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CD Review: Tiger Baby – Noise Around Me

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It’s Friday night and you want to go clubbing. Somewhere sophisticated, slightly European with sensual lighting and synth-pop dance music – but not too European; we’re Americans after all. The clubs don’t open until ten, so to put yourself in the mood, you look for a CD that is danceable, something upbeat, sensual and atmospheric. Tiger Baby’s sophomore release Noise Around Me is exactly that.

The Copenhagen-based trio have pulled out all the stops on this album, a dancier, more moody version of St. Etienne’s Tiger Bay. Pernille Pang, Benjamin Teglbjærg and Nikolaj Gregersen have created unpretentious, delicate, serene dance music with just enough pop edge to make it accessible to the common market. And for US release only, a less gothic, more breathy, ethereal and infinitely more danceable cover of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart”.

Tiger Baby’s first single is “Girlfriend,” a bouncy, diaphanous, melody-driven tune that compliments Pang’s vapoury vocals. The tune seems an unusual choice for a track with lyrics like “You deserve another girlfriend/who’ll be happy just like you/you deserve another girlfriend/another you” – hardly the light, almost lilting equal to the melody.

A lot of Noise Around Me could have jumped right out of an '80s dance club. Many tracks sound like remixes of your favourite bands from the era of shoulder pads and big jewelry. “At Least I’m Honest” has a Pet Shop Boys style base line and structure. With a jingling synth intro that flows into a bubbly bass line, if you didn’t know better you’d think it was a PSB remix. “Magic M” is like listening to a midi file that becomes an '80s synth-driven melody.

Not that the '80s were a bad thing. And if you liked those synth driven bands then Tiger Baby’s new album will bring it all back for you – particularly the highlight of the album, that sensual, refined Joy Division cover. Noise Around Me is a good dance CD that is light, fun, and even a little sexual. Absolutely perfect for getting ready for the clubs, a pre-club cocktail or even when you’re in the mood to dance.

If you would like to listen to some tracks from Noise Around Me you can visit Tiger Baby’s MySpace site.

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  • Scott Butki

    I’d love to hear that cover of the Joy Division song. Is it downloadable?
    Oh and as your former editor I must point out a typo in your bio. Email me and I’ll give you more details.

  • Scott Butki

    Good review, buddy.