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CD Review: The Lovemakers – Times of Romance

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Former couple Scott Blonde and Lisa Light mix their dynamic chemistry, passion and sexual innuendo-filled lyrics on their second release, Times of Romance. The result is a synth heavy, dance-rock album with 1980’s new wave era dance beats without all the cheesiness of the glitter filled decade.

“Falling Apart” is an interest track that starts off acoustically and kicks into high dance gear with Blonde’s faux English new wave accent. What makes it interesting is that it’s a song of despair, but also a great dance tune.

“Shake That Ass” could have been a cheap and typical train wreck waiting to happen if in the hands of a hip hop artists, but the Lovemakers have taken the song and turned into something intensely seductive with Blonde’s high pitched vocals and Light’s purring sensuality, it takes on a whole new level – “You can have my love / Take my body / You can have anything you want if you shake that ass for me”.

Second to last song, “Fashion” is a questionable song, lyrically, that makes you wonder how it got included on such an exciting and sexually charged album. With lyrics like, “That’s a nice shirt / Oooh and look at those shoes” and “Is that bag a Versace / Or a Louis Vuitton?”, it’s guaranteed to have the hipster fashionistas smiling.

As mentioned before, Blonde and Light were a former couple and a good deal of the lyrics on Times of Romance seem to describe the somewhat gritty detail of the relationship. The lyrics in the gorgeous song “Set Me Free” are a good example: “Came home and you were on the phone with your girlfriend again today / So I went away / you’re in my room tellin’ her I love you I need you oh oh baby / Well isn’t it time you moved away?”

The few instances where the album flops lyrically, it makes up for with solid, fun and intoxicating dance beats that will have you dancing before you know it.

Face it, the 80’s never sounded as good as it does in 2005.

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