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CD review: Opeth deliver again…

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Ghost Reveries

The return of the mighty Opeth has been much anticipated by metal fans. Their particular brand of death prog (shared with Anathema & Therion) has been stunning sophisticated metal listeners for several years (and to be frank bemusing the head down grunt and growl brigade). After the two releases last time round the heavy Deliverance and the mellower Floyd-esque Damnation; Opeth have decided to re-combine their two sides…quite often in a single song. This album is a natural progression from the stunning Blackwater Park and manages to top it. The lush soundscapes, augmented by a keyboardist, add to the all encompassing feel of this release.

8 tracks of pure symphonic prog metal genius is what on show here. “Ghost of Perdition’ starts you off and that is all you need to know. Opeth are clearly setting the barrier for all those to follow. I suspect that continued listens will lead me to the conclusion that this is better than Blackwater Park (one of my picks for best metal album of the 90s). If you like your metal that oozes class, talent and individuality then look no further than Opeth. This is yet another stunning album from a band at the height of their powers. On yes and go see them live if you get the chance. Pure fucking genius.

Rating: 5/5

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  • Guppusmaximus

    It’s great to see how Opeth has gone more prog with their latest release but I don’t feel this one tops “Blackwater Park”. I think “Ghost Reveries” has a hard enough job keeping up with “Deliverance”. Don’t get me wrong…I like this new album but when it’s time to get heavy they don’t unleash like they used to. “Blackwater…” was brilliant because it was a pinnacle for them. It truly defined their style and the production gave it that ethereal feel.
    I do agree 100% that Opeth F*cking kills LIVE!! One of the best shows around…PERIOD!!

  • Metal album of the year, without a doubt, and to contradict Guppusmaximus, I think it’s by far the best album Opeth has yet made. There’s a whole level of complexity that has been added to their sound with this one, yet they seemingly pull it off with ease. Amazing piece of work.

  • cookie monster vocals. icky.

  • Tim Killinger

    I’ve been listening to progressive stuff for 30 years now…. I’m still reeling at just how stunning Opeth is….pure genious.

  • danny

    dude, cookie monster vocals are wonderful, there so complex and there are so many differant tones of crunchiness and smoothness. your just being close-minded. I still like morningrise the best. it is in strong regret that michael took farfella out of the band. the two didnt agree about the prominece of the bass. i think marningrise was the best because it had that complexity that the base adds. I also like the raw-ness of it. but his vocals lacked a bit.

  • I like Opeth progression and think Ghost definately one of their best. It’s not their heaviest, but I think it’s their most varied.