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CD review: New Journey

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Long having been heavy rockers hidden secret passion; Journey returns with an album that clearly demonstrates why they are so adored by so many. This is a welcome return to form for a band that has spluttered a bit even before the departure of Steve Perry. With Augeri singing (well at least most of the tracks) they have a man with the pipes to sing the Perry stuff but someone with a range of talent that gives the band something fun to play with. Journey has always been the masters of the ballad (‘Beyond the Clouds’ is pure ballad genius), but many have criticised their recent output for being too ballad heavy.

Not this one as there is a varied selection of rockers, anthems and ballads. This is an album that shows Journey’s many obvious talents. The band definetely have their ju-ju back and this is certainly the best thing since well before Perry left em’. The bonus feature on this CD is a documentary regarding where the band feels it is at the moment. It is not really essential so don’t worry about getting the bonus ediiton.

This album features all the members of the band singing a track. Does not always work per se, but that is not such a bad thing. Ross Valory’s vocals on ‘Gone Crazy’ are pure ZZTop Texas boogie and boy is it a fun ride. Who knew Dean Castronovo (drums) had such a bloody good voice…the band realises it and lets him sing two tracks. Its all here, catchy as stink choruses you can’t help but sing along to, soaring melodies and damn fine playing. Like the return of Maiden to the classic line-up; the return of Journey is most welcome. Pure unadulterated class!

Rating: 5/5

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  • Guppusmaximus

    It would be nice to hear some excellent new material from these guys… I have been sick of their “Perry” hits for a while now. Not that it isn’t good stuff but it’s been old for some time. Is it just me or did someone forget to critique the cover before releasing it? It looks like some weird animal face…Was this done on purpose? Are they Evolution Finatics(Generations…)? LOL, just kidding but it does look weird and I can’t see the album cover any other way now….

  • Debbie

    Good review. right on the mark.

    I’ve been a fan for many years, seen 20+ concerts in 8 years and this is definitely the best of the best. They are getting better and better all the time. It doesn’t seem possible. I am amazed every time.

    Catch a live show–you will be glad you did.

  • Anna

    I agree with the review. This album rocks! Ross can sing and have fun. The drummer’s voice is great and the music just pure Journey! Worth every cent!

  • Donna

    Excellent music from an exceptional band. Steve Augeri is by far the best thing that has happened to this band in years. And with Deen at the mic we can have it all. Thanks for the great review.

  • Ruth

    Great review. You definitely need to see them live – what a show!

    I have loved Steve Augeri since Tall Stories. Having ALL the boys sing on the album is a special treat as they all bring their own style to the music.

    I still love Perry’s stuff, but life goes on. And it’s going on strong:)

  • James

    People,why don`t you get real?Journey`s glory days will be forever locked in the time when Steve Perry was part of the band.The New Journey is nothing but a bunch of stubborn musicians trying to resurect something that died in 1997 when Steve Perry left the band.It`s great that they still make music but they should`ve done that under a different band name.JOURNEY stands for a musical legacy that includes Steve Perry.
    Today`s Journey is something that`s kept alive only by die-hard fans.
    The band`s new album doesn`t sell,the songs don`t get airplay and their concerts are a pale shadow of what it used to be.
    So,yes…for the die-hards this new album is great,but for rock music`s history is just another needle in a hay stack.
    What a shame.

  • Barbara Mylonas

    Thank you so much for nice review. You obviously recognize good musicality when you hear it.

    I am a die hard Steve Perry fan and was not thrilled when he left, much less replaced by someone I had never heard of. I almost did not go to another concert. But go I did, and have been totally won over by Steve Augeri. He is a wonderful singer in his own right, does the SP tunes just great , but has his own style and is a great stage performer. For anyone reading this , if you have not heard him sing, please give him a try.
    This CD is wonderful, I like it better than their last few. There is something for everyone here. Knowing That You Love Me is one of their better ballads ever.

    Just plain good music by a group of very talented performers, with or without Perry.

  • JR

    James: It`s great that they still make music but they should`ve done that under a different band name. JOURNEY stands for a musical legacy that includes Steve Perry.

    And an even greater musical legacy that includes Gregg Rolie. Maybe they should have changed their name when he left?

  • This is the best Journey CD ever bar none. Every song either rocks or is a power ballad worth being number 1. If you love Journey buy this CD and you will not be disappointed.

  • James

    JR:”And an even greater musical legacy that includes Gregg Rolie. Maybe they should have changed their name when he left?”

    Sure.How about SPBB?That`s “Steve Perry`s back-up band”.That would have reflected the truth.

  • The cover of Generations shows the face of Jesus. Journey is now a Christian Rock Band.
    I love Journey…..

  • Ted Oliphant


    Yes it’s true, the hard drive crashed and there was poor Steve Augeri naked with his real vocals coming through the P.A.

    Deen Castronovo (who can play all Steve Smith’s Drum parts while singing all of Perry’s vocal parts perfectly) saved the day by jumping off the drum riser and taking over vocals. His roadie took over drumming.

    No one has heard Steve Augeri sing for 3 years. I did a video of them in 1999 at Concord Pavillion and poor Stevie (a very nice guy) was having trouble even then. People told me it was the best Video of Journey they had ever seen, all except Neal Schon who watched my video and cringed as Augeri regularly went off key and his voice cracked. Neal has perfect pitch. Herbie Herbert (former Journey Manager) told me “Man when I first heard Augeri’s audition tape, I said he owns these songs.”

    But the following year Stevei A. was in trouble, by the time they did the Live DVD Video from Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nocturne (The video production company formerly owned by Schon & Herbert) had to isolate all of Stevie A.’s vocal tracks and “Fix” them in Pro-Tools, correcting pitch etc. A deviated septum surgery didn’t help matters at all.

    When you watch my videos “Concord & Beyond” &”Fillmore Boogie” on the http://www.journeymusic.com website (Click on “Fan Club” then “Photos & Videos” to download, you’ll notice I had to take Stevie A. out of both videos or they never would’ve seen the light of day.

    Former Journey guitar wizard/composer George Tickner told me yesterday “It’s pathetic, now they’re only in it for the money”. Former Production Manager Allen Craft also is “Feelin’ That Way” he said to me “You can’t stop the Gravy Train” .

    Seems like this Gravy Train has de-railed itself, now it’s a Crazy Train. By the way I was at Skywalker Ranch when Journey recorded “Trial By Fire” and Steve Perry was pleasant and could still sing great. If they had waited until Perry decided to have surgery on his own and not gone out with Augeri, Perry would still be with them today. I always said “Hell, just put him in a wheel chair and get him to the show and “Wheel In This Guy”.

    Oh well as Perry said to Jonathan Cain “You know there’s no going back”

    Ted Oliphant Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Leah

    Bravo, Ted Oliphant! And looking at the tour schedule that they are punishing Arnel with, I would be surprised if he has a voice left in a year or so-unless the technology is such now that they are able to spare his voice with electronic ‘crutches’ periodically. If these guys had made better investments, maybe they wouldn’t have to do a concert date every other day for two years at their age. Can’t wait for Perry’s new album that seems, this time, to really be happening according to reputable rock sites and his interview of 7/21/09. As of the 2004 David Pack duo his voice still sounded as beautiful as the Trial by Fire era. Her’s hoping! Agree with you-if Schon could sing with Rolie under a different band name after Journey-why couldn’t they wait for Perry’s recovery? They could have done another couple videos for the Trial by Fire album-it had enough buzz that it would have been able to sustain itself till a tour, and then they could have done a limited tour schedule with maybe an HBO special or something to release to DVD like the Houston concert-and the other band members could have paid for their divorces or whatever caused them to be so broke!