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CD review: Scenes latest

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(Escapi Music)

This is power-prog of a very technical variety. The band are Germans but still manage a decent album that is not only musically brillant but tuneful as well. This has 9 songs and every one is corker. ‘Deep Inside my Heart’ is a definite highlight of this album, with its wonderful vocals and enjoyable piano. The next track along ‘I will stay’ is right out of Dream Theater’s repetoire and will please power-prog fans quite a bit. The driving keyboard-fuelled rock of ‘Such a Shame’ is another highlight. Alex Koch sounds at times like a Germanic Bruce Dickinson. If there is one problem with this album, its that isn’t necessarily instantly accesible. It does take a few listens to sink in, but when it does it makes for very enjoyable listening. Is this release as essential as Blackfield or RPWL? No, not really. But if you are a prog fan who likes listening to new bands, this bunch is worth a shot.


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