is obsessively thinking. And this is a focal point for many as to why Tool is good! LOL. I love the music. But you all need to stop thinking so much. Is Tool really the answer for you? Are you not spending 99% of your day thinking too much already? How about taking energy away from your mind, and putting it back into your awareness. Why do you think sex is so good? Well, I hope it’s still good for you; perhaps you all think too much during that as well. And from what I’ve heard, that tends to give older men a problem.

  • Schoolu

    Oh yeah, and I thought the album was nice mixture of elements borrowed from their old stuff. It sounds like a Lateralus-lite. Very “for the masses.”

    Gratz. Sendmoremoney.

    The download was enough for me. No need to buy this mediocre album. I expect Rolling Stone will declare it brilliant for being a more accessible version of Lateralus.

    YAY! For the People!

    People are stupid. A person is… stupid as well. Face facts. Maynard is just another person. And so am I.

  • k-dawg


    over thinking
    over analyzing
    separates the body from the mind…

  • k-dawg

    it’s like the complete polar opposite of lateralus… but still related. like a different branch on the same tree, just pointing in a different direction.

    lateralus: they use internal energy to show the positive potential of humans.

    10,000 days: they use external energy to show the negative potential of humans.

    …just my perception thus far. haven’t had too much time to analyze…

  • Schoolu

    over thinking
    over analyzing
    separates the body from the mind…

    Absolutely right K-dawg. And yet Tool fans do it anyway.

    “This body holding me, reminding me that I am not alone in
    This body makes me feel eternal. All this pain is an illusion.”

    There’s a difference between believing that all pain is illusion, and it being true for you. Go deep inside yourself, in your body, and it can be true for Tool fans as well. lol. Instead of thinking 10,000 days is a brilliant piece of art.

  • H-Bomb

    I bet if Tool reads these posts, they’d all be laughing. I am know I am!

    Tool Rocks!

  • tyler

    i love this new CD, i am a hardcore Tool fan, it rocks, buy it now

  • youbastardsdontknowtoolfromyourass

    what in gods name is wrong with everybody?? sheesh, shut up and listen to it

  • The Great One

    Though my taste tends towards the heavy, I say buy the album. Its unique and exemplifies what Tool stands for.

  • I download a ton of music and the only 2 bands that I will purchase the actual CD for is TOOL and the Deftones. I support every riff they write and look forward to taking all of it in. I even downloaded Tool to see how it was before it came out and still went on to buy their CD today. Take it easy of any way you can get it.

  • I gotta say this album is awesome, as it should be. Complex, heavy and hard to digest (c’mon that is what we like about TOOL!). A great step forward for the best progressive-rock band out there.

  • Middo

    It’s APC2 and you all know it … which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but after 5 years of waiting for a new Tool album, we should have expected more.

    And this talk of needing to listen to the new album “x” number of times for it to “sink in” and how the album is “a piece of art” … come on! Head extraction from backside time.

    I love Tool and have done so for a number of years but i’m afraid this album just isn’t in the same league of previous efforts … plain and simple. Are people unable to accept that even a band like Tool can release an album that just isn’t quite up to the usual mark expected/hoped for?

  • They deleted a lot of posts on here which I think is stupid. Either way…Maynards lyrics are meant to have a lot of meaning.

    He and the rest of the band don’t want themselves to be your romodels or the listener to idolize them. Maynard does write the lyrics because we need to hear them, or at least some of us do.

    The cd is great and people suck.

  • Pat

    Yeesh, this was not good. Their worst album including Opiate.

  • Prarara

    As someone who specifically listens for ‘unusual’ music, I must say that I appreciate Tool’s new effort. When I listen to music, I tend not to pay attention to the lyrics as much as the music, and how it flows; this flow was present in Lateralis, it was present in Aenima, it was there, to an extent, in Undertow, and it certainly is here. The music flows well, and if you give it a good listen through it all fits, I can now say I love almost every track-even Lipan Conjuring, which if taken with respect to the album seems to consumate the relationship…but it is near intangible, so I cannot describe it.

    Also, can someone explain the diety on the album cover? If it is a diety at all…

  • Pat

    I take it back. I listened again and its really good. BUY IT!!!!!

  • I posted this before but they deleted it. I think I’ll keep reposting it until they block my IP address. HAHA!

    For the last time, Maynard is a spiritual agnostic and either way his orientation should not even matter to you!!!!

    The two part, wings for marie is singing for his mom and showing his respect for her being a devout baptist til the day of her death even though she was in a wheelchair for 27 years!

    Right in two is pretty much mocking religion. saying we’re talking monkeys, given a thumb only to make a club to beat our brothers down. Given free choice and there is plenty of eden for all of us yet we fight over everything we can find to fight about.

    THINK PEOPLE! THINK! I know that the American schools do a great job of conditioning people to hate reading and thinking for themselves but at some point in your life you have to break free of their plastic cage and open your god damn mind!

    Jesus Herbert Titty Fucking Christ…This world is doomed.

  • Tool Rocks


    Think For Yourself, Challenge Authority

    None of you have the right or perception to Judge


  • Ryan Smith

    god blessed tool. and tool blessed us with another album. thank you.

    this cd is nothing short from amzaing. if you dont agree, then just give up. tool has too many fans as it is.

    and especially dont voice your opinion unless you have seen them live.

  • Rehash

    This is a good album, but it is not the same style as Lateralus or Aenema. It seems to grow on you, but I had to go back and listen to Lateralus just to ground myself. It just doesn’t have the same rythym or power. I will listen again nevertheless.

  • bryan

    Deep and utterly amazing. Just put on some headphones and sit on your porch and listen. Time signatures that are mind breaking and lyrics that are deep to those that understand.

  • relax3

    the album is weak.
    the band is tired.
    don’t listen to it 1MM times, and don’t post big words defending a band that once made you think and feel, hoping the album will grow on you.
    move on.

  • nota bene

    I’d love to be in a band that put out an album as “bad” as 10,000 Days.

    Tool put the interludes on this album for a reason. They’re not there to piss you off. Decide for yourself, but I believe they’re there partly because they’re part of the story, and partly to space out the ferocious numbers. If all Tool did was stuff like Aenima or Hooker all the time, I would still enjoy Tool but they wouldn’t be something I’d run out and buy the first day it was available. The heaviest, raging moments are made to feel that much heavier by having the long buildups, and the introspective, minimalist stuff to set up the gut punches. It’s the contrast, the range, the versatility that grabs me about these guys, all of which requires musicianship. Anyone with a modicum of patience and pedals can make loud, angry music. Very few acts are capable of covering such a wide spectrum of emotions in one hour, and doing so with such authenticity, maturity, and intelligence.

    (OK, so I will cop to having a hard time paying full attention to every detail of Disposition/Reflection/Triad every time. But still.)

    The poster above who questioned whether multiple listens were necessary–you are doing yourself a disservice. Not just with this album, but any music that has the ambition to be truly great has to have layers, some of which are immediately obvious, and some of which only reveal themselves slowly. I have also found that the people in my life worth knowing the most frequently take the longest to truly understand, as well. As they said, Be Patient. Listen loud with headphones by yourself in the dark. Light a candle. Light a doob. Do what you feel you need to. But don’t dismiss this album, or any album, based upon your expectations of “art.” Art is where we find it, whether it’s in 100,000 watts of amplifiers or in a symphony.

    I will say that I was expecting a record along the lines of Lateralus when that one came out; however I had no idea what the hell they were going to do with this. I’ve listened to it four times so far and am still trying to wrap my head around it.

  • Harold Manback

    i didnt like the album at first,i thought they had took a major step back,both lyrically and musically.i was expecting some kind of progression from lat,an exploration into the unknown,space/time/mind/spirit etcetcetc,i felt the lyrics were too straight forward and topical.never the less,after a few listens,i began to like it,more and more each time,((as usual)).its good.

  • C-Laz

    k straight up tool is a fucking amazing band. Ive been hooked on tool for about 3 years now since my first listen of aenima. Now al you fuckers bashing tool and their new album need to get laid while listening to tool. You guys have to appraictate the work danny carey and the boys put into this album. Further more, im a drummer, and i think danny carey is godsent. His rolls just make my dick hard.

    Buy the tool album and cherish it for life.

  • Kaoshin

    The album makes me sad. Both in the sense of its “mood” and the fact it is not really up to par with the other albums. Its not bad mind you…. just not that good. Still gonna buy it. Still gonna listen to it. I hope it grows on me. Maynard sounds tired. Seeing as he is doing 2 bands full time im not suprised. Mabey a tired feeling is what the band intended.

  • pwesto

    I am sort of disappointed with 10,000 Days, in that it is noticeable how much they seemed to replace a shade of APC, instead of keeping the progressive sound they had on Lateralus, still, the album will probably grow on me, but still, Lateralus is their masterpiece, this is a decent followup. One critisicm is the lack of keep thought and philisophical points they had before. The word “T.V.” in Vicarious pulls them into a modern sound, as opposed to them being seperated from other mainstream bands.

  • borg

    Many of you have hinted at the fact that this music “grows” on you and you need to give it “time.” I cannot stress this enough: Tool creates music that is too nuanced to be really comprehended in 1 or even 5 listens. Like great literature or philosophy, this is an epic cultural production that carries high rewards for willing souls. If you have ever grown intimate with an epic Classical work, like Beethoven’s 5th piano concerto, you understand this principle. This depth is also a warrior of time; wait ten years and see how many people are still loving cotton-candy acts like Gwen Stefani or the Black-Eyed Peas. Thank god for Tool.

  • Jim

    10,000 days like any other Tool album ROCKS! All you haters should give it a chance.

    I just had the pleasure of seeing Tool for the second time at Coachella (99′ & 06′). Until you see them live you have no clue what music is….

    All you wackos out there that are talking smack about “The Pot” need to see it live. MJK is simply AMAZING!!!!

  • Karl

    This album kept growing on me until I have decide (for now) that it is my favorite album. I absolutely love “rigth in two” the 10th song. And I’m pretty sure “Vicarious” is about Bush and how our president and his boys keep fucking up and we just look at it and don’t do anything about it. I can understand the people that don’t care for the CD so much, Aenima was still may be my favorite, just about every song on that CD rocks. This CD will be in my car for months, if other people don’t like it I really honestly could care less because I love it and really thats all that really matter. but I do like it when others feel the same Cuz I feel liek we are so lucky in this generation to experience such a unique and brilliant band. No other band has this affect on me. Does any other band really affect you the way tool does, if it does I would like to hear which it is, and I mean current bands. Music sux nowadays so Tool is really all I have left for guaranteed quality.
    On a side note, I guess I’m a little surprised that people put Lateralus at the top of their list, I like it and all, but I put Aenima and Undertow above it in a heartbeat, but I still like Laterlus, I guess that shows everyones difference in taste of music.
    Also kinda surpirsed me when I realized TOOL has been around for 15 years, damn thats pretty long for a succesful band seeminlgy still in their prime.
    All in all I love 10,000 days, it has such and obvious message that is put together amazingly. and to end it President Bush sux, I know it has nothing to do with this but I hate him so much.

  • Jova

    Lets get this Str8, Onima is Tool’s masterpiece. Never have they taken a leap forward like that, and never will again. (w/ the whole world watching) Most people became fans w/ Lateralus, and that’s cool but those have no clue about TOOL. This album is dope, reminds me of a progressive Undertow, which by the way is the 1st album by Tool I’ve ever listened to. I’m not trying to act like I know everything, but when you become a Tool fan after Lateralus, you know nothing of waiting. I thought Tool was gonna break up before A Perfect Circle was even a word on people’s lips. 5 years is nothing to wait for a Tool record, and when you tour for 2 & 1/2 years w/ some rest. It isn’t even 5 years, & keep it in mind this is the album they wanted you to hear, in the way THEY wanted you to hear it. If your still jaded go back to listening to Korn, you fake-ass FANS?! (Not addressed to real fans who have enough intelligence to understand TOOL) Peace, FUCKERS. Ha.

  • Sa

    Album is O.K.
    For me Intension is the best song on album.

  • H-Bomb


  • i couldent buy it ( spent all my money on crack )

  • Paco

    Bought the CD yesterday on lunch the art is very cool and the whole 3d concept is a good idea.Other than that CD kicks ass as I’ve stated before.I don’t know how the reviews can be soo mixed ,It’s tool .It sounds like tool songs, I don’t really understand whats not to like about the album.

  • 8ball

    i listined to lateralus tday………previously thinking it was a shit load better than 10,000 days…….but actually its not…..i can already see the progression the band has made….it seems alot more entwined..we all know the lyrics wernt wrote to the music of laterallus and yes i understand that thats one of the reasons it stands out but fuckin hell….this new album is far better in ways other than the lyrics….and im sorry but i do see it as a complete album….its took me a few listens but cmon ppl give the band their dues……its excactly what ide hoped for from them and i wouldnt have it any other way…..not that its up to me !!!

  • Maynard

    The new album is great for line dancing.

  • 8ball

    for those who are interested……

    una Infinitas
    Abominatio Nascitur Autumno
    hic est tuum temptamen quod temptat tua potentia
    viginti tres gradus ad summam potestatem

    translated :
    one infinity
    the horror begins in autumn
    this is your trial, now prove your (power, might, ability; efficacy, potency)
    Twenty three steps to total power.

  • Jeremy

    ok…the Album 10000 days is different from most of the the other albums, but sounds alot like the lateralus album and I love that CD. I find that this album has a mixture of all the albums combined and making it a F*$%ing awesome album. This is my opinion. listen to it for yourself and see what you think….don’t judge a ook by its cover. I don’t know if this is right but i heard that 10000 days is the 2nd laterlus album pretty much… let me know if its true. By the way the art is by one of the greatest painters ever…ALEX GREY, check his stuff its unbelievable http://www.alexgrey.com

  • Jeremy

    ok…the Album 10000 days is different from most of the the other albums, but sounds alot like the lateralus album and I love that CD. I find that this album has a mixture of all the albums combined and making it a awesome album. This is my opinion. listen to it for yourself and see what you think. I don’t know if this is right but i heard that 10000 days is the 2nd laterlus album pretty much… let me know if its true. By the way the art is by one of the greatest painters ever…ALEX GREY, check his stuff its unbelievable http://www.alexgrey.com

  • I loved the album and I am a huge Alex Grey fan. So seeing his art in 3d was a real treat.


  • Give Me My WIngs

    The review was perfect. The album, wow, I have a killer migraine from head banging, it’s genius, which is why many so called ‘Tool fans’ don’t get it. When they get back to the states and start their real tour, it will sell out many venues. And I will be doing alot of driving to nearby cities to see them.

  • jimmy

    with previous tool albums, they gave each and every song their own identity. every aspect of every song had a particular emotion the band was homing in on. with 10,000 days, this chemistry seems to be lacking. they’re just playing, complicated as the structure of the songs are, JUST playing. Writing complicated songs for the sake of being complicated doesnt cut it for me. its like they’re forcing it or something.im a pretty big tool fan and ive stduied, enjoyed, criticized, tried to at least, and have fallen in love with this band. regards to the people that were saying that tool changes with each album. true. however, they keep that same chemistry and emotional awareness that drives each song into its own identity. this album doesnt have that. maybe i need to listed to it more a couple of more times.

  • Fan

    As a fan of challenging music and TOOL, I have to say that this is an album to remember. The haunting sounds, powerfull lyrics, evolved musicians will wake you up inside your head and you will find yourself in your heart. TOOL lays it out for you to grab it and shape it into your own. I still think there is hope for all of us despite chaos in every aspect of life nowadays.

  • Mark

    All you dudes giving Tool the stick remind me of dude called Judas, remember him. Tell me which band in the world sounds like Tool. Tell me now as i alredy know the answer………….. Fucking nobody.

  • T00L

    Has anyone had problems playing their 10,000 DAYS disc on an Xbox, because I’m on my second CD I’ve bought and starting at Right in two I have problems playing. Im close to smashing the Xbox, btw, fuck Bill Gates.

  • Kaoshin

    God. the fanboys are annoying. OMFG U NO TOOL FAN U NO LIKE 10000 DAYS!!!!! OMG FUXXORS>! Learn to respect others opinions. The CD may or may not grow on people. Just becuase you started liking it right away….doesnt mean they will like it at all. Think for yourself, not other people. asstards.

  • first song sounds like porabala and scism, strange but corny me thinks, but perhaps tis the piont schism is about a seperation and porabola is about the unification of understanding, No?
    this whole album by the art work seems to be about having a ethereal experience , out of body thats whats lataralus is about i was kinda expecting way more ethereal tones and feel alla disposition and the song after that one with its organic celestial brown tones. this album is deffently about maynards anger toward himself though for believing in what hebelieves in , the whole universal mind lattice thing, after all with the philospphical ramifications of latuaralus who wouldnt feel crazy, but thats the thing can you not beleive in what you beleive in? can you just rip apart something that has come to define you and your expereince of reality. Its sad really and thats why there angry , soceity trys to rip away hope and reason for the purpose of religion and cunsumption ,usa religion being consumption, i think perhaps MJK realized that mind and body arenot seprate things and when you die thats it, and with all this bullshit of self sacrficing in the pursuit of enlightenment and actually beleiving you reached enlightenment? i guess hes mad at his own naivity. Oh and on a scale of greats tool is le new led zepplin nothing and noone go down heaveir then tool, fuck. and perhaps salvation of the soul is truly the most selfish of all human pursuits, though? We seem to believ it is the purest of all pursuits.

  • opiate

    Think your fishing el rey. You sound like you’ve known him personaly for years… Anyway, great experience great album.

  • lern2swim

    I always find it amazing that so many people who swear they are soooo open minded turn into such sheep when they talk about Tool. C’mon people they’re one of my favorite bands too but that does not automatically mean that every damned thing they do is the be all and end all. If someone else does not share your opinion of the album it doesn’t automatically mean that they are unable to understand or that they don’t get it. And the fact that you swear up and down that you do “get it” does not make you intelligent or more understanding.

    I have a book for everyone to read, maybe you’ve heard of it…

    “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

    Those of you who try the hardest to see may just end up being the blind ones.

  • Good album, but FIVE YEARS!!! Lacks the rhythmic subtly and invention of ‘Lateralus’; the rhythms just don’t have same metaphysical, numerological, polyrhthmic ambiguity(try saying that first thing in the morning after the night before)which is a big let-down for me. I hoped they might have taken things further in that direction, but it appears they’ve taken more of a step backwards than forwards in that respect. The lyrics aren’t as interesting as those on ‘Lateralus’, either. Good stuff, though, and still worth buying.

  • Brainiac needs to spend more time listening to the album and less time looking in Thesaurus.com for pretty words to type.

    Part two of Wings for Marie is more intricate than anything Lateralus could have hoped to achieve.

    And as for the article, Judith did not pass “many years ago” but passed on recently. The song “Judith” was a frustrated reflection of her situation, not lamenting her passing as this song does beautifully.

    Naysayers can go crawling back to MTV and their parents basements. This album wasn’t meant for them anyway.

  • Lucid Dreamer

    For all those that would like to criticize this album DON’T. The long wait was fine by me, there is no need rush things. Besides that the long wait makes it all that much better when it comes out. As for the rythmic value of this album, I am a guitar player and have learned 5 songs off of the new album and although some of the riffs are variations of old tool riffs the rythmic values have doubled anding more syncapation into the guitar part that had seemed to be mainly in the drums before. So what I have to say is – It is another Tool album no better or worse than any other- Oh and for the person who asked where to start up top my suggestion is at the beginning and follow in order.

  • underwent

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait until they come out with their next album!!! i’ve been a Tool fan for years now, and never will get tired and WILL respect their changes they have put into their music and that’s superlative to me! happy or not people it IS Tool and they will never die no matter what they bring even if they do go pop i’ll love them still.

  • SpiralOut

    Well, 10,000 Days is out….IT’s FUCKING BEAUTIFUL just like I imagined. Sorry if you think TOOL has went backwards. I think this album is a huge leap once again as is every album they have perfected. Oh, and, for the people that say Adam Jones can do much better…..You come to my fucking house and play Jambi…yeah lets here you fucking play Jambi you fucks. comon. I’m listening. HA! I thought so you fucker

  • TOOLroolz

    when I first listened to 10,000 Days I was a bit iffy, but then I listened to it again and let it all soak in and listened to the lyrics and what they said to me. And this album is amazing. I think this is their best yet. Oh, and tool will have one more cd coming out guaranteed because in their contract with their record label it says they are to release 3 albums, and so far only 2 of those 3 (Lateralus and 10,000 Days) have been released. So it might be another 5+ years, but I know it’ll be worth the wait, because 10,000 Days deffinately was.

  • Titomalavito

    Well ive listened to this album about 4 times. Only song ive really liked so far has been vicarious. Im kind of disappointed, mainly with Maynard…i love to hear his voice in full and this whispering/heavy breathed type of singing seems to hamper it. Then when it seems he is going into full out singing…its distorted or has some wierd effect on it.
    But since so many of you guys said to listen to it several times ill give it at least 10 more tries. After all it is A Perfect…i mean Tool.

  • conner

    i apparently stand alone but i will speak my mind diligently. allow me to preface this statement by saying that tool is by far my favorite band. i am one of the lucky few who possess tickets to the small venue tour late this spring. i wish all of you would take tool’s dick out of your mouth. the new album is luke warm at best. don’t get me wrong, i enjoy the songs. problem for me is that after five years they managed five good songs and six time filling tracks. seriously this is what we got after five years! the album isn’t bad by any means but i’m positive they could have done this by 2004. my personal opinion, wrong or right, is that maybe the members need to focus a bit less on there side projects. come on, after five years, i want at least ten songs. i thought the internet album was a joke until i bought the album and it was the same. here’s to holding out hope for the import release. still tool fan for life but to all those prompting this as their greatest achievement as musicians i reming you to please go listen to their previous works and then change their tampon and go back to listening to britney spears.

  • john

    tool is bad

  • matth

    Conner had it completely spot on. I could not have said it better myself

  • Jona

    Some riffs remembers undertow.
    undertow+lateralus = 10000 days.
    Aenima plays in other league.

  • Nick

    All the comments regarding the new album 10,000 days should stop being negative. Any true TOOL fan should of been touched by this album. In my opinion I have waited seince 2001 for a new album, and I wasn’t dissappointed.. in fact the first two tracks lay a foundation. The sound of Tool has Progressed as they have transformed to find a “Sound”. Expression is free to any form and Tool had no rules when it comes to this notion.Tool had done it once again blowing my aspects away and opening my third eye to an illustrated picture of how the band feels. Emotion is vibrated into the inner ear and to the core of the brain, painting a picture of the soul. Perhaps it would help all the negitive oriented people to be more open minded.

  • Brainiac Fingers

    To Mr ‘Nothing’, who said “Part two of Wings for Marie is more intricate than anything Lateralus could have hoped to achieve”, I have to say that I disagree.

    For instance, I don’t hear anything on ‘10,000 days’ that’s as subtle as, say, the “feel the rhythm, feel connected” section of the song ‘Lateralus’ where Danny Carey plays an intricate 5/8 groove while the rest of the band play in 4/4, creating a hypnotic effect of cogs within cogs due to the snare accent independently cycling around within the basic 4/4 signature.

    Or how about the section towards the end of the song, where the overall time is 3/4 but Danny C is playing 2/4 while MJK sings a polyrhythm of 4:3 to the words: “with my feet upon the ground,I lose myself between the sound”. . .
    at that point, the music is moving at three distinct rates, all superimposed upon each other: spirals within spirals within spirals, ad infinitum. . .That’s only two examples of what I’m talking about: I could give many more.

    I’m afraid I don’t hear any of that stuff happening on ‘10,000 Days’, mainly because it’s not there. Sure there’s tricky rhythms all over the place, but they’re not used to the same sublime and magical, dare I say metaphysical, effect as they are on ‘Lateralus’.

    ’10, 000′ days is still a great album, though, just not *that* great.

    Oh, one more thing: ‘Lipan Conjuring’ is fantastic! They should have had the courage to make it at least five minutes longer.

    Brainiac Fingers signing-off.

  • Ryan

    great review, I think people shouldn’t be so defensive of there opinions of the album, personally i think it sounds great compared to other music out there and anything from tool is something special. True genius, Tool sit beside Pink floyd as true masters. In 100 years time this is the music from this era which will be remembered. But thats just my opinion.

  • giftesdinner

    I’ve been a Tool fan for as long as I can remember. From Opiate on, I’ve anticipated every project that Maynard & Co, have ever been even remotely associated with. That having been said, I’ll not be mindlessly guided into offering praise for what I find to be a lazy and predominantly uninspiring effort. 10,000 days is about how long it’s going to take me to get offer how infuriated I am at spending money on dreck like this.
    A very creative package, two or three decent songs and endless tracks of bullshit sound effects does not a great album OR band make. The vocals are mostly unintelligible, that is when they’re no completely obscured in the background by repetitive guitar riffs and the same Xeroxed bass line that’s been on every goddamn song Tool has written in the last 10 drastically disappointing years.
    If you weren’t a Tool fan before this outing, you’re sure as shit not going to be converted by 10,000 Days, at least not without a healthy dose of mescaline to enhance the experience. As a long time fan, I feel more betrayed than rewarded for my adoration. No one should be permitted to continue riding the coattails of former successes the way that Tool is on this album.
    At the end of the day, I suppose I’m left with one prevailing thought: If you want to be this experimental, clue me in before I drop $20 on your overly indulgent pet projects Tool. And I don’t want to hear any shit about how they don’t care if anyone buys their album, because “it’s soooo just about the music, man.” If that’s the case, why the fuck did they ever leave the garage? This was a paycheck for Tool, nothing else. I’m sorry I contributed to it.

  • Rightintwo

    Nobody who listens to 10000 days 1 or even 10 times should jump to conclusions. Tool albums have intricacies that you may not even notice the first several times. Also I highly suggest reading the lyrics while listening to the new album. Oh and try to listen to it through a real stereo system, not your shitty computer speakers. For those of you that have concluded that this album is shitty I think you are ignorant and impatient. Those of you who are patient will be rewarded greatly.

    10000 Days is the best album they have ever put out in my opinion. And about those so called “filler” tracks… If you listen to the album as a whole you will see that these “filler” tracks are the beginnings to the songs right after them and fit perfectly. I heard someone once say that this is Tools “The Wall”. Maybe. It is more like Tools “Dark Side of The Moon” This album flows remarkably like that one. Its a great album that takes patience. Please give it a listen with your undivided attention. Listen closely as to pick up on the intricacies that you will not hear after the first several listens. I can’t stress that enough. Please go see them live when they come to your town… You will not be disappointed.

    The experience causes me to want to search deeper, look past the obvious, find the truth, think for myself and question authority. Alright, now it’s time for them to light the way.

  • lern2swim

    Okay… I’m going to be a little more blunt this time. All you frigging sheep who attack people who don’t like this album are no better than the sheep you, in turn, attack for blindly following religion. Blindly following Tool shows no more intelligence than blindly following a cross. Wake up and open your eyes. As has been said, there’s, maybe, 5 actual songs on this almost 80 minute album and none of them stand out compared to anything the band has done in the past. So, you can all sit around, trying to make yourselves feel intelligent by saying “I get it” but in reality you’re just turning yourself into the very thing that Tool and it’s fans rally against.

    I’m not even saying that you can’t like the album. There is some quality stuff on it. In my opinion, those moments are just too few and far between. The point though is, you’re idiots for blindly eating it up and insulting anyone who disagrees.

    Bahhhh bahhhh bahhhhh is the overriding sound going through my head when you do.

  • Rightintwo

    There is plenty of music on this album that “stands out”.

    Just because there are not twenty 3 minute tracks your attention span croaked out on you. It’s not a matter of how many songs are there. The album could have been one track for all I care. All that matters is what is on that track. There is more talent and skill in Rosetta Stoned than I have heard in complete albums from most other artists. Some of you continue to prove your blindness and impatience, it’s sickening.

  • The Sicilian

    and blah blah blah is the sound that goes through my head when I hear anyone say this album is anything less then an epic masterpiece….

  • Jake

    In response to “giftesdinner’s” post…
    how can you have been a Tool fan for as long as you remember and hate this album so much that you regret buying it? And you paid $20? That’s rediculous, it’s $10 everywhere I’ve seen it. Go cry and listen to your emo music. This is probably not their best album, but if you listen to it, and read the lyrics while listening, you really learn to love it. Learn what Tool is talking about behind the song and it brings a whole new meaning to you. Vicarious is an alright song, and Jambi is great, Wings for Marie parts one and two are amazing, The Pot is one of my favorites on the whole CD. Rosetta Stoned is alright and Right in Two is tied for my favorite with The Pot. That’s 7 of 11 tracks that I think are really good. Lipan Conjuring is a little weird, but it’s Tool.
    This is a good CD, so stop ripping on it.

  • giftesdinner

    Jake, if you want to dive headlong into the throng of adoring fans that will lick Maynard’s nuts no matter what he spouts, be my guest. For the record, I hate emo. It’s a pussy genre that’s seen its day (not a moment too soon). Its fans will glorify every last nonsensical, melodramatic bitch-fit that the protagonists in the bands will whinily scream. It kind of reminds me of the way Tool fans gather together to crucify someone at the first untoward and reasonably objective comment. Swallow it up. Love this album, and in doing so, go ahead and feel like you have one up on the rest of the world. I really don’t give a shit anymore. I just wanted more from a band that I feel like is capable, even now, of so much more.

  • Juan

    Hey jessa VERY NICE review… i totally agree with all you’ve said… TOOL IS WITHOUT a DOUBT the best band…. Like i read in one other of your articles they are the real deal… Lateralus was their masterwork but i still believe 10,000 days is a close 2nd… songs like vicarious and the pot show this….
    Well thanks for reading this and hope you all like this cd as much as i do

  • Tool always comes through. I had a real hard time with Lateralus and was initially very disappointed with it. After several listens I found that I could not stop putting it in my CD player, and eventually I was wholly addicted to the album. Having experienced this phenomenon when I got 10,000 days I hooked onto the two obvious rockers, Vicarious and The Pot (I LOVE the rhythm figure — bass player that I am), and let the rest of it grow on me. And grow on me it did. I have listened to nothing else but this CD all week.

  • lern2swim

    Rightintwo, you just proved my point. The emperor’s clothes obviously look great to you. Just because I don’t agree with your opinion you already assume you know exactly who I am. How closed and simple minded is that? You know nothing about my attention span. Not to mention the fact that you totally missed the point of what I was saying in my post. It has nothing to do with the length of the songs. I have never had a problem with Tool writing lengthy songs. I don’t have a problem with any bands writing songs the length that they want. My problem with this album is that they don’t take advantage of the space that the songs take up on this album.

    But the fact remains, we can disagree about the quality of the album. You’re the one who is too ignorant to allow everyone their own opinion.

  • BlackTongue

    I’m with the Sicilian on this one. This album is f-in great! I find the vast majority of people in this discussion myopic. Technically speaking, this album is ridiculous. Justin and Danny have never been better. Compare the intricacies over time with Opiate, Undertow, Aenima, and Lateralus. Song structure is different here also. In Aenima and Lateralus songs went strong-soft-strong, almost to the point of predictability in terms of the ebb and flow of each track. 10,000 Days is not like that. The songs start calm and progressively get stronger, and all of them finish with a flurry. These songs will no doubt come across hard and very strong when performed live. I loved this album at first listen. I’ve had it in my CD player for three straight days and don’t see any end in sight. Personally, I don’t pay much attention to the words. After all, the music is where all the real thought takes place.

    I find it funny that someone can completely disregard an album for having the word “hiiiggh” or “monkey” or “shit in bed” in a phrase. How pathetically nearsighted is that? These are the same insecure fags that need to criticize something to make themselves feel more important. You’re weak. Take a step back and think about the album in its entirety.

    Anyone who thinks Tool sold out on this album is a blithering idiot. The music is faster-paced and harder than Lateralus. It will play better live. It’s chaotic and melodic at the same time. It’s not typical. It won’t get radio play. It’s intricate. It’s intelligent. It’s interesting.

    It’s damn good!

  • Rightintwo

    Lern2swim, I never claimed to know anything about you so get over it. I simply observed your posts and picked up on your blindness and impatience. In fact, you were the one claiming that we are all “friggin sheep” and called those of us who enjoy the album “idiots”. For the record I don’t listen to music for any reason other than for the love of the music. You have clearly proven that you are a hypocrite. That’s all that needs to be said about that. Anyone could see that by looking at your posts.

  • rollrcoastr

    10,000 Days is for the true Tool fans. Point Blank! To see where Tool has come from, starting with the EP Opiate, through 10,000 days, has been a voyage into my own psyche. This is thinking man’s music. This album is not one that can be taken at face value. Read the words and feel the pulse of the playing. The more familiar you become with the cycles of rhythm, the more you can embrace the messages. To say that it sounds like another Tool album or A.P.C. is, well, right! DUH! I wonder why… It is TOOL! Progressive is an understatement. Tool has managed to come so far with their cound, while still retaining all the qualities of their playing that I fell in love with from the beginning. If you don’t understand, or are unwilling to open your third eye, then I can only say one thing- SUCKS FOR YOU!!!

  • rollrcoastr

    AENEMA is and will always be the best Tool album. Reason? The sound was so new and unique and nobody was prepared for it. That doesn’t take away from any of the other albums, though, because they all rock…

  • brizcapflag

    Once again , another masterpeice!

    I can’t wait for the Music Videos.

  • whocarezmon

    10000 days met and exceeded all expectations,GO AND BUY THIS NOW!

  • Vicman


    10,000 days is the best album that tool has ever made??! I think no. It’s not a bad album at all,5-6 great songs, but in the case of Lateralus and AENIMA, I like them all…

    Maybe I’m wrong and I have to listen to it more times to “feel the rhythm”

    But TOOL will always be one of my favorites!

  • Jack On

    In the past, I believed Tool’s message to be something along the lines of striving for individuality and to become–or evolve, if you will–into something better than the rest of the group. Today, both the fans of Tool and the band members themselves fail at this concept.

    Everyone is acting like saying this album isn’t purely amazing is a crime. “If you dont like it then dont listen to Tool” they say, sounding very similar to the right-wing, republican party when those who didn’t support Bush opposed his policies on America. “If you dont like it, leave” they’d hail.

    The truth is any Tool fan in the right mind is going to have a hard time listening to Aenima and then turning on 10,000 days. The songs are dull, way too long, and empty. Whether these awful songs are a poor tribute to his mother or a testament to a new faith, they are lacking. Where is Danny’s insanely complex drum work? Adam sounds so monotonous I wonder if he’s even picked up a guitar since the last album.

    Tool’s trademark absence for years between albums became, I think, their downfall. Just because you used to make fans wait doesn’t mean it’s always a justice to the fans. They became rusty, or perhaps they were just too stubborn to call it quits and realize they didn’t have it any longer. And this concept that the song has to be forever long is simply ignorant on the part of Tool. I wish the members could read this themselves, but they’re probably too busy counting the money they made on this poor excuse for a record.

    Oh, and not liking it is a matter of having both taste and an opinion. I’m not lacking an open mind like some tools themselves would suggest.

  • Matayo

    For those of you who dont like 10,000 Days or gave any trace of a negative remark towards it…you’re not Tool fans.
    For those of you who compare 10,000 Days with any of Tool’s previous albums(majority only mentioning Lateralus and Ænima)…you’re not Tool fans.
    And for those of you who only like some tracks and not others, and then have the nerve to analyze and say what you think Maynard, Adam, Justin, and Danny were trying to accomplish…YOU ARE MOST DEFINITELY NOT TOOL FANS!

    None, but the creators of the album, can even begin to fathom the true meaning of 10,000 Days, and every second of each track, without hearing it from Tool…which inlcudes myself.

    ViVa LoS TooL..

  • These comments are a h00t! hahaha, I said, h00t.

    Seriously, I think its a great album but don’t knock someone for thinking otherwise. We all have opinions, and if they were all the same fawking opinion life would be pretty damn boring, agreed? Yeah. So comment on what you think but don’t comment on what others have thought. Bitches.

  • Johny B Good

    if you havent noticed yet, and it even sais so on toolband.com, the photos of the band members are part of a puzzle, lots of stuff you dont see at first that connects with each other, and the other pictures in the album, the album aside, the artwork that has come with it alone is a work of art, and the cd is very good as well. I wouldnt put it up there with AEnima, AEnima has the largest amount of good songs, Lateralus has the best songs, if you dont think lateralus is their best cd just look into all the mathematics and just out of the box stuff that they used in it, i could write a 12 page essay on the stuff lateralus has most people dont even know about, as time goes on, we may see the same thing about this album.

    FYI, vicarious is about our need for television, not bush, i hate bush, so im not defending him

  • Confused

    i dont really think the album flows together maybe i dont get it though

    Vicarious – its about our addiction to the media ,tv, the boob tube if you will. like the guy before me said not about bush at all.

    Jambi- It was a province in Indonesia or something like that.

    Wings-10,0000 days – About maynards mommy, everyone knows this by now

    The Pot- Adam Jones said it was ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ hypocracy.

    Lipan Conjuring – an indian chant

    Lost Keys- intro to rosetta stoned

    Rosetta Stoned – Story of being abducted by a UFO

    Intention- I havent really listend to this one much, dont know what its about

    Right in two- a humerous and very true look at humans and the way we have evolved.

    Viginti Tres- 23 in latin, and some robot dude.

    So do these songs really have a flow or any sort of coherance???? when you look at the meanings of the songs not really at all, i mean they dont really have much to do with each other. Lipan Conjuring really has nothing to do at all with the rest of the cd that i can think of, this is a great cd and especially good artwork with the puzzle and everything, but please give some reason as to why the cd tells a story if your gonna say that.

  • Timmy

    Maynard best vocally. I duno about his best lyrically, probably not, too early to tell. But when you think about it, what other album has he showed us such a wide range of vocal styles. im not saying this just cuz his voice sounds differnet in ‘ the pot ‘. i mean in vicarious alone he uses like 4 different voices. Rosetta stoned the vocals are amazing as well. Maynard has taken every vocal style he has used in the last 15 years and put it into one cd, as well as some new ones we havent heard before, and no one has once mentioned this… sad

  • lern2swim

    Rightintwo, as I said, you missed the point entirely. You’re not going to realize it obviously, no matter how clear it is, but you have. I did not say that anyone who enjoyed the album were sheep. I said that the people who can not accept that not everyone has exactly the same opinion as they do are sheep. You and various other posters here have shown that kind of closed minded behavior repeatedly in here. For example, Matayo, telling us all just exactly who the “real” Tool fans are.

    Let me ask you all this. What do you think the band members think of blind devotion and a lack of understanding for those who disagree with each other??? I personally have always thought that those were two of the things that Tool has rallied against the hardest. And now I’m supposed to believe that being the very things that they stand against are what make someoen a true fan of theirs??? That’s pure idiocy.

    So, if you had the ability to comprehend the truth of the matter, you would see that it’s you and all the people pushing this “you must love the album or you are not a true Tool fan” mantra that are the hypocrites.

    Let me make this simple for you Rightintwo

    “you must love this album to be a true tool fan”

    is the exact same kind of bullshit as…

    “you must believe in my God to be a good person”

    Now… would you have a problem with someone making that second statement to you???

    If so, then you are a hypocrite because of the statements you have made in your posts.

    Now, feel free to try and make some comeback… but do put in a little effort and at least try to get the facts straight about what I’ve posted.

  • Edan

    This album is PURE GENIUS ! What a Band! “Vicarious” has just knocked off “The Grudge” as the sickest song in the universe. Not one song in common time! “Vicarious” is in 5 (I think), last song is in 11/8.. the rest I’m still figuring out. Do you think they make a conscious effort to play in odd time signatures or does it just come naturally to them…? I am beginning to notice a pattern with their albums.. which is not good but I guess not bad. The first song is usually the heaviest (OK they’re all heavy): Stinkfist, The Grudge, Vicarious (both in 5/4). OK maybe not the heaviest but the best (in my humble opinion). Song five is always the most Radio friendly “upbeat” song : 46 &2, Schism, The Pot. The last songs are simply mesmerizing. I don’t know how TOOL fans could say they are dissapointed. True, the overall guitar sound and and all the instruments for that matter have not changed very much from Lateralus. In fact, it sounds as if Adam Jones is using the exact same guitar with the exact same effects as on Lateralus (other than a few tweaked out solos, he actually is). But that is the beauty of Tool. The sound doesn’t change much but the songwriting always progresses. Its the fact that they have a guitar player who kind of plays guitar as if it were a bass, a bass player that rocks out as if he’s playing guitar, an INCREDIBLE (possibly the best out there) drummer, and of course Maynard the loveable clown. And you always hear about how they don’t follow cliches but I disagree. They do go for ALL the cliches of metal (breaks, syncopation, odd time signatures, screams)but the only difference is that they do them BETTER than any other band and in the right context. This album is truly awesome.

  • Matayo

    Im all for the opions of others…but look at the situation like it was a sports team(some may not like this analogy but bare with me), if you go to a team’s game because you think they are incredible at what ever it is they have done before and/or currently doing, never even looking at wins and loses, you are considered a fan, right? So let’s just say they starting loosing their “stuff” or f**king up, what are you going to do stop promoting them or say they suck, and then still call yourself a fan?…well the same principle applys to a recording artist’s work, you can’t go around listening to all the stuff they’ve put out before, love it, and then when their next release comes out you judge it not worthy of the TOOL label. Thats not what a “fan” does man, a true fan(The Collective Unconcious) will love everything TOOL creates regardless of past, present, and future. And for this lern2swim fella no one, I repeat, NO ONE wants to hear your personal thoughts on how the band thinks, man. You or me could not even begin to conceive what any of the tracks on 10,000 Days is truley about unless Maynard told us himself, if you truly knew TOOL you would know thats Maynard, Justin, Adam, and Danny’s style they want us to use any scrap of imagination that we have left in perceiving TOOL both lyrically and musically, but never one more than the other. I’m not against your opinions on the album, but you go too far when you say things like “I personally have always thought that those were two of the things that Tool has rallied against the hardest”…as you can see Im not this close-minded fool that you think I am, but i can say that you are the close-minded one, only considering that anything you post should be your opinion on the album not of the other posters…but hey, maybe it’s just in your nature to harass anyone that doesnt agree with you man…good luck with your life…because it just might be a sad and lonely one.

    ViVa LoS TooL

  • USNBen

    Thank you jessa for an informed, and obviously well thought out Review.

    I have been a tool fan since approximately the time of the lateralis release, but it wasnt that CD that converted me into a devoted fan. My first taste of tool came from a good friend of mine letting me borrow his Undertow CD, approximately 2 weeks prior to the release of Lateralis. Needless to say, i was in that line to purcase that CD, as well as anything else I could get my hands on invoving tool.

    Since that time, I have listened to Opiate, Undertow, AEnema, and Lateralis, on a regular basis, absorbing what I could from each song. I have never been dissapointed with them, and this album is no exception to that.

    10,000 Days is, in a word, amazing.

    Just like all art forms (make no mistake, this is art) this band, and especially this album, has delivered a level of depth and meaning that I have seen very rarely in any median of expression.

    As far as the comments made in regaurds to the true or accurate message behind this album, I only say that I doubt anyone here has personally met or talked at any length to any of the members of this band, and therefore, have no actual insight into their true intended meanings. I believe the message drawn from this is a matter of viewpoint, and will very from person to person. That being said, I also wish to extend a personal thank you to this band (although they likely will never read this) for creating music that has quite literally changed my life.

    10,000 Days is a fine example of what music should be.
    I currently am a US Navy sailor living in japan, and do not yet have access to the album, so I have been listening via a copy sent to me over the internet from a friend who bought it. Believe that the first possible moment I can, I will be purchasing this CD.

    Rock On Tool

  • Jack On

    This is hardly a review of 10,000 Days as I’ve already given one, but rather an inquiry those “special” few out there who have somehow acquired a definition of “fan” that I have never heard before.

    From what these last posters have said, it seems that the word fan and the word sheep are synonyms. Is such a comparison cliche? Very well. Perhaps it’s syonymous with puppets, followers, cult members, nazis, etc. I was unaware that as fans we were to praise any and every effort made by a particular band (or sports team, as someone has suggested). Who knew. In such a case, allow me to openly renounce my status as a fan of Tool or anything else for that matter, as I prefer not to follow.

    And secondly, this whole business of Tool’s “work” being art. Tool’s music was considered art because they made songs with epic lengths, odd time signatures, and unorthodox artwork both on their album covers and in their music videos. Listening to the songs over and over again is not going to make the songs any better. You dont have listen to Tool’s music a million times to “understand the complexities”. If you believe this (and many here do, unfortunately) tell me, is there any other music that requires the same dedication?

    Do you have to read books over and over again to comprehend the story?

    Do you have to watch movies two or three times to figure out the plot?

    If so, it’s not a matter of the subject being too complex, but a matter of you being too simple.

  • lern2swim

    Jack On… thank you for being another voice of reason.

    Matayo, to start, I have never once said that I know how the members of the band think. Look back, what did I say? I said what I thought are some of the things that they stand for. I questioned other posters about what they thought the band would think. If you have the ability to comprehend simple english you will see that.

    Second, to use your sports analogy, I wouldn’t blindly follow a sports team down a strategic path that I thought wasn’t the right one. If the team were doing something that I thought would lead to losses, I would be vocal about that and express what I believed they should do to WIN. As Jack On also expressed, what you just described is not a fan… it is a sheep, puppet, follower. If that is what a fan is, then I want no part of it. Is that what you want for yourself? To be a “blind follower”? Because that is exactly what you described.

    Now, Matayo, if you and your fellow “fans” have a problem with other people expressing their opinions (which seems to be your overriding point here and that is actually the only thing I am rallying against on here so, obviously, if you feel I am harassing you, then you do) then you’re damned right that I make it a habit of harassing people like you. People who try to falsely hold themselves higher than others. People who tear down anyone who holds a slightly different view than themselves. People so closed minded that they can not see even see the failings of their own point of view, let alone comprehend someone elses opinion(and time and time again the “fans” prove they can not comprehend). I will harass (i.e. attempt to reveal and open the eyes of) idiots like that until my dying day because they are the type of people who bring every last negative aspect into this world. You ARE the closed minded fool I take you for, you’re just to closed minded to realize it.

    Now, please, misinterpret my statements again and tell me how closed minded and hypocritical I am and how my life will be empty an meaningless.

  • USNBen

    I have an unwaivering respect for any man’s oppinion, including ones contradictory to my own. You are entitled to your oppinion of the CD, and also your oppinion of my post about it.

    Anything posted here as a review should be taken as an oppinion, because NO ONE here had a part in creating what I DO consider to be art.

    The Term art can be a very general one, and it is also my feeble attempt to categorize what I am listening to. I do not pretend to understand the itricasies involved with creating something like this, I am simply putting in my own words, how I feel about it. (which is kinda the point of this page to begin with)

    quit bickering to each other about who is right, who is wrong, who are farm animals, and who is a lakers fan

    oppinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks

  • SpiralOut

    Well then. Jack On. Let me tell you something. I first listened to 10,000 Days and immidiately liked it. I listened to 10,000 Days a few more times and GREW to love it more. I have been a TOOL “FAN” for over 8 years. That means NOTHING. Yet, you say you cannot grow/learn things from a second listening/reading/watching…well, for you, I suggest Diary Of A Drug Fiend by Aleister Crowley. I have read the book a few times and EACH AND EVERY time I LOVE/LEARN/FEEL more of the book EVERYTIME. I am simply writing this to say I personally could not disagree with you more. I really dont care anymore about this 10,000 Days review. I did at my first few posts. Yet, as I checked in everyday at the negativity the masses have wrote I have become disgusted. This is from TOOL fans??? shit….well I guess nothing is as it seems. Last and NOT least….I want to laugh…I want to laugh on top of a fucking mountain with a megaphone right in front of your house and I am sorry….Seriously…I am sorry. I dont mean to be brutal..but dude….TOOL’s music…LOL is ART!!!! yeah. its art dude. I will tell you what music is NOT art. Maynard is a MUSICIAN…ok? He WRITES HIS MUSIC…sometimes with some help…sometimes alone. Sometimes before/after danny/justin/adam even wrote anything. anyone that doesn’t WRITE their own music…and just performs it…is NOT an artist. they are a face with a fuckin’ voice. A puppet. American Idol is atrocious…(yeah i bet i didn’t spell that right). anyways…Trent Reznor is an ARTIST and his music is ART…same with TOOL….I dont know….I quit..I have rambled long enough…I have thought for years (because of TOOL…that at LEAST their “FANS as you put it” would be the LAST to tell anyone that is a fellow TOOL “FAN” ANYTHING about ANYTHING….It is hopeless. yes..it is..

  • rollrcoastr

    Well let me tell EVERYBODY something… You either like the album or you don’t. You are either a Tool fan or you aren’t. Not liking the album doesn’t mean you are not a Tool fan. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Why do so many people feel the need to argue their point of view and discredit others? I love Tool. I am one of the most die hard Tool fans around, but waiting for the new album almost put me off… and then when I heard Vicarious on the radio, I felt snubbed. It sounded like Tool. I was dissapointed to say the least. But then I heard Jambi on the radio the day before the U.S release. Holy Shit. If that isn’t one of the hardest hitting riffs, and the use of the mouth guitar is incredible. If you don’t know, the mouth guitar is an extremely difficult thing to play. THAT peaked my interest. SO I bought 10,000 Days. The album art is the most incredible and unique display that I have ever seen. It took me a minute, but when my focus snapped in, my eyes swelled up with tears. Almost everyone that I showed the art to had the same reaction. INCREDIBLE. What I see is Tool making an album that they wanted, and hoping that we will get it. You either do or you don’t. If you don’t that is cool. It is not for everybody. I only ask that you give it at least 3 complete listening sessions. Listen to it one time to hear it. Listen to it a second time while reading the words to understand it. Then listen to it a third time with no other stimulation other than the music, ie. with lights off and volume loud. Maybe it will come together for you like it did for me. MJK is sometimes referred to as a pompous, self-righteous ass. I say genius. He writes about relevant and deeply emotional issues, both for him personally and for us as society. Some people are tired of hearing it, I eat it up. I give myself away to it, let it wrap me up and see where it takes me. I am proud of the bands newest accomplishment. They have come so far witheir music, and I have come so far with them. One other thing, Tool puts on one the best shows around, and if you have the capability you really should see them live. It may just change you inside and bring you back full circle. Or maybe this is all a result of the pharmaceuticals that feed my head…

  • 8 ball

    ok……so before this album was even released i knew that it would divide tool fans into thos who ” got it” and those who didnt….there are 2 kinds of tool fans …those of us who dont just like the band for the music and those of you who are just sol’y in this for the ” tunes”!!! im reading alot of scepticism about the new album and for those of you who just see la ta ra lus as a musical acomplishment fit into the catogory of ppl who are just in this for the ”tunes”!! the time signitures used in lateralus are just used to ilustrate the ideas of the band..why cant you understand this…do you really think they made that album with the thaught in mind that they were gonna show ppl just how fuckin good they are at makin tunes….get real……..that thaught alone shows just what kind of fans u are!!….a true fan knows that tools music reflects a way of thinking…!!
    a way of thinking that has so many different perspectives and angles that its hard to say that this is what i think or this is who i am….!! the made up word la te ra lus is made up of latin txts which when translated says….”hidden benieth the city of lights lies fire and brimstone”…its an album that was made to show just one of thes perspectives im talking about….with as many clues and angles as that dam chatau in france….!! those of us who love this band for more than just the time signitures used know that theres more to this new album than clever time signitures and complicated drum rythams……..its a state of mind and a reflection of thaught……would you say that a band like limp biscit make ART….no u wouldnt….because its a fucking mcdonalds comercial thats y……tool are a collection of artists and freethinkers….ppl who differ from the ususal bullshit way of thinking….and ppl who portray this way of thinking through audio and visual arts……get this into your thick skulls……if not then keep thinking the way you do……your getting left behind!!!
    those of us who see this album for what it is….”art” ….” a way of thinking”……..”a reflection of self awareness and understanding”……know that we are true fans of something very special….something that will stay with us for the rest of our lives…..and those of you still thinking ”but lateralus has all the clever time signitures ….and what about the drums danny used to do ”……stop ur fucking whining and get of the boat you ignorant fucks….if you want another lateralus then try and make it urself….its been done….y repeat the same shit over and over again…….this is something new…..fresh and not done by the band before…….10,000 days meens to be determined…..to keep going despite obsticals and critisisms……to hold on to ur faiths and beliefs…….to not give up ………and to reach your individual goals……..so what the fuck are you……the fan of an album…..or somebody who apreciates the efforts made in order to ilustrate out ideas not covered by any other band on this planet…..this is a decision im leaving up to u………so make up ur fucking minds……..u crazy fucking sheep ppl!!!

  • adi

    ^please buy a dictionary ^ 😛

    the album is awesome. you can over-analyse it if u want so leave those ppl who do alone.

  • dirty dutch

    This album is going to seperate tool fans: The real fans from the commercial fans. I feel that most of the negative comments are comming from the comming from the commerial fans. When I was at Coachella, (being the good husband I am,) I was standing at the Sahara dance tent waiting for Madonna to start. while waiting I heard so called “TOOL FANS” in the crowd saying “It was either get a good spot for Madonna or Tool” They chose Madonna???????????? They call themselves men?????????????????????? Sorry to offend but its true. Being a true Tool fan attempted to try and see if there were other Tool fans in my position and started to Baaaa like a sheep to mock and possibly piss off the Madonna fans. I could explain but you should already know. The point is that this they may have one or two songs that may air on TV or radio consistanly and fake commercial Tool fans will stay away. GO WATCH YOUR TRL AND LISTEN TO YOUR EMO-ROCK and quit posting bad shit about the alum. It is a great album. And I don’t remember who it was but how can you think Opiate was one of their worst album. Are you nuts? Or is it cause you never seen a vidio on TV cause it had one before it got pulled of the air. Do you see where I am coming from?

  • Trevor

    Haha, I like how Adi said “Please buy a dictionary” and then spelled analyze incorrectly.

    Anyways, I think this review is actually pretty good and well-written.

    And as for the album? It is definitely growing on me–I knew it would take a while, I mean it’s fucking TOOL–they force their fans to be patient in every way.

    I had an interesting thought about Intension: It starts out with organic-sounding hand drums and maynard is singing “Pure as we begin.” Then gradually the song transforms and the drums are electronic. I think the lyrics are reflected in the drums, or vise versa.

  • Trevor

    Please don’t anyone on here track me down and kill me for forgetting to capitalize Maynard.

    “Blah blah blah MAYNARD IS GOD!!! MJK! OMG!”

    Give the other three quarters of the band some credit too.

  • Jack On

    SpiralOut, to address you first, allow me to clear up something. It’s not that I dont believe you can learn something from a second glance/reading/listening/etc. I know that you can. However, there’s countless times that I’ve heard people say that Tool’s music requires additional listening to “get”, as if Tool’s music and Tool’s music alone was some sort of mathematical outline for god. To say that Tool’s music is so “deep” and “powerful” that it requires that kind of attention is a poor method of diverting from what I and others have said: It’s a poor album. If you like it, fine. But dont try to tell me it’s up to par with Aenima in it’s nature or Lateralis in its complexity.

    Trevor before me says Tool forces you to be patient in every way. Uh, okay. How does that make sense? Again, so it’s this band and it’s all-powerful members with some deep message trying to convert human beings into patient free-thinkers like Tool themselves. Tool is four members who, like someone else said, are clearly in it for business reasons, cause if they weren’t they would have stayed in the garage.

    Which leads me to the topic of this new trend that has emerged since my last post. So now 10,000 days is a great wall between the real fans (who “get it”) and the commercial fans (who dont). Wow. If that’s not an elementary way of thinking… No, this will simply divide fans into the disappointed and the religiously devoted. Yes, it takes devotion to like this album. Hell, a friend of mine is listening to it over and over again to CONVINCE himself he likes it. That’s sad, not devoted.

    And SpiralOut, as for their music being art, on that same note you must consider the music of country musicians, rappers, christian bands, the emo trend, hair bands, and some pop singers to be artists as well, because they do write their own music. Some, yes, only write parts. But, regardless, you seem to cast art as creation, and these above-mentioned groups create some, if not ALL, of their music. Somehow, I dont think you’d call them artists like you would call Tool.

    And wow, this was long…

  • Trevor

    Okay, here are some ways that Tool forces fans to be patient:

    1. (This is more obvious) They don’t release an album every one or two years. They actually put time and thought into their music. Not to mention they probably get a kick out of building up the anticipation.

    2. The music does indeed require multiple listens. First you must feel the music, then you can begin to analyze it and figure out what it means to you. It takes a while for a Tool album to really “hit you.”

    3. The songs aren’t 3 minute long simple ballads. They paint stories over the course of usually 7 or 8 minutes. One must have the patience to listen to a song that slowly and subtly brews into a climactic masterpiece.

    Tool are in no way souless businessmen who are only in it for the money, though I’m sure they enjoy their success…it was well-earned.

  • Trevor

    Oh, and emo music, hair bands, rappers, etc. do make art–just not particularly good art. In fact most of it is complete corporate bullshit. It really depends on how one defines art. I just think of it as being a form of personal expression, whether it be drama, painting, sculpture, music, or fucking synchronized swimming for all I care.

    Everybody has his/her own definition for everything.

  • Jack On

    Trevor, exactly what source do you draw these conclusions from?

    1) “They actually put time and thought into their music”
    —Hate to break it to you, but any musician who writes a riff, lyrical piece, or entire song has put time and thought into it. The same can be said of anyone who records a song. Therefore, this is a valid argument, as it applies to everyone. Were you there to watch them make the album? Did they sit there for days at a time working on one section of one song? Not likely. Plus, given the fact that Maynard has his side project A Perfect Circle, did light work in a small film, and worked on soundtracks, I seriously doubt he devoted such a great amount of time over those four years (that taught patience, of course) as you claim.

    2. “It takes a while for a Tool album to really ‘hit you'”
    –Okay, I’ve heard this over and over, and commented on it. But please, oh please do more than say that and tell me why!? Why does Tool’s music require all of these listens to “get it”? And–again, please–let me know if there’s any other music that you have to listen to like this. Cause from what I can tell, from the rantings of all you “real Tool fans who get it”, Tool is the only band you dont “get” until you listen to them for days on end.

    3. “The songs aren’t 3 minute long simple ballads. They paint stories over the course of usually 7 or 8 minutes. One must have the patience to listen to a song that slowly and subtly brews into a climactic masterpiece”
    –Maynard doesn’t sing nearly as much on 10,000 Days as he did on other albums, so the lyrical story sure as hell isn’t there. So I guess ambient noise and sound effects, a mediocre bassline, and lyrics such as “you must have been so high” sung in a goofy high pitch voice that was never used before is worthy to be called a masterpiece. Again, you list completely subjective opinion as though the band had come out during a press conference and made these claims. Far more important is the idea of quality over quanity. Tool’s songs have the quanity–we all know that–but lack the quality, and that’s being nice. How many tracks on a typical Tool album–even Aenima–are “real” songs (i.e., how many include constant play from all instruments, including vocals)? Generally, you have tracks in the early-to-mid teens and less than 10 meet that criteria. Listen to (-) ions, Eon Blue Apocolypse, the last three tracks of Lateralis, etc. Come on, playing some noise for several minutes or giving us cooking directions in a foreign language is not my idea of art or thought-provoking music. As I said, no quality. Just time being used up.

    And I’m glad you admit that other musicians are artists, at least, but to say that it’s not “good art” and mostly corporate… come on, Trev, so is Tool. Maynard even quote David Bowie: “Once I became a better businessman, I became a better artist”.

    Yea… real non-corporate of him.

  • Brainiac Fingers

    To Trever, who said: “Haha, I like how Adi said ‘Please buy a dictionary’ and then spelled analyze incorrectly”. You obviously don’t know that “analyse” is the correct English spelling of that word.

    analyse v.tr. (US analyze)

  • stoicism

    Maybe he lives in the U.S.? Heh. Take a look at the entry again buddy :).

    Anyway, this album is nothing short of amazing.

  • Pushit IRISH

    This album is really growing on me. First time I heard it I thought I was dissapointed, but the more and more you listen to it the more you get addicted to it and the more you become to realise just how good it is.

    I will echo some other’s thoughts here though, in that at this point I don’t think it can rival either Aenima or Lateralus to be Tool’s greatest albums. Those two are both masterpieces, but, as I said earlier, the more you listen to 10,000 Days, the more you get to like it, so you never know….

  • andy

    I love 10000 days.The odd time signitures are wild.My faverit song right now is Rosletta stoned.This is by far the coolest album art ever.

  • Tool’s new album, even with it’s artsy idiotic cover, is just a bunch of damn noise that some of you pot heads will call, “amazing art.” It’s King Crimson meets Skinny Puppy.

    I LOVED Tool’s other albums. Hell, I played them until the friggin’ disc wore out (not literally dumb ass). But this is a sad piece of crap.

  • Opiate

    1. The ten tracks with music you are referring to contains more music than most full length albums with 14 or more tracks
    2. Corporate is not meant in a monetary sense I presume but rather indicating being music bred for a specific market by the ‘corporates’ behind the band/idol.
    3. I for one think the interludes are very necessary on TOOL albums to make the long tracks more segmented and free you from any emotion attached to the previous song. That’s what it does for me anyway. But if you don’t like ’em skip ’em.
    4. If you don’t like TOOL why bother to come here and read all these comments???
    5. If you want a quick fix and don’t want to take time to appreciate music on a deeper level you should rather stick to bands like trapt and disturbed.

  • Jack On

    Opiate, this review has turned into a forum for debate on the topic that is Tool, a band that I have been a fan of for a long time. It is that very reason that I–as well as some others, clearly–am so strongly harsh on this new album.

    I dont buy into this whole idea, however, that Tool’s music is free from negative–perhaps even constructive–criticism simply because a bunch of devotees swear that Tool’s music is immaculate art. And you continue that tradition of sheltering Tool as if sheltering a child from disciplinary action (“he’s young, he didn’t know any better”).

    If Tool’s interludes free you from emotion, that’s fine. Perhaps too deep in some pseudo-spiritual existentialism, but fine. I, on the other hand, find them to be fillers, allowing Tool to put as little effort as possible in delivering a true full-length record. And, yes, maybe their limited number of “real” tracks are longer than most others in any genre, but as I argued in my last post, that assumes that quanity surpasses quality. I find that the lengthy, epic-wannabe songs serve as only fillers, continuing in the footsteps of other Tool hallmarks such as Eulogy and Pushit. Those songs were long, but did not seem so monotonous. And Aenima as a whole did not consist of every song being that way. Rather, shorter songs such as H, Stinkfist, and Jimmy were there to balance it out. 10,000 Days is an album full of boring, unfulfilling songs that go on for the as long as the album title suggests.

  • Trevor

    I have many people to address.

    (Might as well get this out of the way first) Okay, so the British spell it “analyse.” I knew someone was going to say that. Adi, do you happen to be British? Either way, it doesn’t matter. Type in “analyse” to Microsoft Word and see what happens…

    Jack…I don’t know where to start. Sure, all bands put time and “thought” into their music. But does, let’s say, My Chemical Romance or Nickelback put as much time or thought into their music? No way in hell! And no, of course I was not there to see them record it–that’s completely irrelevant. This is probably the worst argument I’ve ever heard.

    And as far as the length and content of the songs? How about quantity AND quality? There’s no way “Reflection” could have been crammed into less than 11 minutes and still been as good. And what did I ever say about a lyrical story? As Maynard said in an interview, the lyrics are no more important than the rest of the music–the music gives the “feeling” and the lyrics just sort of fine tune it and show where it is going. Oh, and you said he doesn’t sing nearly as much on 10,000 days–I don’t think that’s entirely true. I find there to be much lyrical content on the new album.

    And for the “filler” tracks or whatever you want to call them. I find them to be completely necessary. They make the songs transition well, which turns the album into one huge composition. I don’t know about anyone else on here, but when I listen to Tool, I listen to the album as a whole.

    You seem to equate “corporate” with “business.” Not all businessmen are corporate businessmen. Anyways, I think if all Maynard cared about was making money he would have played whatever the record company told him to. And you know what? He didn’t. Though he does admit to selling out, as many of us know, in the song “Hooker with a Penis.” How else would his music reach the number of fans that it does?

    Oh and a question popped into my mind: How is it that whatever I say is subjective, but your opinions are apparently OBJECTIVE as if you base everything you say on facts alone? All of your arguments are just as subjective as mine.

    One thing you are right about is that Tool is not/should not be free from criticism. Critisize all you want, but prepare for criticism against yourself.

    Jack, do you happen to be a pretentious college kid that walks around carrying books by Sartre and then regurgitating random philosophical bullshit whenever you get the chance to impress somebody? “Pseudo-spiritual existentialism” give me a break…

    Okay, Mike…I’m not even going to bother. You seem ignorant beyond repair. At least Jack Off seems to sort of know a little about what he wants to be talking about.

    By the way, I know that no matter WHAT I say, you are going to find some way to try and shoot it down or argue it. This may be one of those “agree to disagree” situations.

  • rollrcoastr

    One last and final thing to say directed to all the people “entitled to their opinion” when your opinion about the album is negative or you think Tool has sold out or created a product that is lacking in whatever aspect you were looking for:

    All you know about me is what I’ve sold you, DUMB FUCK. I sold out long before you ever even heard my name. I sold my soul to make a record, DIP SHIT, AND YOU BOUGHT ONE! All you read and wear or see and hear on TV is a product begging for your fatass dirty dollar so… SHUT UP AND BUY MY NEW RECORD. SEND MORE MONEY. FUCK YOU, BUDDY. YOU BOUGHT IT ALL!!!

    I think that about sums it up right from the belly of the beast. For those of you that were able to sing along with what I wrote above, I love you all and will see you at the show. For those in the dark, you really suck. And you know what? (Lemme stir it up even more) If you don’t appreciate 10,000 Days, YOU SUCK. You are dumb, point blank. You ability to comprehend is atrocious. Stick to the radio and every other piece of shit that you eat up on a daily basis. I can’t wait to read your bullshit rebuttals.

  • everytoolhater

    Tool sucks! I listened to one song and I decided that the entire album sucks. I know it takes time for these songs to soak in, but I am an impatient loser who likes nothing more than shitty metal and radio music. If it is not extremely popular and constantly on the radio or Mtv then it sucks. Green Day is the best band ever period. I know it all you see, and this 10,000 Days album is crap. That is a fact because I said so, and don’t you try to tell me otherwise because you are just wrong and don’t know half of what I do about music mmkay? This CD is talentless compared to my Yellowcard CD. Tool isn’t even good at all. None of the members can even play their instruments. Danny Carey is the worst drummer in history. I mean how can you compare him to Tre Cool, answer that will ya? All of you who think Tool is good you need to listen to Panic at the Disco, now that’s real music.

  • Jack On

    Wow, Trev, did I strike a nerve?

    First of all, yes I’m a college “kid” as you put it, but I dont know about the whole philosophical rant thing and attempts to impress someone with those rants. If you’re insulted by the fact that I have a vocabulary that includes more than “whoa”, “that’s bullshit”, and “Tool is art”, then by all means, be insulted. And what about you? Who are you exactly? Perhaps a high school student who has all the problems in the world cause he cant get a prom date simply because he wants to wear a black t-shirt with a band name on it everywhere he goes. Is that you? I doubt you’re the high school football team quarterback. They usually dont get emotional on one song, take a breather for the “filler”, and then tear up for the next one.

    It’s that allusion to how emotional and well-developed Tool’s music is that makes me call your opinions subjective. You make the assumption that Tool puts in so much more time into their music as other bands, such as My Chemical Romance, as you mentioned. Am I a fan of My Chemical Romance? No. Hell no, in fact. I deplore their music. But I can say the same for 10,000 Days, so you’re not going to find me hailing 10,000 Days as a monumental masterpiece and questioning how four human beings could make such a solid testament to progress in ONLY four years. Come on, this album could have taken a single year for all we know. Dont try to tell me that Tool put some much effort into their music JUST BECAUSE they are Tool. And when it comes to putting “thought” into their music, how do you define thought? I guess Tool were the only ones who were consciously aware of what they were doing during the creating process. Or maybe you think Tool’s the only band that’s ever said “No, wait, try this, it might sound better”.

    I agree. How about quality AND quanity! But like I said, take a look at Pushit, Eulogy, etc. It’s been done. Tool just didn’t do it again.

    For Maynard to say lyrics just sort of fine-tune music, doesn’t that contradict what he said right before that statement. Ya know, about the lyrics being no more important than the rest. Unless, however, he means that the lyrics are less important. If a song goes on for seven minutes, is it going to kill him to sing for five? And I mean SING. Not like whisper some here and there, talk a bit here and there, maybe scream at the end.

  • Brainiac Fingers

    …meanwhile back at dictionary corner… I typed “analyse” into Microsoft Word: nothing happened. The reason nothing happened is because I’d already selected “English (United Kingdom)” from the “choose Dictionary” option. You see, the Kings English came first, “American English” is its retarded, bastard son, who only comes out at “nite” 😉

    On to the new Tool album. After living with 10,000 days for more than a week now, I must retract all my previous negative comments about it. It is an exceptional album, full of rhythmic subtleties (which is what attracted me to Tool in the first place) that aren’t obvious on first listen. I now proclaim 10, 000 Days to be a worthy successor to the mighty ‘Lateralus’.

  • Trevor

    What are you talking about Brainiac Fingers??? England just named its stupid country after MY language…duh! Haha 🙂

    And Jack…this transitions well…I’m glad you have a wide vocabulary. I consider myself to have one also. I can’t stand talking to people who say “You know, like, when shit, like, sucks?” NO, I don’t know when shit sucks. What exactly does shit suck?

    My point is, I’ve only heard a certain breed of intellectuals use the words “pseudo” and “existential” within the same sentence. And those people, like, totally suck, man…

    You’re right. We know nothing about each other. I have one or two band shirts that I wear maybe once a month. I don’t fit the typical “I’m deep and I listen to deep music” kind of look. I don’t know what my “look” is–I don’t really care.

    And I didn’t mean to come across as thinking that whatever Tool does is art simply because they are TOOL. And yes, they are not the only ones who say “No wait, try this, it might sound better.” Anyways, their particular sound includes what some people have referred to as “noise” and no, Maynard doesn’t sing full-throttle the entire time. Basically what I’m trying to say is I like their sound the way it is and apparently they do too. You make it sound like Maynard is just lazy and doesn’t feel like giving it his all. I believe that he just likes doing it the way that he DOES do it. Tool wouldn’t be the same if he were singing throughout the entire 8 minute song. Plus, I think that would take away any effect his vocals had when used sparingly.

    Hopefully that about wraps it up? I’ve actually sort of enjoyed this little debate…

  • WOW all I hear is how Lateralus was a masterpiece and how 10,000 days suck. I have been a Tool fan since there 1st EP in 92 and I have no nipple rings or new tattoos. 10,000 days is Tool moving forward. As any Tool fan will tell ya, you have to sit down and LISEN to the album a few times to feel it. There albums have been that way since Opiate. 10.000 days is a great album worthy of any Tool fans love.
    As for the masterpiece it is still Ænima.
    Expand you mind and think for your self.

  • lern2swim

    Rollrcoastr… that’s at least the second time that I’ve seen the lyrics to hwap quoted in this discussion to support the pov that it is somehow blasphemous to criticize this ablum. The problem with that should be quite simple for someone with your superior ability to comprehend to see…

    The criticism is not coming from people who are saying Tool has sold out. I haven’t read through all the post but I can at the very least say with complete truth that I personally never did.

    As I’ve already stated, I have no problem with other people enjoying the album, hell, I enjoy it, my problem is that idiots like you think that somehow it’s high treason to criticize Tool.

    Don’t get all caught up in your superior comprehension skills either, comprehension has nothing to do with it. The problem is you’re standing there staring at the naked king and telling him how great his new clothes look. Grow up.

  • rollrcoastr


    thats great dude. i just wanted to stir it up. you win! i just needed some attention because i dont get enough from my mother. which brings me to the subject of hamburgers. they are like, so good. especially with cheese and jello. makes me feel mellow. then i climbed up the mountain and achieved the pompous status of ass sausage. naked king oh naked king, how large it looks. where would i have been if it wasnt for you. please give me direction and ressurect my treason for to mention anything, something to eat, and then wash my hair. are you still reading this? i am so bored. on to the next blog to see what i have to do to get some more attention…

  • rollrcoastr




  • rollrcoastr

    tool is the bet

  • chemical romance hottie

    10000 days blows monkey balls

  • alberthoffman

    i like tool

  • britney spears

    The new tool album is like sooooo crappy, totally

  • Eric Olsen

    Tool likes you

  • lern2swim

    i like to lick on candy. makes my lips so sticky. ooo-la-la, you’ve got to work, COVERGIRL, do your thing… shante, shante!!!

  • Jack On

    Does anyone want to guess why the boys all call me Jack On? I will give you one gu-ues-sss…

  • bill hicks

    tool is good, really good, really really good, reeaaaaaaaaaalllllll high on life

  • fred durst

    i did it all for the nookie yo. i like to cover queer 80s pop. you gotta have faith. we are so deep, kid, so stick the cookie up your ass. get up with that shit, kid. tool can’t fuck with me, yo

  • #1nickelbackgroupie

    Tool really sucks. that is why you never hear them on the radio. duh, everyone knows that the good stuff is on the radio. that is what we want to hear. thank you CLEAR CHANNEL for controlling the airwaves, fuckers!!!

  • everytoolhater

    i just listened to the album for the second time and it still sounds like some teletubbies theme music. if i dont like the album after one or two listens, then i shove it up my ass until i absorb it through the linings of my rectum. damn. it RECT- UM, DAMN NEAR KILLED UM. i need music that jumps out and grabs me like 50 cent you. you be a wanksta, i be da gangsta, SON…

  • lern2swim


    i couldnt have said it better myself. you get where i am coming from, brother. you know what they say, great minds think alike. lets go grab a latte from starbucks and see what new EMO albums there are. then we can vomit and masturbate with our own tears…

  • Jack On

    Whoopee, lets all go. can i go can i go too? please. lets meet at the usual place. you know, under the train tracks. where we first met and… well you know so i dont want to say. but i would like to try it again. i will bring my george michaels greatest hits album

  • lern2swim

    jack on…

    I just got the remastered tear for fears with the weblink so when you play it on your computer it goes right to their website and they have like all this interactive stuff to play with like make boy georges junk grow if you scoop up some magical beans and feed them to him then he will sing accapella and you can make him sing louder be pressing enter really fast and his voice goes higher. OMG, he is the best


    the new tool album is horrible. there music is so face value. what is he saying? i need to be able to clearly hear the words to like it, like billy sings. green day is so much better than tool. they sing about important stuff like politics and war. you know the stuff that people have been singing about for 50 years. the stuff that the masses like. the stuff that MAKES MONEY AND BRINGS FAME AND GIVES US AN OUTLET TO PORTRAY OUR POLITICAL AGENDA AND BRTAINWASH ALL THE KIDDIES INTO OUR BELIEFS. THE STUFF THAT HAS BEEN DONE SO MANY GOD DAMN MOTHERFUCKING TIMES OVER.


    hello maynard. nice to see you again. glad you can come. now step inside and see what albert has waiting for you.

  • albert hoffman

    its a new blend, made especially for you. does anyone else want to come on the ride? i am driving…

  • rollrcoatr

    i want to go, also. i will see you at the square on avenue J. midtown traffic may be busy, so wait for me. Rosetta S said she will be there, damn, what was i supposed to say? this shit never happens to me

  • lern2swim

    did i mention that i just came out of the closet?

  • Jack On

    only because of me…

  • everytoolhater

    and me…

  • rollrcoastr

    Now that is some cutting edge art. Dont bother, I’m out.

  • lern2swim: I applaud your energy but as comments editor I need to ask you to try and limit your personal expression to just one identity, in or out of the closet…


  • MCH


    Please except my apologies for going off-topic…but last night during the Yankees-Red Sox game, Joe Morgan said, “Alex Rodriguez is the only one I see coming down the pike who has a shot at 700 or more homers.”…Which is how I learned the expression, and flashed me back to our “is it pike or is it pipe” debate…??

  • Franko

    Joe Morgan often uses incorrect English, much like John Madden makes up his own words. I would have to say “pipe”, though. Unless you consider that a “pike” is a long pole-like weapon, similar to a baseball bat? Pike is also the name of an Elven character in a fantasy book. Maybe Joe thinks that AROD looks like an elf (subconciously, of course).

    TOOL is great. 10,000 Days is great. I am thoroughly pleased with the bands newest accomplishment. Can’t wait for the tour!

  • Seven hundred Homers? What would Marge say?

  • Franko

    Oh Homieee!!! Doh- MMMM, BEER…

    Now talk about Tool!

  • Trevor


    How did I manage not to get made fun of throughout that entire tirade?

  • Jack On

    Yep, good debate, Trevor. Been fun.

    And whoever’s using Jack On as their ID on here… I would say it was funny had your remarks been a little more original.

  • lern2swim

    Seriously… If I had actually crecked a smile it might have been worth the time for whomever did all that. Not that they obviously have a whole lot going on for themselves in the first place.

  • After listening to 10,000 Days the respect I had for Tool went a million notches higher. Just outstanding.

    This is not another Lateralus. This is not an Aenama. This is not undertow. This is the sound of a band that is in total creative and artistic control of their music. Every mainstream rock band should listen to this record and weep. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

    To Maynard, Adam, Danny and Justin: Thank you so much. You made my year a memorable one.

  • 8ball

    oh….god……..oh god…….u are all like little children …….its ok ur forgiven for u know not what you do……its ok….when the next album comes out….be it in 5 years or whatever…im sure ule all be saying ….tool rocks……ule come out of your ”i hate tool” closets and beg to be taken back into the fold….dont forget la te ra lus was the end of one journey and 10,000 days is the beginning of another…..y not see where it goes b4 judging something that will be recognised and praised all in good time……..and as for my spelling in a previous post….im sorry…..do you feel better now……its ok little baby…..go back to your im better coz i can spell using a dictionary box…..ok dude…..thanx…….baaaaaa….baaaa…baaaabababazaaaaa

  • Trevor

    Haha, so you’re not British?

  • Vicman

    What the fuck guys!!

    10,000 days is amazing, same as Lateralus and Aenima. wings and 10,000 are fucking awesome.

  • mother do you think

    this album is subpar. that is a fact.

  • Swed

    10,000 Days is absolutely amazing, it takes a long time and a lot of patience to digest and start to love, just like Lateralus. I just saw Tool live on their small venue tour, and let me tell you that these songs are not decoys, anybody who thinks that makes me sick. These songs absolutely shred live, that concert left me speechless, it was the most amazing live music you could ever hope to see. If you want to hate on Tool or on this album, just keep your mouth shut until you see them live, then we’ll see what you have to say.

  • usefulidiot

    …10 years after Aenima, 5 years after Lateralus, a new classic was born: 10000 Days is the album of the year…

  • Plewright

    I was thinking this new album was a bit crap compared to Lateralus. One thing noticeable is the lack of Maynard’s open sustained voice. It is a lot more rare on this album but when it does come it blows you away. 10’ooo days will probably take that long to fully appreciate. I am already starting to enjoy the journey. It just pisses me off every time I get cut short two or three songs in. I think that Lost Keys/Rosetta Stoned is about a person admitted into hospital suffering from drug induced psychosis. Rosetta Stoned is obviously a reference to the Rosetta Stone which is a key monument. Perhaps the person in the song is monumentally stoned? The same person stupid enough to end up lying in bed shitting on themselves is the same idiot who would give creedence to conspiracy theories involving some connection between aliens and ancient civilisations. Too much StarGate and LSD I think.

  • Sid

    I’m on hour 489 of straight through listening to 10,000 Days on my ipod, car, work computer, etc… My goal is like the album 10,000 hours. And I have to say, with each listen, I pick up something that I haven’t realized before, nudged in between the pieces of music and it is so cool. The music makes you really ponder the absoluteness of virtually everything around us and whether pursuing it is vainglory in the precious, mock existence allotted time we have. I’ve also discovered that if you have an equalizer and you boost the overtones in the harmonics, shifting them slightly to the right channel with lots of mids in the room, the album sounds generate a sparkling effect that leads to more absorbing of all the small little cascading effects and thus, truly revealing the hidden deep layers of this great album. But it requires many listens. I say this record is up there with Lateralus, perhaps even better.

  • mensa

    By the way, I didn’t know if you people knew this. But, If you burn both Viginti Tres followed by Wings for marie .. Then, play that track as one with 10,000 days as another track and play both at the same time, Both Wings for Marie AND 10,000 days sync ! It is incredible ! It is like an 8 piece band but it all FLOWS ! It flows like one song.. It is the most unique and incredible thing I have ever heard in my life.. BadA$$ ! The vocals, drums, the guitar riffs, everything flows ! Both songs get heavy at the same point at 9 minutes and 14 seconds in, it is magical ! This band synched tracks ! They synched them in testament to Maynard’s mother passing to sound like an 8 piece band.. The vocals wisp back and forth almost like a conversation during the sync.. It’s UNREAL !

    Tool meant these tracks to synch.. If you look at the track times, “10,000 days” is 11 mins and 13 seconds long.. When you add the track times of “Viginti Tres” and “Wings for Marie” it adds up to 11:13 as well.. Look at the album cover ! There are 3 faces with one in the front.. This SICK band meant for all three tracks to play as one song for the self-title track “10,000 days” . Freaky !!

    By the way, “Viginti Tres” means the number 23 in Latin . 23 is the number of synchronicity . And nothing is more synchronous than hearing the tracks mixed as I described .. Everything Tool writes is for a reason. These aren’t merely interludes and fillers this band puts between songs. All their tracks have a meaning and there’s a reason why they are there .. They are truly a one of a kind band like no other.

    I recommend using a surround sound system for this.. Play 10,000 days in the rear and viginti treS + Wings for Marie in the front.. It’s much better than headphones with listening each tune in one ear.. Because you have a fade with headphones.. Ever notice sometimes the bass guitar (or the effects) will only play in one ear with headphones ? And you may have to adjust the bars and volume.. But once you set it right, the sync is undeniable and it is a pure treat .. Well this is what I mean . It must be heard with a surround system . About two minutes in there will be sounds swingin around your head..It is so cosmic and trippy. When it gets heavy at 9 minutes and 14 seconds in, Both songs get heavy at the same point and it sounds like a cohesive 8 piece band. It’s crazy ! I havent stopped listening to this musical feast for 3 days now.. This band is SICK SICK SICK !!

    Tool, once again, has come up with something totally innovative on an album. A band that is truly unparalleled IMHO. They never disappoint . On the 2001 release Lateralus , they did the infamous fibonacci sequence in the title song.. Tool’s Lateralus is the best album front to back I have ever heard, PERIOD.. They are intoxicating once you give them enough time to squeeze into your consciousness. And with hours of straight listening, your flattened.. Because this band is so deep, it takes a long time for you to absorb their musical complexities , waves and textures. But once you absorb them with alot of listens, it is entrenched into your psychy and they are a mad MAD addiction ..

    Every album this foursome comes up with has some new mad musical ideas, they are like mad musical scientists .. Here, in 10,000 days they sync three songs , to make it sound like one incredible song ! The only band in history to accomplish this incredible feat on an album.. This band is pure genius. And with every release they never cease to amaze me. For about 10 years now this band has made me just speechless. I have received such pleasures over their sound over the years that I believe these 4 guys who call themselves “Tool” , are really from another planet … Pure genius . What innovation . What an experience . Album of the year . This is a masterpiece !!

  • Swed

    Hey Mensa, how can you make a surround sound system play 10,000 days on the rear speakers and play Viginiti Tres/Wings on the front speakers? Don’t you need 2 cds playing at once to listen to the synch? How can you do this?

  • Tance

    People can say what they want if they like the album or not. I don’t really care what all of you say 10,000 day is a very good album. One of my friends introduced me to Tool and I am glad he did. They are a very good band and I love their songs. Good job Tool, hope to see more albums in the future!

  • Frankie

    10,000 Days is by far Tool’s greatest album. It whips Lateralus’s ass! Although, I thought Tool couldn’t get any better after Lateralus. For some people it might take a few listens of the entire album to get used to how really great the album is. At first the songs may seem unique from all the others but thats what makes this album the best Tool album of all! I have listened to every Tool song, and these are by far the best.It has it all! It’s simply amazing.

  • Brainiac Fingers

    To “mensa” who said: “On the 2001 release Lateralus , they did the infamous fibonacci sequence in the title song..” Er, I’m sorry to shatter your illusions, but the band didn’t intended to it to be that way. Here’s what Danny Carey said about it in an article from Rhythm magazine – August 2002:-

    “It was originally to be called 9-8-7 because there was a bar of 9,8 and 7…we had some great jams on that one…it tuned out that Maynard came up with these words about spirals which were based on the Fibonacci sequence; the 987 is one of the steps on the sequence. We were so amazed at the synchronicity of it”.

    So there you have it straight from the drummers mouth; it was a fluke that the time signature matched a step in the Fibonacci sequence . Therefore, I’d imagine any “synchronicity” that might occur from the superimposition of three completely unrelated songs would also be a fluke and/or a figment of one’s imagination. But, hey, if people want to listen to every track on a Tool album simultaneously rather than one track at a time – the way Tool intended – then go for it.

  • The first time I listened to the album, I was disapointed. Now, I am disapointed in myself for being disapointed. This is easily some of TOOL’s best work. The whole album is FANTASTIC, even Lipan Conjuring, which to me is MUCH better than the baby crying on Aenima. The more I listen to 10,000 days, the more I love it. I saw TOOL live in Toronto on May 16th, they played Vicarious, Jambi, LostKeys/Rosetta Stoned and Right In Two, which are all Brilliant live songs. TOOL has done it yet again. I would rate this album my very close 2nd favorite, after Aenima. I could say that 10,000 days is my favorite, but I want to give it time before I make that assumption.


  • zac

    fuck all you no money making wannabe critics fuck off

  • wonderkid

    Is it really possible to give urself a bj!?

  • I once had an affair with a woman whose husband’s “ability” and, er, taste for doing that was one of the major causes of her infidelity…

  • 8ball

    erm………..the guy on lost keys is the guy from the last track on lateralus…….the message……one of hope for those to hear it and a warning to those who do not…………is his warning about disasters coming…..the population should be moved to unpopulated areas…..blah blah blah………….and maybe the tracks are supposed to be syncronised…………..would be a good way to beat the internet file sharing……..for one track to be split and hidden on the album…..with clues and hints in the artwork…………..i myself sncronised lost keys and lipan conjuring………!

  • Brainiac Fingers

    …Wow! I wonder if they’ll “synchronise” live. What a plie of crap that would be.

  • yeah

    “The Pot” is unreal

  • 8ball

    y the fuck is every one comparing this album to old albums……….u just dont fuckin get it do ya ppl!

  • Tool is the devil. Maynard is the devil. All their albums are straight up evil and sound like circus music bellowed from an anus. They are nothing like the crowbar I have, let alone like any other of my tools. MISLEADING!

  • 11:11

    Alrighty then
    you say you never thought that you would get excited over an album because your 21 years of age “holy f**cking sh*t”
    Oh my your so grown up and all…

  • No, not really. I suppose I just likened being excited over a new album ‘teenybopper-ish’ and that I thought I was a little over that stage.

  • Wait… I now have ACTUALLY listened to their music! I retract my last statements.

    What a sheep I am.

  • TOOL!!!

    Don’t compare this to anything.. listen to it.. understand wat ur saying before u say it.. love it.. then go fuck urself u fuckin wannabe critics.. this album is amazing

  • TOOL!!!

    oh and nice review jess

  • Frankie

    This album is by far the best Tool album. I’ve been a Tool fan for many years. They are one of my favorite bands. I’ve listened to every album numerous of times and this is by far their best work. It surpasses Lateralus, yet it is a different style sort of, but still progressive and also aggressive at points. 10,000 Days may not seem like much the first time you listen to it because you are used to Lateralus or other albums. You don’t need to listen to any older albums before listening to this one because this one is one of kind. Even the instrumental songs sound cool such as Lost Keys and Intension. Lipan Conjuring isn’t that specail. Wings of Marie and 10,000 Days really grab you and it makes you want to listen to this album over and over again. This album should be considered a work of art. I don’t see why some people think this albums sucks! I guess they dont see the true meaning of this band…

  • Jack

    i downloaded all the songs off limewire and it was wierd coz it wasnt even tool. they made u download it and it was sum shit that isnt music. and i thought it would be a crap album by that but ive looked at reviews and asked ppl and they say its worth it so yeh i was a bit confused and will be buyin the album on this weekend

  • Forms ! ) Jesus….. Love it or hate it i would like it better if you hated it tho. To many tool fans out their with no clue SHEEP !. 10,000 Days is a album that the more you listen to the more you hear, I love albums like that. Stop looking to tool for the way you should think or feel about something.

  • ToolGod

    RingWorm your add to the post was quite odd but i hear ya man to man freaks on a leash out there. BTW god Hates you

  • Ray

    Yeah, HIGHLY addictive album. Masterpiece. The more you listen to it, the more you’re drawn in by it emotionally. And that’s before you start realising the lyrics through the repetition. Once you get those (checking out sites like toolshed.down.net also helps), it just rockets the experience to a new level!!! F|_|ckin awesome!!! Ray, 30, South Africa

  • I have no idea whether I should buy the album or not. I have heard that’s it’s exceptionally great and that to others it sucked ass. I want to know from others. But please no Tool freaks or Tool Haters, just common ppl. Help a Tool listener out please. Thank you. 🙂

  • p-jizzle

    Save your money dude. You should just download “right in two,” the only decent song in my opinion.

  • AgentOrange

    How do you guys know 10000 days (wings part II) is about Maynard’s mother? Not that I don’t believe you, I was just wondering if someone actually heard this for a fact from Maynard? Honestly, when I first heard this song, I thought it was about Satan finally gaining acceptance into heaven. Listen to the lyrics and tell me what you think.

  • Unhappy fan

    Hey guys, before you diss me for my handle, let me say that I am huge Tool fan, and honestly I was really disappointed at Maynard’s behavior after the show in Kansas City. A friend of mine was let backstage, she was a girl of course, Maynard will not allow men backstage with him, apparently he is a total male whore (and no, this isn’t what bothers me, of course most males who could get as much punani as him would be a male whore). Ok, so let’s get to what I am mad about. First off, this girl who was let backstage has been backstage with Maynard 3 times, so she has seen his behavior a couple times. The first time she was backstage there was another girl who brought her brother, which totally pissed Maynard off cause he only wanted girls backstage, and she said to Maynard,”Hey my brother is a huge fan, he has loved every album you have ever done, it would mean so much to him if you would just give him your autograph and then he’ll leave”. So in response to this, Maynard did give him his autograph, he took a permanent marker, signed a grapefruit, then threw it at this kid’s head and said, “why don’t you cry about it you fuckin pussy”, then he had the kid violently thrown out. I’m sure the rest of you Maynard fans would be pretty pissed if one of your favorite artists treated you like this, he could have easily just been nice and secured himself another lifelong fan. I really think that behavior is totally fucked up.

    Then, after the show at this Friday at Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri, Maynard invited this same girl backstage; she was one of four girls who made it backstage by the way. Anyway, they are talking to Maynard and they ask him what it’s like to be onstage with everyone cheering, basically what it’s like to be the center of so many people who totally love what you do. Maynard shrugs and says, “whatever, it pays the bills”. The girls then respond to him and say, “but, being the center of so much energy must energy must be awesome right, I mean isn’t that what keeps you going?”. Maynard replies, “nope, it just pays the bills”. Then he says something to the effect of how he doesn’t enjoy what he does at all.

    You guys can say what you want, but Maynard just lowered himself significantly in my opinion. I’m sure if he heard me he’d just throw a grapfruit at my head and say, “Why don’t you cry about it you fuckin’ pussy”.

    Unhappy fan

  • Meh

    In response to unhappy fam I have to say I thought they were all cool guys but now that I have read your story I admit Maynard sounds like a total jackass. But hey there are celebrities in this world who are complete nice people and there are those jerk-off asses like Maynard. But you have to realize after about 15 years of this you’d think he’d get a little tired of putting up with the press and stuff right? But still even if you are a musician and a fan comes in for just a second to get and autograph suck it up and treat everyone with respect. So yeah I’m sorry to hear Maynard is a dick to guys and kids but that’s who he is and I’ll still listen to Tool all the same.

  • jonathan

    i actually hate this album a lot

    the primative vulnerable nature that i loved so much is gone, the production/mastering is poor at best, and maynard has, imo, become a mascot rather than a good vocalist

    even danny doesn’t sound like he gives a shit

    not a bad album, but i hate it because it represents the death of the near perfect quartet

  • jeff

    Wow…a lot of unhappy reviewers. I can’t blame them. This album was a letdown. 5 years it took for this?
    I agree with a comment way above who says they think Tool Has taken a step backwards. I however do not agree with the comment way back who says Tool is done. Please they are not Metallica, this album was good but just not Tool good.
    But compare it to some of the crap thats out there now and this album is awesome.
    Have faith in Tool. They are one of the only few credible bands left.
    This band put out Aenima and Lateralus. Two of the best albums ever. I am sure they still have some more left in there brains.
    Don’t give up on Tool.

  • lux ex Tenebris

    Maynard has a bad behavior. Why?

    This is called initiation. What you love in this plane of life has a begining and thus an end. All that you perceived is Maya. which is illusion. Don’t cheer the source. Just enjoy what your mind, at the moment, can handle and understand. They are not themselves the fathers of their own music….and they don’t go cry at God. Cogito Ergo Sum.
    Love is the Law, Love under Will….
    Quit the night and seek the Day!

  • tyler beaujon

    Sorry to see so many tool fans saying that if you dont like the new album we’re not Real fans. Maybe we just expect greatness from the greatest prog rock band ever. Maybe we dont just love it cause its tool. Thats a real fan….we dont just settle for the myriad of one chord songs that go nowhere in ten minutes….sorry but vicarious sounds like some band trying to write a song in the form of tool. I feel like tool fans have become as annoying as greatful dead fans…just rubbing one out to whatever they do as if its great just because its them… use your heads …i love tool, but ten thousand days is long winded and lame but i guess im not really a fan, right ?

  • Unknownsdsfj


    “5 years it took for this?”

    C’mon, they didn’t spend 5 years doin 10k days..twas 6 months actually

  • jiveturkeysuckafool

    Streaming, disorganized thoughts about this album:

    Perhaps this is due to the fact that my musical tastes haven’t evolved much since the mid/late 90s, but this album is VASTLY superior to lateralus – i still enjoyed that album immensely, but it seemed a bit too grandiloquent and preening at times (though this album certainly has its moments).

    aenima is transcendent (along with radiohead’s ok computer)for commercially-accessible rockish music, and i seriously doubt that anything that will be produced in the foreseeable future will even approach what that (those) album(s) was (were).

    album starts with a musical/lyrical reversion to aenima with vicarious, then looks back further to undertow and even opiate with jimba. wings for marie/10000 days should be called “eulogy 2” in virtue of its lyrical motivation, though the music seems to my untrained ear to be a fairly ambitious, new enterprise. the pot…is by far the worst tool track to ever be publicly consumed…sounds like some obscene marriage between radiohead and monster magnet with tinges of opiate(that being said, it’s still far superior to the vast majority of alternative radio fodder). in true tool fashion, one of their greatest pieces of musical work is combined with lyrical levity (relative to some of their metaphysical/epistemological solilquizing) in lost keys/rosetta stoned. intension is another musically unique track for tool…though it might be more aptly named “the nietzschean pot.” one reason that tool is my favorite extant band is exemplified by right in two: take fairly simple music and cajole it into an engaging, distinctive sound, combine lyrically with a self-contained, moderately intellectually-accessible idea that is spruced up by its point of vantage, and the result is an overall captivating song.

    not that anyone should care (about any of what ive wasted time writing here), but i rate the five tool albums as follows:

    10000 days

  • Ben


    any tool ‘fans’ who bag this album don’t truly know what tool is about, they’re not just progressive in their music, but in their albums.
    This album is another step up from their previous ones, and connects to people on a whole new level.

    10 000 DAYS – BRILLIANT

    10000 days is a brilliant album.

  • Morphox

    This album has made me realise, Nine Inch Nails are better than tool by miles.

  • Morphox

    The album is alright, just not as good as there old stuff.. I don’t get why a band would release an album that they don’t feel surpasses their previous work. Well if they do feel it, I don’t care because Tool have become insignficant.

  • ayy

    When you’re listening to Tool,
    just remember that they’re not like other bands. Their music is
    incredibly artistic, almost to the point where you have to be paying
    complete attention to them to even remotely understand them. I remember
    listening to a song on Lateralus (though I can’t remember what it was),
    where I thought a song was absolute bollocks during the listen. Then, I
    closed my eyes for a second, and all of a sudden the song had an
    entirely new meaning. It was insane the way Tool could just become
    something so different when you take a look into the music.

    thing you should note about Tool is that it’s easy to get a headache
    listening to them. Not because they’re a bad band, but because of how
    many ideas their music is riddled with and how complex they are. Soon
    enough your head will fill to the brim and the rest will just sound like
    noise to you. Just turn it off and give it a listen the next day.

    you don’t like the music, you’ll definitely at least enjoy reading
    through the lyrics, and picking apart the song itself and all of the
    artistic values that go into making it the complexity that it is.