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CD review: Not bad instrumental album

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Milan Polak
(Lion Music)

Yes, amazingly this is a very cool vocal-free guitarist instrumental album. Unlike many, including the one I reviewed recently, there are actually tunes on this CD. Not only are there tunes but they are actually rather good. Polak is good enough so that it sounds like the guitar is actually the lead singer. Milan has played with Falco, Paul Gilbert and has played on quite a few tribute albums. This is one of those pleasant instrumental rock albums I have ever heard and it that actually works on several levels. It is good enough to rise above the level of background music and makes you sit and listen. It is quite surprising that this is not total rubbish. It is in fact what guitarists should be aiming at when they do instrumental albums. Still the album is not for everyone but it if you are interested in this type of album this really ain’t bad. Rest assured there is enough here for budding guitarists to get into as well. Not quite Satriani or Vai at his best, but not bad. A pleasant surprise for this reviewer; that is for sure.

Rating: 3.8/5

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