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CD review: Mind Revolutions … hrm … not really

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Mind Revolutions

(Inside Out)

This bunch have been doing progressive rock for 30 years; one does have to hope that is hasn’t always been this bad. To be fair their press describes them as “unconventional” which as far as can tell means incredibly tedious. Whenever Aleena sings lead its rather trying; her high pitched whinged does not envoke pleasantries. I really tried to like this CD, being a bit of fan of prog music. Every so often you get a prog release that is just impenetrable and this is one such release. This makes Dream Theater’s “Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence” seem like a pop record. Althought it features the talents of the Flower King’s Ronnie Stolts, this is just too quirky and Swedish for most. Yes the are talented musicians but they have no made an enjoyable CD. One for Ronnie Stolts completists only.

Rating: 2/5

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