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CD Review: Pink — I’m Not Dead

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Overall, this album is very well done. When I first heard Pink (I’m a longtime fan) was doing a rock album, I was a little skeptic. The songs I love her for most are her R&B tunes, such as “You Make Me Sick” or “God is a DJ”. However, she really pulled it off. Here’s a track-by-track review.

1. “Stupid Girls“- I heard this song about 75 separate times (when it came out as a single), and I loved it. I loved it even more after I saw the video. Pink talks about our culture and women in particular, dumbing themselves down to look exceedingly titillating. This trend seems to be coming from the upper classes of the country, i.e. Hollywood. She imputes (quite heavily, in my opinion) specific women such as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and the Olsen Twins as encouraging young girls to also dumb themselves down to look attractive. This song has a great beat and wonderfully hilarious (while serious at the same time) lyrics. My favorite lyric, you ask?

“Disasters all around, A world in despair, Their only concern?, ‘Will it f**k up my hair!?'”


2. “Who Knew“-This song also has a very catchy beat, and great lyrics. The song is addressing her boyfriend, telling him that he convinced her that they’d be together “forever and ever”, but it didn’t turn out that way. The occasional orchestra in this song is absolutely fantastic. Pink has also proven in this song, that she can sing with the rest of her fellow pop Princesses, but she’s not generic whatsoever.


3. “Long Way To Happy“- This song talks about a guy (who she’s also addressing) and how she was fooled into thinking they could somehow be in a relationship to cherish. The music itself is more of a blessing than the lyrics, but the vocals are also one of the best on this album.


4. “Nobody Knows“- This is definitely one of the most emotionally packed songs on the album. She talks about how nobody knows most of her emotions and how she chooses to display them. The intro proclaims that nobody knows she sometimes cries. It starts out as a depressing slow ballad, but evolves into a faster and even more emotional soft rock ballad.

8/10 (One of the best on the album)

5. “Dear Mr. President“-Noo! Pink, did you go “liberal Hollywood” on us? Of course she didn’t! She’s Pink! This song is a surprisingly scathing diss going towards out beloved (just look at his opinion polls!) President while somehow managing to stay classy. If the President heard this, I think he may have to turn it off during the first three verses. It’s a slow song featuring the Indigo Girls but she really puts her all into it. She asks him how he can sleep at night, if a real father could hate his daughter if she were gay, and asks what kind of father would take his own daughter’s rights away. The biggest (and I must admit, pretty funny) dig, in my opinion, was the lyric “You’ve come a long way…From whiskey and cocaine”. I imagine most Bush voters wouldn’t like this song, but even if you don’t, give this album a chance.

7/10 (Most politically charged song)

6. “I’m Not Dead“- This is another one of my favorite songs and also the title of the album. She’s speaking of relationships, yet again, but Pink is never one for the typical love songs. This song is great. Pink proves her range in every single song she makes on this album. I’m not really sure how to describe this song in words that it deserves, so just listen to it (download it if you must.)


7. “‘Cuz I Can“- This song is definitely the worst song on the album. The beat is okay, I suppose, but the lyrics…argh, Pink. Argh! This doesn’t even warrant anymore words.


8. “Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely) ” This song is pretty good. It’s 2/5ths bubblegum, 3/5ths rock. She’s telling her boyfriend what he should do, leave her alone, cook her food, and what not. I don’t listen to it as much as I do others, but it’s aright!


9. “U + UR Hand ” This song is another funny one. Pink describes being at a bar but not wanting to sleep with any of the guys who approach her. I’ve only listened to it a few times, but it’s decent. Not a strong point on the album.


Total album rating: 4/5

Keep ’em coming, Pink!

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About Casey

  • I love the part in the ‘Stupid Girls’ video where she mocks the Paris Hilton car wash. Very biting.

  • janey

    pink u rock i love ya babe

  • Jessica

    umm… sam jack, i just wanted to tell u that its not paris she mocks in the car wash, its jessica simpson.

  • dylan

    You missed a few songs….
    The One That Got Away
    I Got Money Now
    Long Way To Happy
    Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self (one of the best songs she’s ever done.)