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CD review: Sex and Flags?

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Sex & Flags
(Angel Air)

My last couple encounters with Angel Air retreds were less than fun but this one was just that. The band have a sense of humour right up my alley with tracks like ‘Sliding Down the Razorblade of Love’ and a song about a Maestro (a crap British Leyland car from the late 70s/early 80s) that takes the piss out of BMW drivers ‘Wonderful Day’. This stuff is sort of folky Beatle-esque music with tongue firmly placed in check. However, while the subject matter, lyrics and titles might be highly amusing…the musicianship and the tunes are rather good. The band is obviously have a freaking good time as well. They do a few more serious tracks including the lovely ‘Bread & Water.’ While the metal frothing masses would not necessarily dig this stuff; anyone who enjoys rock music with a bit of folky edge would love this stuff. Its perfect for a laid-back Sunday afternoon sitting in the Sun reading the paper getting slowly pickled.

Rating: 4/5

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