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CD Review: Prism Theory – Unity for Insanity

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What’s the 4-1-1?
Northeast Ohio-based band releases their sophomore effort; the follow-up to 2003’s In the Wake of a Dream.

Hard rock / alternative / modern

The Good
Driving riffs and pounding drums coexist with melodic and scorching vocals on “Too Far Gone.” “This Tragedy” employs a deafening repetitive riff to draw you into it’s tale of woe. ‘You don’t know me’ is the sediment set forth on the melody heavy track “What’s Real.” Keeping your dreams alive is what “Storm Shower” hopes to inspire. The monstrous riffs are sure to have you breaking out your air guitar. If you’re a big fan of devastating riffs like that, than “Breaking It Down” is the song for you. Chris Imlay delivers one of his best vocal performances here as his leans heavily on harmony. Prism Theory injects some creative percussive elements and chucky riffs into Genesis’ “Land of Confusion,” making it more appealing to a younger generation. Guitarist Barry Davis lays down some great wah-heavy licks on “Start it Now.”

The Bad

I think that fifteen songs are a bit too many. It tends to start sounding the same.

The Verdict
It took me a while for me to warm up to Prism Theory. It wasn’t until “Land of Confusion” that I really started enjoying them. Maybe it was because it was a song I knew and liked, or maybe it was because I wasn’t really listening until I heard something I knew. Either way, Unity for Insanity is a strong rock record that parallels the music of Anthrax and Godsmack, while veering off in a direction all its own.

Did You Know?
Prism Theory almost didn’t record “Land of Confusion” because they heard Disturbed would be releasing the song on their next album. Prism Theory has been performing the song live since 2003.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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