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CD Review: The Radio Dept. – Lesser Matters

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The debut album by this Swedish band, Radio Dept. is surprisingly brilliant.

Maybe not the most original band in the world (hello 1980s?), but they sure know how to write great music! However it’s not your music for a romantic evening at home, because the inspiration comes from some of the noisier bands from 20 years ago, though they aren’t copying.

So, more the kind of music to accompany the sound of beating rain on the window!

This was originally released in 2003 (re-released in Denmark in February 2005) so it has taken its time to reach my (as well as others) ears. Luckily it did, though it feels strange that it had to take so long, because the band has potential written all over them.

This album is indeed a highly recommendable one!

Best tracks:
1) “Where Damage Isn’t Already Done”
2) “Keen On Boys”
3) “Lost and Found”

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