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CD Review: The Fleshtones – Beachhead

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While punk was being created in the back room of C.B.G.B. and America was still feeling the effects of disco music and pantsuits, The Fleshtones were creating high-energy music with plenty of grooving 60’s influence – from The Standells to The Yardbirds and The Seeds, and lots R&B soul.

Twenty-five years and sixteen albums later, The Fleshtones have given us Beachhead – a high-energy, butt-shaking album packed with the Fleshtones’ Super Rock.

“It’s nothing new / it’s just bigger and better”, sings front man Peter Zaremba on the opening track, “Bigger and Better” and there couldn’t be a more fitting song to kick it off. Musically, there’s nothing all that new on the album. It’s your classic and timeless Fleshtones, just bigger. And better.

One of the best things about the ‘Tones is the fact that they don’t take themselves too seriously. Maybe that’s why they’re still around and still creating fist-pumping music. This point is proven on the track, “Serious” (“Serious about not being serious / serious about nothing”).

There are plenty of hilarious moments on Beachhead including the hilarious sing-a-long hip-shaker, “Pretty Pretty Pretty”, (…”pretty stupid”) and the harmonica fueled “She Looks Like A Woman” (..and not like a man”) and (“She looks like a woman / I gotta be her man).

On “I Want The Answers” the questions get you thinking and raise a few of your own (“I want to know why / If I’m so good, I didn’t die young / I want to know why / maybe then I’d have me a number one / Why does everybody want to steal my act and Why did I waste all these years / I’ll never get them back / Why does everybody want to bow at my feet when all I want is to make ends meet”)

Beachhead comes in at just under thirty minutes and only one song goes over three minutes, “Push Up Man”. Considering these guys are pushing their mid to late fifties (early sixties?), this is one amazing album. Their fire has not gone out and Beachhead just proves that they’ll be fueling dance parties for years to come.

Complete track listing:
Bigger and Better
Pretty Pretty Pretty
You Don’t Know
Do Something For Me
I Want The Answers
She Looks Like A Woman
I Am What I Am
Hit Me!
Push Up Man
Late September Moon

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    This band is America’s premier garage band. If you like your rock ‘n’ roll fast and furious and fun, too, these are the guys you want to see. They’ve been around for 30 years because they are a sight for sore eyes and ears. Catch ’em if you can!