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CD Review: Monty Are I – Wall Of People

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Burning up the road on the Warped Tour is a new band from Providence, Monty Are I. These guys herald in a sound reminiscent of Metal from the '80s, with a twist that the new Emo genre adds.  Band members include Steve Aiello, Ryan Muir, Andrew Borstein, Mike Matarese and Justin Muir. This quintet shows an enormous maturity to the sound of their profession, bursting out with an energy that is as rock solid as it is infectious.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"In This Legacy" has a fist-pounding beat backed with a torrent of vocals. It is much more complex than a variety of other bands out there today in this genre. Center tracks, "Island City" and "Metropolis" even have a symphonic refinement of sorts elevating the sound to a new level of Emo. Vocal harmonies underscore the bands true talents.

"Only The Weak" is an excellent anthem for an anxious youth movement. There are actually some very nice riffs and cadences that emulate such amazing bands as Queen and E.L.O, but with a definite modern machismo to it.

This CD is scheduled for a release date in August of 2006, coming on the heals of their Warped Tour performances and a run with the RX Bandits in July. As a Debut album coming out on Stolen Transmission Records, this is a pretty well anticipated event.

With nearly 12,000 MySpace friends listed on their site, this band promises to make some strong waves with the advent of this CD. I seldom hear a debut album with such total regard for the complete experience of recording, right down to the mixing; an excellent beginning to what I predict is going to be a banner run for this band!

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