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CD Review: Seven Witches – Amped

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What’s the 4-1-1?
Seven Witches formed in 1999. This is their fourth album.

Heavy metal / hard rock / rock

The Good
Guitarist Jack Frost lays down some killer heavy metal riffs and guitar runs on tracks like “Fame Gets You Off,” “Red,” and “Sunnydale High.”

The Bad
Too bad the new Seven Witches vocalist Alan Tecchio can’t sing for shit. Yeah that’s right. I don’t usually come down on people this hard, but this is ridiculous. Why the hell would anyone make an album with these vocals? Tecchio has absolutely no melody and can barely sing in tune. That might be good for your first demo or first EP, but Seven Witches (and Jack Frost) have been around long enough to know better. On the vocal lows Tecchio is practically talking. When it comes to the vocal highs, he’s just yelling (like you would to a friend at the end of the bar). The ballad “Be” is just abysmal, and it’s not the vocals. It’s the combination of vocals and piano. Frost is a good guitarist, but some of his performances were uninteresting and inconsistent. Don’t even get me started on their cover of Billy Idol’s “Flesh for Fantasy.”

The Verdict
Inconsistent, out of tune, and just plain awful.

Did You Know?
Jack Frost was once a member of Savatage. Although you’ll be hard pressed to find that info on their website.

Rating: 1 out of 5

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  • Guppusmaximus

    Good Review..
    It’s nice to see a true critical opinion from you…

    “Jack Frost was once a member of Savatage…”

    And Joey Vera(Bass-Armored Saint) lent a hand on their 2003 release.What friends will do for one another or maybe they paid him pretty good?

    I never listened to this band but just from the samples I think they sound pretty bland.(That’s probably why the singer left?)
    I just don’t think this band has released anything that would stand out while bands like Iced Earth and Demons & Wizards are around.

    Again…Good Review.

  • Guppusmaximus

    Funny enough…I did some more research and…

    Joey Vera engineered “A passage to the otherside”. Maybe he got paid pretty good for that job…I would say so

  • Glad I finally won you over. Frost’s solo stuff isn’t that great either, dispite it’s guest musicians.

    Is there a metal band that Vera hasn’t worked for? I hope that Armored Saint reunion comes to the East Coast.