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CD Review: The New Pornographers–Twin Cinema

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I have never changed my mind about an album more than I have about Twin Cinema. My first listen was unremarkable, making me wonder if there was anything on it to make me want to even listen to it again. It seemed like harmless, but unimpressive power pop. Lots of pop, in fact, but very little sizzle.

But I never listen to an album just once. This is one of those times where that paid off. After more than 5 listens to the album, I have been able to appreciate the subtle hooks, the sweet harmonies, and the vivacious aura of the band’s power pop tunes.

Standout songs include title song “Twin Cinema”, “These are the Fables”, “The Bones of an Idol” and “The Bleeding Heart Show”, a song that ends with an exuberant guitar and drum romp with wonderful harmony anchoring the song. If anyone has ever been to a Church where the organ and cantor were replaced by a couple of young guitarists and singers to provide a folky feel to the Mass. That’s what “The Bleeding Heart Show” reminds me of.

At first I wasn’t a big fan of the rotating lead singers, but after more thought, it really gives the album a versatility you don’t see often. The songs with Neko Case at the mic tend to be the most memorable ones, although guitarist and band leader A.C. Newman’s lead singing efforts provide a more dense experience than his female counterpart.

I haven’t given either of their previous albums much attention, but I will now.


“Use It” ( MP3)
from Twin Cinema.

“Twin Cinema” (mp3) from Twin Cinema.

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