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CD review: More indie rubbish…sigh

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After several listens to this album; I re-read the press bunf for the release. It mentions Led Zep, Rage and Black Crowes…I made sure it was for the band I was listening to who are basically another bunch of indie poseurs trying to be the Stone Roses. This lot sound like so much that is already out there its not funny. You get the angst-whingeing song in the form of ‘Dead Man Driving’. The slagging off Bush song in the form of ‘Black Meat Parlour.’ Gee how original, like no one else is doing a song about the same subject matter. Are indie songwriters so fixated with Bush they cannot write about anything else any more? The track isn’t very good either. You have heard this stuff 100 times before. There is nothing new here…please move on.

Rating: 2/5

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  • Tan Hoang

    That’s sad to hear, I like the Stone Roses a lot.


    yet another bitter failed musician who finds slagging others music off a lot easier than creating their own. hope it gives you a warm feeling inside mr ‘dodge’.

  • Andrew Ian Dodge

    Musicians who can’t tale criticism are truly sad you know that mate? Truly sad.

  • slaphead

    Yet another rubbish CD review …sigh!!

    If you’ve got nothing to say – say nothing!!

  • Marty Dodge

    Pot kettle…black comes to mind.

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