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CD review: Sacred Heart

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Sacred Heart

Already having seen this band live; I was interested to see how this band would translate to CD. Althought the mixing is a bit flat and muddy at times, the band’s talent shines through in spades. Paul Stead’s vocals are not dissimilar to Jani Lane of Warrant in his prime. And lyrically the band are as good as Warrant at their best without the lame element that seem to dog Warrant. On the strength of the title track alone the band should have a deal by now. Other stand-outs are ‘N.Y.C.’ and ‘It’s Alright’ with its monstorously catchy chorus. The band might claim this as a glorified demo, but many a reviewer has worse sounding proper releases in their CD collections. At 10 tracks its long enough for a proper album as well. It is clear this band have oddles of talent and are keen to deliver 80s hard rock with class and talent to spare. At this point I would suggest those in the UK see these guys live to get the full impact but if you can’t make it to one of their gigs then this CD will give you ample of evidence of their talent and their potential.

Rating: 4/5

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  • JasonR

    I agree totally with this review as the band play very classy hard rock and how they aren’t signed is a mystery. They are getting better & better each time I see them live.