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CD Review: Prince – 3121

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Congratulations to Prince for scoring a #1 album with the release of 3121. His last #1 album was Batdance 17 years ago.

The first thing that I wanted to know was what the hell does the album title mean? So after a Google search and looking at the album art it became obviously it’s the address of one his estates and home to some of his funky music. A deeper look at the lyrics for the song let me know know it’s a funky place to party. I love Prince so I want to be anywhere he is, but after a full listen to album 3121 feel like home. It’s not too above my head like some of the other Prince albums from the 90s. It’s a good plate of mac and cheese, baked chicken, and grape Kool-Aid with a twist of lime for added kick.

Now while I like the album I can do without the title track. There’s just a little too much going on with the song and I can’t bear to hear it again. But after that the album mellows out in some places, gets funky in others, and of course makes you want to go to bed with your lover. Prince continues to have the best slow jams ever. “Incense And Candles” is sure to lead to the conception of many babies this year. And the ultra-sexy and nasty song “Satisfied” is the pure essence of what a babymaking song should be.

Now if your looking to shake ya ass then I suggest “Lolita.” This jam makes me want to instantly jump out of seat and drop it like it’s hot. It has classic Prince feel that continues to do so well. Now if you like your dancing in a strip club then “Black Sweat” is the song for you. It’s one of those songs you expect to see naked girls in Vegas working a pole to. Expect this to be on every strippers playlist for 2006.

My favorite song is the one he performed with Tamar on Saturday Night Live, entitle “Beautiful, Loved, and Blessed.” I love Tamar’s voice and the song is the kind you pump in your car on a Saturday drive. It’s smooth and mellow and has a really good up lifting message. “Beautiful, loved, and blessed. I’m better then the day before cause you made me confess.” If everyone could face up and let go of the past and live each day as a new day and feel beautiful, loved, and blessed we’d all be better go.

So in my book Prince is still the king. All artists need to sit and listen to everything he has ever done and learn from the master of Minneapolis funk and soul.

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  • 3121 is publishing day too. 3121 has been published 3/21.

  • zingzing

    it’s his best since batman i believe. some of his 90’s albums have better songs, but none are as tight as this. it’s just 12 tunes, one after the other, that remind you how good prince can be. it’s not perfect… there are a few average tracks… but there is an energy here not seen since gold experience, quality songwriting (best since the symbol album), and interesting production that harkens back to his late-80’s mastery. i like the title track… it’s very weird. the drums could have been more inventive, but the vocals are ridiculous. hello, camile. how have you been?