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CD Review: Shenoah – Bleeding in the Red

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After listening to this album a few times, I can say that I like this disk. Nothing terribly original, but it is done with a certain style that helps them standout. If I can fault Shenoah for anything, it’s that Bleeding in the Red is too short. It is a 5 song EP, I can only wonder what the rest of any potential album could, or would, have sounded like.

The band is led by the twin guitars of Vince Di Franco and Jason Hager. They have a heavy, full sound, that is backed by the tight rhythm section of Ben Hollowell on bass and Matt Danko on drums. Together they have a solid nu-metal sound. The sound is meant to be played loud!

What I like most about the album is vocalist Robert Montague. He has a voice that effortlessly slides between smooth singing and a deep guttural growl. This is also where I take issue with a lot of these up and coming bands, they don’t know how to make effective use of this style of singing. All too often they rely on the scream, to the point that it hurts the overall music. The scream becomes a generic metal cliché, over used, and not always needed. Montague, on the other hand, uses his good singing voice most of the time, and slipping into the scream and growl during the more intense moments, proving that less is more.

The EP is consistently good. None of the songs stray into the lousy realm, nor do they climb any new heights. But, you know, you don’t necessarily have to create something original to create good music. If you know what you want to do and you do it well,t he energy will transfer to the listener, your job is done.

Bottomline. This is worth checking out if you are looking for a new band to listen to, the music is heavy and high energy. Keep an eye on the tracks “Age of the White Dove” and “Bullets and Numbers.” Not sure if they will develop past this level, but this is a pretty good EP.


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    I was really surprised to see my name used somewhere. Ive never heard of anyone or anything with my name ever. I really want to know who named the band and where they got it from. I know the meaning of my name and where it came from, but it also has a story behind it also. I thought i was the only person with that name.Could someone PLEASE tell me about who why and where the bands name came from??? And Shenoah is awesome by the way!! I love this band and im not bad either! LOL