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CD Review: The Cramps – Bad Music for Bad People

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Bad music never sounded so good.

When you mix a leather clad front man named Lux Interior, a fiery redhead named Poison Ivy, and a mix of music ranging from rockabilly, surf, punk and country with a little sleaze, a little B-horror movie, and some zombie rock you end up with a band called the Cramps. Their unique sound, which no one has been able to surpass, has been labeled as psychobilly and one listen to the lyrics and sound of this album will make you realize there is no better term for it.

Bad Music for Bad People is a perfect introduction to a band who doesn’t get the attention they deserve. Their video for the opening song on the album, “Garbageman”, a little surf ditty, received no airplay. The compilation, released after the band was dropped from I.R.S., is a collection of B-Sides, single releases and favorite cuts.

Is this album for everyone? No. If you’re offended by straightforward sex or drug talk, I would imagine you’d want to stay clear of the Cramps. In “Drug Train” we’re taken on a celebration (or is it a decelebration?) of the obvious. It’s up to you to decide with the lyrics:

“(…how to get on board the Drug Train) You pick one leg up. You pick the other leg up. And you pick the other leg up, and you’re on board the Drug Train!”

Other songs on the album include the cover of the Hasil Adkins song, “She Said”, “New Kind of Kick” (a song about wanting something new), “Goo Goo Muck” (a classic song that never gets old and deserved more airtime that it actually got), and “Human Fly” (another classic).

The band members on this collection are: Lux Interior (vocals), Poison Ivy (guitar), Congo Powers (guitar), Bryan Gregory (guitar) and Nick Knox (drums).

Track listing:
New Kind of Kick
Love Me
I Can’t Hardly Stand It
She Said
Goo Goo Muck
Save It
Human Fly
Drug Train
TV Set
Uranium Rock

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  • Ah, a joke!

    Hmm and haww..

  • Jonesy- (In my best Foghorn Leghorn voice) That’s a joke, son. I said JOKE.

    However, I must also confess to not hating John Ashcroft like I might should.

  • Oh Al, please. You mean to tell me John Ass-croft should be allowed to be loose on the streets?

    At least the Cramps allow themselves to have a little fun. Oh wait, Johnny boy is against that, right?

  • I would have thought that John Ashcroft would have taken care of a bunch of dirty no-good reprobates like this. They’re not still loose on the streets, are they?

  • gregrocker

    Along with the Pixies, they summed up alternative rock and ushered in grunge.