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CD Review: Pure Inc. – New Day’s Dawn

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Music has become very disposable in 2006. There are just so many bands that come out, play the same tired shit, and find their way straight from my player to the used bin at the local CD store. But every once in awhile, a band’s CD hits the player and really has that something. What that something is could be anything – good riffs, cool vocals, and energy. In the case of the Swiss/German band Pure Inc., it’s all of the above. New Day’s Dawn is a very lively, fun record that has elements of many great bands of the past and present. You really hear everything from Soundgarden to Brand New Sin contained within the album’s 11 tracks.

For the most part, Pure Inc. is a gritty, heavy rock band full of 80s melodies, but its sound ranges far beyond the typical 80s dreck. Many of the songs, like “I’m A Rolling Stone,” have a lot of blues rock feel to them. Other songs, such as “Burst,” are very reminiscent of building numbers such as “Wyoming” by Brand New Sin. Obscure reference? Maybe… but since there aren’t any truly great popular bands making this kind of metal today, it’ll fit.

As a band, you have to love these guys. Comprised of members from both Switzerland and Germany, it’s amazing that this multi-cultured band could make such soulful, heartfelt music. Vocalist Gianni Pontillo has a very unique voice that covers a wide range throughout. There’s a little bit of everything on tracks like “I’ll Let You Know” – from an almost Staind lower end to a Chad Kroeger mid-range to a raging Chris Cornell-esque scream, you feel the true talent of this guy. And don’t let the Kroeger reference scare you off, this band has far more soul than the cookie-cutter music of Nickelback. Guitarist Sandro Pellegrini is solid as well, although he would probably be better suited to play a little louder and stand out a little more in the mix. He has big sound on his riffs, but his soloing parts are subdued and a bit simple on tracks like “The Things You Left On Me.” Maybe that’s by design though, as bassist Gentman and drummer Dave Preissel come front and center on this brooding track. Overall, this band rocks pretty hard when they are rockin’ and can bring things down when needed with equal flair.

If there’s a drawback to this band, it’s the lack of musical direction it exhibits. Many times they sound like an old school band, but then turn around with something cut more from the Smile Empty Soul mode than from that of a legitimate rock band. Overall, Pure Inc. is a pretty modern sounding band, but the fact that they are not down-tuned gives them a grittier feel. That being said, they should stick to the more old-school rockers, like “Savior,” and leave the more modern vibe stuff (“Sick As I Am”) alone. Either that, or just pick a direction; as they are good at both styles they are bringing forth.

RATING – 7/10 – I really like this release, but would like to see a bit more of a focused effort. When sitting back listening, it’s a bit confusing when you are reminded of Sammy Hagar one minute and Nickelback the next. Pick one and you’ve got a great band on your hands. Very solid listening experience though.

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