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CD Review: New Used Car – Sue Foley

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Sad to say, New Used Car leaves me cold. Yes, there is some tasty guitar work on this CD, some fine playing, but nothing really stands out and captures my attention. If Sue Foley is basing the appeal of this CD on the songwriting and the singing then I think it’s a miss. She is portrayed as a blues guitar player and there’s not enough guitar featured to make up for the weak songwriting.

Personally, I think all of the best blues songs have already been written. Why reinvent the wheel? If you’re mainly a guitar player sing the classics and dazzle us with your playing. If you are going to write songs at least try to go above and beyond the old cliches.

I think it is stretching when you rhyme “real” and “feel” not in one song but two. Or how about this one? “Now look right through me, come on and sock it to me.” Sock it to me? Didn’t they used to say that on Laugh-In? The last song (and probably the only song) to use that phrase was Mitch Ryder’s “Sock It to Me Baby.” The title cut is the usual double-entendre car metaphor. Yeah, yeah we’ve heard it before like in Muddy’s “I’ll Put a Tiger in Your Tank.”

Many of the songs are derivative or an outright lift; as in the Stones “Can’t You Hear Me Knockin'” outro riff played note for note in the title cut. “Do It Again” reminds me of “Beast of Burden” also by the Stones. “Found My Love” channels Bo Diddley’s “Mona.”

When one of the few things on a CD I can latch on to is the simulated scratchy record sound on the beginning of “Sugar” I think something must be missing.

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  • Stephen Turner

    I purchased the CD of Sue Foley after watching her play an amazing set with Rachelle Van Zanten and Ellen McIlwaine in Calgary, AB, Canada. I guess I agree to disagree. I personally think the NEW USED CAR Cd is great.

    I do have a question for Mr Gardner as one comment for your review leaves me cold. If all the best “blues” music has already been written should all us blues enthusiasts turn away from listening to any new blues artists coming up through the system today?

    To me its sad when someone can believe that nothing can ever get better and closes his mind off to the future.

    A reviewer of the Blues who has already decided that the best is in the past leaves me to question your ability to benefit the music industry with your comments.

    I guess the truth is that you are just a blogger who probably does have aspirations to some day become a real writer and I am just a net surfer, blogger reader who someday will hope to have better things to do with my spare time.

    We both just have opinions. But I would like to make a polite suggestion- open your mind a little to the music world and you may be surprised.You can’t make proper judgements when you have already formulated an opinion before you even play a CD.

  • So far it looks like that’s two blogcritics reviews against and none for this one. Interestingly enough we disliked the exact same things pretty much, but I couldn’t even be bothered about her songwriting.

    Richard Marcus