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CD Review: TNT – All the Way to the Sun

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What’s the 4-1-1?
Scandinavian melodic hard rock band TNT has been headlining festivals and garnering radio airplay around the world for more than twenty years. This album is their eight studio release.

Hard rock / metal / melodic

The Good
“A Fix” is laced with an addictive guitar lick that will have you begging for more. Vocalist Tony Harnell is enduring and melodic in his delivery as he exclaims that his woman is the only drug for him. There’s some sweet solo work courtesy of Ronni Le Tekro. Bending licks and mid-tempo muted riffs help propel “Driving;” a track about making changes in your life. The melodic chorus section on “Me and I” is both powerful and inspiring.

“Sometimes” has all the making of an eighties rock classic with its acoustic and electric tones and catchy lyrical hooks. “All the Way to the Sun” shows off more of TNT’s metal side with heavy distortion and passionate vocals. How could I forget the shedding solo? “Black Butterfly” is another track that falls into the metal category. Diesel Dahl’s galloping drum work gels well with Le Tekro’s chugga-chugga riffage. “Ready to Fly” is the perennial power ballad that’s full of bluesy tones and high-registering vocals.

The Bad
The opening lyrics to “Too Late” turned me off to the song instantly; “I don’t wanna hide / But I’m feeling stuck inside / Like a baby that’s overdue.” I just thought that simile was lame. Also, there’s not really much you can do to a classic like “What a Wonderful World.” The gritty original will always win, hands down. TNT’s version is too bright and optimistic.

The Verdict
I said in the past that anything with Tony Harnell’s name attached to it is worth every penny, and I’m sticking to it, especially when it’s with the band he made his name with. I don’t think that All the Way to the Sun had the same grandeur and energy as their last outing, My Religion, but it’s still an enjoyable melodic/metal album.

Did You Know?
Tony Harnell contributed vocals to the Starbreaker project in 2005.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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About George Dionne

  • I would have liked to have seen them have more success in the US, but I’m sure they are huge overseas.

  • Triniman

    I used to like these guys a fair bit. They never achieved the amount of success I expected. Le Tekro and Dahl are excellent musicians and Harnell is a very fine singer.