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CD Review: Project Jones – The Lucky Ones

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I grew up listening to country music. Yes, I know some of you will find this hard to believe. When I worked as a busboy at Reeve’s Fish and Steak House in Fairview, Mississippi, the cook and I would jam out to some die-hard country classics. Project Jones reminds me of those days of slinging meat and dishes but with a new age alternative country-pop-rock-twist.

You can hear the heavy Nashville influence in The Lucky Ones in the taunting, catchy sound that makes your head start bopping around to the music. If you listen longer, your right foot should start tapping, and if no one is watching, you might even start shaking your ass, at least until someone walks in.

Project Jones was voted “Best Rock Alternative Rock Band” in 2005 in Nashville by THE BUZZ, call-in, and on-line voters from their area. They have had their first album, For Better or Worse, licensed by MTV, traveled the East Coast, played SWSX, and are in the works for an upcoming USO tour. This band is not to be taken lightly.

What is any album without a ballad? Track six is the perfect song for someone dealing with a break-up. I think this is aimed towards some sappy female, but I guess it could work for a guy as well. I would also recommend track 12 as well for a break-up song.

I have to admit that this is not the style of music that I typically listen to. This album is filled with a lot of “country” style lyrics that don’t keep my attention, but Project Jones makes up for it is with their catchy rhythm and vocals.

The Lucky Ones was recorded in Fairhope, Alabama, overdubbed and mixed in Nashville and Montrose, Alabama, by Chris Mara. This album shows the quality and dedication that Chris puts into his work.

I have had quite a fun time with this album. At first I thought it wasn't going be my thing after the Sheryl Crow flashback intro in the track "Save Me," but it turned out to be an interesting album.

Track listing:

1. Introduction
2. You Don't See Me
3. Save Me
4. Yesterday
5. Moving On
6. The Lucky Ones
7. When I Come Down
8. Why
9. Just Like Me
10. Back Then
11. The Lucky Ones (radio edit)
12. Moving On (radio edit)

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