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CD Review: Ray Davies – Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving may have come and gone as it does every year, but ex-Kinks captain, Ray Davies’ EP Thanksgiving Day, leaves a lasting impression all year ’round. Released in anticipation of the rock n roll legends first solo album, Other People’s Lives, the EP contains only five songs, but each song proves that Mr. Davies is still capable of creating magic in all that he does.

A widower missing his wife, a spinster wanting kisses all over her American face – more desolate than celebratory, “Thanksgiving Day” is a character study in the form of a beautiful song that tells the tale of a New England thanksgiving gathering.

Also included is an alternate mix of “Thanksgiving Day”, which manages to be everything that the original version is not. Which is better? You’ll have to decide for yourself because both get my vote.

“London Song” is the most rockin’ track, bringing together Davies’ exceptional vocals (in an almost-but-not-quite-rap rap) and his love for a little town called London, that makes this song more of an ode than anything else with plenty of name dropping nods.

“Yours Truly Confused N10” was a song originally penned for Davies’ daughter’s punk band, but it ended up being rejected and was recorded in 2002 with Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra. Complete with the big brass band sound backing the vocals, you won’t confuse this song for anything Kink-like.

Look. Whatever anyone says, Ray Davies is a storyteller and it just makes sense that “Storyteller” is included on this EP. The ballad is an intricate tale of a story being passed on from one friend to another…

…and the story of Ray Davies is one that will be passed on for years to come.

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  • GoHah

    As a big Ray Davies and Kinks fan, I’ve been looking forward to solo work for years. In addition: the Ray Davies/ Pete Townshend teaming (for an LP) that was once rumored, planned or a case of wishful thinking (Townshend had acknowledged it) would still be a big event–hope that might someday happen.