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CD Review: The Forecast, Late Night Conversations

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I started writing this review three hours ago, appropriate that its now almost two in the morning and I’m just now getting around to typing it because I’ve spent the intervening hours sitting on my friend Patrick’s porch while we were having a casual chat about life and boys and things in general. The Forecast’s Late Night Conversations is melodic and a little poppy, with vocals playfully moving back and forth between singer Dustin Addis and bassist Shannon Burns. Its up tempo and a little bouncy. On myspace.com, its categorized as indie and post hardcore. I love that, post hardcore. What does that even mean?

The Forecast have this sweet, kids next door kind of feel to their music. They sound like they are from the heartland (which is appropriate because they are from Peoria, Illinois.) I enjoyed the interplay of the vocals and there were some fun guitar work, track 8, “Exorcize Demons” comes to mind. “Late Night Conversations” is hospitable and musically not to intimidating. But pay attention, there is a lot going on here, like the tight guitars about four minutes into “Sleep Tight Tonight,” a track that begins with what may be my favorite lyric on the whole CD, “Sleeping in I’ll begin again to shed this skin and be born again.”

I’m amazed at the thought of not getting out of bed being the key to rebirth. Although, my favorite track is number three, “Helping Hands” with its “For we must stand up for the ones we love.” I love that this CD isn’t just tragedy, tragedy, tragedy. This is the game, and it sucks for everybody, so be there for the people who have bothered to be there for you. I dig that.

I’ll be honest, I’m not in love with this CD. Its comfortable and definitely worth a listen but it doesn’t make me want to gush like a school girl. You can check the forecast out on their own site and you can also find them on myspace.com and on purevolume. Their CD Late Night Conversations was released on Tuesday May 17th. Its worth the listen.

The Forecast are on Victory Records.

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