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CD Review: Tears for Jack, Margaret McClure

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Artist: Margaret McClure
Title: Tears for Jack
Format: CD EP
Genre: Pop
Label: Independent
Website: Margaret McClure
Currently Available on CD Baby

Margaret McClure has an entrancing vocal style that lures you in and once it has you, well, you are hers for the entire album. In six tracks, McClure impresses as a woman in control of her craft. She certainly seems to be positioning herself to be a pop diva that will find success on Top 40 radio stations. Not everyone wants that but I am sure it would agree with her just fine. Her music has a nice sound that will please both pop and contemporary listeners. Her breathy and sexy vocals are sure to make some young men’s ears perk up.

It is hard to tell at this point, after hearing only six tracks how she will fair against all the competition that is doing the same thing. Like anything else, it takes perseverance, drive, and the right marketing combination for success. I think that there is a huge audience out there waiting to embrace talented young woman just like Margaret McClure.

Her stories are about love and life, a theme that seems to catch people’s ear more than anything does. As she sings on the closing track “The Story Is Still The Same,” just the people, places, and things have changed. I would like to hear a full album from this performer, and some songs that are a little more up-tempo. I think she has the elasticity in her voice to make many transitions that she is not venturing into at this point. Perhaps the next recording will show everything she has, and then we shall see what happens.

© Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

August 4, 2005

1. Stay With Me (3:21)

2. The Story Is Still the Same/ Seo’s D&b Mix (5:20)
3. Your’e Not Gonna Break My Heart (3:52)
4. Brick Wall (2:57)
5. No Love Voodoo (3:00)
6. The Story Is Still the Same (4:11)



Margaret McClure -vocals
Thomas Appell- keys, guitar, bass, strings
Kevin Jackson-drums
Andy Machin- guitars, bass, overdub electric guitars
Jeff Winckler- drums
Scott Orlans-synth d & b
Ed: JH

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