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CD review: Six Shooter, More Quality from Thunder

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Regular readers will know that I have a major soft spot for Thunder. (OK, a giant pool of goo.) And I think that they are chronically underrated and underappreciated.

With the six tracks on this EP, you get yet another reminder of why that is. Four live tracks (mostly taken from their excellent full-length The Magnificent Seventh) including ‘Fading into the Sun’ and the truly awesome ballad ‘Stay with me Baby’ complete with a great duet with a powerfully voiced lovely.

My only gripe is the doubling up of the ‘Fading into the Sun’ with an “alternative mix”. Including the same song twice is something lame pop/dance bands do; not the mighty Thunder.

As with Live at Rock City, this is a quality release, well mixed and mastered. And as it should be you wish you were at the bloody gig.

The six-pack ends with “I’m a Lucky Man” another quality Thunder track (previously download only). If you have never heard this lot you could do a hell of a lot worse than pick this CD up. Then you will end up chasing down the rest of their CDs.

Rating 4.5/5

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