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CD Review: The Index Masters

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This is hodge-podge mixture of the band’s original EP and 10 live bonus tracks (some of which are from the EP as well), none of which have been previously released.

The band, most famous for the track ‘Mexican Radio’, are known to be rather eclectic. This is a collection of rather odd stuff but anyone who knows the art-house new-wavers will not be shocked to hear that. This lot even make Cash’s ‘Ring of Fire’ sound new and original.

If you are a fan of WoV this is a great value for money with oodles of bonus tracks and excellent digital mixing. It is a freaking bizarre set of music from these lot of nutters; check out ‘Passenger’ for instance. Not exactly the most relaxing music in the world, but the live tracks prove these guys can reproduce their studio wizadry live.

Quite frankly this is a pretty impressive look at a impressive if odd group of musicians. Essential for fans and a good intro for those wishing to delve into the world of Wall of Voodoo.

Rating: 4/5

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