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CD review: The Look

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Pop Yowlin’
The Look
(Angel Air)

A one-hot wonder in the form of ‘I am the Beat’ (included as a bonus track), plus Brit-pop cred in the form of admiration from Damon Albarn of Blur fame, accompanies this release.. This is not a re-release but a new CD from the band of Squeeze-like Brit-popsters. This stuff is poppy and vaguely familiar, done with a great deal of class and delivery. Its light fun stuff that leaves a smile on the face and a tap from the foot. This does not push the bounderies of music and certainly won’t impress the ‘right-on’ music crowd. There from East Anglia and are said to be the first single that Blur’s leader ever bought in his home-town of Colchester. Its original pub-rock which works rather well. There is an interesting history of the band included in the liner-notes of this collection. Its been 25 years since the last release, during which members of the band have played with Ian Hunter’s solo band and er Steve Coogan. This is a brand new CD that won’t get you in trouble if you play it when they in-laws are round. But there is nothing wrong with a good set of poppy pub rock now is there?

Rating 4/5

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