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CD Review: The Class of 98 – Touch This and Die

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No, they didn’t graduate in 1998. The band’s name is about growing and coming of age, about “getting out of your comfort zone and taking risks while not taking yourself too seriously”.

Touch This and Die. We all want to touch what we can’t have. Even better when it threatens our life. However I have touched it, many times, and I’m still alive. The album’s twelve tracks consist of enough pop to keep the kids happy, enough hand clapping to keep the hipsters clapping and enough of a good time to keep everyone else a-listenin’.

“Everywhere You Go” is a nice bittersweet opener and a nice showcase of singer Steve Wilson’s flawless vocals.

The more whiny (in a good way) emo-rock tracks like “Anthem For Us”, “If You Don’t Believe” and “What I’m Dying To Say” are what makes this album more special than your typical pop-punk outfit out today. Wilson isn’t just singing the words to a song, he’s making you feel the song yourself.

Since the band’s start in 2004, they’ve played clubs and universities across Nashville, and have played with Superdrag’s John Davis, Celebrity and the Juliana Theory. Some of their songs have already been featured on MTV as well as the WB’s “Smallville”.

There ain’t no denying that The Class of 98 are going to make their mark in ’06.

If you can’t wait until the January release of Touch This and Die you can hear some of their songs at the band’s myspace profile as well as watch their video for “100s & 1000s of Stars”.

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