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CD Review: Moonbabies – War On Sound

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The Swedes are well known for their ability to wage musical war and the Moonbabies continue this tuneful assault with War On Sound on Hidden Agenda Records. War On Sound is an 8 song mini-album released as a precursor to a full blown disc to be released sometime later.

The leadoff track, “War On Sound (edit)” will also be on the next full length Moonbabies release and it’s a frothy pop delight. It manages to recall the best of mid-80’s rock production minus the brittleness that was endemic to that era. It’s an absolute gem of a tune. The rest of the mini-album is filled with odds and ends with quite a bit of variation to be found.

Frothy pop is just a feedback drenched step away from My Bloody Valentine noise and the Moonbabies invade that territory with “Ghost Of Love” where industrial soundscrapes mesh with angelic vocals to create a song of shimmering tension. A couple of disparate covers are included: Midnight Oil’s “Stars Of Warburton” and a suitably freaked out version of Pink Floyd’s “Arnold Layne” you could wrap a 3 minute acid trip around.

They extrapolate the “Sweet Jane” riff after some ambient noodling at the start for “Don’t Shoot The Ranger”; a mid-tempo instrumental ending for the album. Or is it? The astute listener will note that track 8 is still playing long after it was supposed to be done. If you wait long enough you’re treated to a live track that rocks out in a heavy Guided By Voices style for a crunchy ending to the slender treat that is War On Sound.

This is one war everybody should enlist up for: the only casualties are the ears that don’t get to hear the Moonbabies.

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