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CD review: They are the Zan Clan

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We are the Zan Clan Who the Fuck are You?
Zan Clan

Now this is more like it. Former Shotgun Messiah vocalist’s new outfit has produced a damn good collection of 11 tracks (plus a cracking cover of Cheap Trick’s ‘Surrender’) of straight ahead hard/glam rock. Zinny has got the vocal chops do handle this stuff with aplomb. The quality of the tracks on the promo I reviewed continues all over this CD. While it might not break any new musical ground, its damn good at what it does. Combining a bit of Hanoi Rocks with Aerosmith with a touch of Thin Lizzy. This is one of those releases that you enjoy all the way through with its catchy choruses and driving pace. This is the type of stuff hard rockers dance to at places like Decadence after getting hammered. You need look no further than ‘Heart n’Soul’ for proof. Its contains all the good bits of glam and the Hollywood scene with none of the crap. Is it an essential purchase? Well probably not, but if you like a bit of glam once and while secretly missing the 80s stuff then you would not go far off with this lot. I just hope they play London very soon. If you miss the ole’ version of Shotgun Messiah then this is a must have.

Rating: 4/5

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